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RUSH: Many, many stories in the Drive-By Media today about how Kim Jong-un is going to eat Donald Trump’s lunch in the next round of negotiations designed to denuclearize the Norks. In fact, grab audio sound bite number 1. We’ve put together a montage. You knew this was gonna happen. Everything they do is predictable, which is why we get so frustrated the Republicans never seem to have any kind of response prepared or at the ready. So this montage consists of things stated by media people and Democrats Sunday, yesterday, last night and this morning.

JULIAN ZELIZER: The fear is that he gets into a bad agreement to make big news and hopefully — in his mind — distract the public from what Michael Cohen is saying.

ANDREA MITCHELL: There is a great wariness that this president would give away the store.

CHUCK TODD: The president’s just looking for good press, and he figures another photo-op might do that.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: …the president’s lack of seriousness, lack of preparation and lack of ground work when he goes into these summits.

CHUCK SCHUMER: The president can’t be too naive or too eager to reach a deal that gives him that photo-op.

JANE HARMAN: The president could make an impulsive comment that would give away more than he, his team, is planning.

JASON JOHNSON: The president always gets left naked at the poker table ’cause he doesn’t negotiate to save his life.

JOHN BRENNAN: So who knows what Trump may give up this time.

JOHN BERMAN: The president declaring his love affair, essentially, with Kim Jong-un. How does that lay the groundwork for negotiations?

DON LEMON: The president seems to see Kim Jong-un through rose-colored glasses.

RUSH: Okay. So here we have Julian Zelizer who is — I never heard of him. I don’t even know where he is. Oh, a Princeton history professor. Big whoop. And then we had Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington; F. Chuck Todd; Mika Brzezinski; Chuck Schumer; Jane Harman; Jason Johnson of — that’s Skip Gates’ website, The Root; John Brennan, the communist CIA director for Obama; and John Berman, the cookie cutter Ken doll anchor over at CNN; and Don Lemon, the dumbest man in TV.

So these people, their combined experience conducting international negotiations with world leaders to denuclearize is a big, fat zero! These people haven’t done diddly-squat in their lives! Except sit behind a television camera and pontificate and advance a Democratic left-wing agenda. That’s all they’ve done. They haven’t the slightest idea what’s actually going on. And here they are in advance setting expectations for failure for Donald Trump.

Because, of course, he has to fail. He’s an idiot. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s getting lousy media coverage, and he doesn’t like lousy media coverage. He wants us in the media to love him, so he’ll make any kind of a deal. He’ll give away the United States to Kim Jong-un in order to get favorable press coverage. And we’ve got to be very wary that Trump’s inexperience and his desire for media approval from us will cause the United States to be at great risk as Kim Jong-un gets to nuke up.

It is absurd. It is flat-out insane what these people are projecting, suggesting, when they come from a place of absolutely zero experience or knowledge. And they add to that their unmitigated hatred for Donald Trump. And they combine that with their own lack of knowledge and expertise. And we get this resulting expert commentary and prediction.

Let me ask a question. There have been all kinds of great presidents that the Drive-Bys loved: Barack Hussein Obama, Bill Clinton. How many of them ever even met with the North Korean leader, and how many of them ever made any kind of progress in any of these international relations to the extent that Trump has? Answer: zero.

Barack Hussein Obama couldn’t do diddly-squat. But, of course, he sounded like he was smart when he spoke. And he had that really great crease in his slacks, in his pant leg. “He just looks like one of us,” the media says. And then to say Trump is doing all of this because he is really, really worried about what Cohen’s gonna say, so he needs to strike a deal.

Let me tell you something, folks. The president and Kim Jong-un are not even gonna go to Hanoi if a deal of some kind isn’t struck before they leave. These things are done largely long before the arrival in the city where the so-called summit is taking place!


RUSH: The truth of this North Korea stuff is the exact opposite of the way the malpractice media is engaging in reporting. It is just… You know, I don’t know how we’re gonna survive. I don’t know how this country is ever gonna end up being properly educated and informed if the media remains in this mode. The fact of the matter is, we’ve made more progress in denuclearizing North Korea since the Singapore Summit with Donald Trump than any previous president in this nation’s history.

Prior to this we’ve had Madeleine Albright and Obama. They sent John Kerry and Hillary Clinton around to do prefab, worthless, bureaucratic, preprogrammed summits that accomplished absolutely nothing. After every one of those summits, Kim Jong-un is launching new missiles, new test flights!

The fact of the matter is this president has had far more, many more accomplishments — not just with North Korea, but in many areas of American foreign policy, all oriented toward making this country safer — than any previous president no matter what his pedigree has ever succeeded in doing. Yet we get news stories today that Kim Jong-un is gonna make mincemeat out of Trump and that Trump’s gonna give away the store! This is just… It’s the exact opposite of the truth, and it’s going to be demonstrated here soon after this summit ends.

Everybody will see it.

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