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RUSH: Minneapolis. Rich. Back to the phones we go. You’re next, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, I am honored. Mega dittos from the Land of 10,000 Lakes up here in Minnesota.

RUSH: And record snow from what I understand in Minneapolis this winter, right?

CALLER: Yeah. I’m one of these crazy people that actually love the snow. There’s a reason I live here. Yeah. We got nailed here over the last couple of weeks. Say, you know, what’s interesting with just your last segment when you were talking about Spike Lee, is I would have referred… If I was Trump tweeting about that, I would have referred back to, what was it, about 2008/2009 where Clint Eastwood just advised Spike Lee to shut his face. Because I think Donald Trump, the president, has done more for African-Americans than Spike Lee, the Justice Brothers, all these guys put together.

RUSH: Okay. But that’s not what you called about; right? You wanted to —

CALLER: No. What I was calling about was I wanted to disagree with you on one thing. And that is, when I heard you say (sigh) and I know you’re gonna try to tie me down to what exactly you were talking about when you said it, and I can’t do it. But when you refer to the mainstream liberal media in this country and you say, “These people actually believe this stuff…” I’ve heard you say it over and over again. “These people actually…” I don’t. See, there’s no way that these people believe this stuff about the Mueller investigation, or whatever it is, there’s no way that these people actually believe this stuff.

RUSH: So you think they’re just making it up and being loyal to a narrative as an issue —


RUSH: — but they don’t really think that Russia stole the election, they don’t really think Trump colluded with ’em, and they don’t think that the election was rigged in any way. They know they lost it and they know they lost it fair and square. And you’re also saying, they don’t really believe climate change. They know that there’s no climate change going on.

CALLER: No. It’s coming down from on high. Their narratives that they spin every day, it’s the same stuff, and like you said a little bit ago, they repeat this stuff. You know, it’s Islamophobic. I mean, it’s everything that they spin, every few months, every few years, it’s what they do.

RUSH: Well, but they want people to believe it because the one thing… If you don’t think they believe this stuff, you have to believe what their agenda is, and their agenda is an ever-expanding government with as much control over people as they can get. Everything centered around government. Government’s the heart, government’s the heartbeat, and everybody that has whatever they have owes government for it.

Government can determine what you can eat, what you can’t eat, what you can drive, how fast, and that’s what they want to support. They want the elimination of opposition. They want to have no opponents. They don’t want to debate conservatives. They want to wipe conservatives out; Republicans ditto. That they do believe. Now, but the reason that I keep harping on the fact, the reason I keep trying to tell people they believe this stuff is ’cause I think they do.

Do you think, for example, folks, that they don’t really believe Trump is a racist pig, and they don’t really think Trump said anything offensive about Charlottesville. They know Trump’s a nice guy, and they know Trump is not racist. He’s a colorblind guy. They’re just saying all this.

I can understand if you think they’re just making it up because it facilitates the movement of their agenda. But those kids that stormed into Dianne Feinstein’s office from 18 to 11 years old? Don’t think they don’t believe it, because they do. They believe every scary detail about climate change. And there are a lot of people who believe that Donald Trump is the worst sample of humanity that they can find on a daily basis. I think way too many of them do believe this stuff, and it’s precisely that that makes them dangerous. If they don’t really believe it, then they’re probably not gonna be as committed to it as they appear to be. But they are.

Now, you might want to draw a fine line. “Well, Rush, they don’t believe in climate change, but they do want to get rid of the oil companies. Rush, they don’t believe in climate change, but they do want to wipe out fossil fuels. Rush, they don’t believe in climate change, but they really want people to stop eating hamburgers, and so how can they accomplish all that? By telling people that doing all that’s destroying the planet.”

However you slice this, these people are not normal! However you slice it, they are abnormal kooks. One way or the other, whether they believe this stuff or not. And they still have to be defeated whether they believe this stuff or not, because they are behaving as though they want everybody else to believe it.

And they have created an army of people in this country who do believe this crap, and are living their lives based on it, voting based on it, making employment choices based on it, all kinds of things. They’re dumbing people down. They are really limiting people’s hopes and dreams for the future, all for the gigantic effort they’re undertaking here to control as many people as they can, and it really isn’t any more complicated than that. Whether they believe it or not, enough people think they do that are signing on to it all.

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