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RUSH: On Friday, a bunch of Democrat governors held a press conference to complain about taxes. They want the “State And Local Tax” deduction restored. It’s called SALT. After Republicans capped the deduction at $10,000, blue-state taxpayers are learning how high their state taxes really are. And it’s about time.

One or the biggest complainers was New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. He said the middle class in his state is being gutted without the old tax break. He says that is just plain wrong.

New York politicians are complaining too. They say homeowners with high six figure incomes are being hurt, because on top of high taxes, they have to pay expensive college loans, high mortgages, and high utility bills. Well isn’t that who the Democrats want to hurt, the rich?

Look. Nothing is stopping any of these Democrat governors from cutting their states’ taxes and reducing spending. Their voters would applaud it. Their economies would grow. And the tax base would grow.

But these Democrats would rather complain, while keeping their voters miserable, than cut taxes. No matter who it would help. But I’m asking, why are they complaining? They’ve been saying the rich aren’t paying their fair share, and now they are.  They ought to be applauding this, shouldn’t they?

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