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RUSH: And then there’s this. You conservatives need to be on the lookout, because this fake hate crime stuff is going both ways now. This is a story from LibertyHeadlines.com. “The violent radical left-wing group known as Antifa staged a fake conservative rally in Minneapolis, Minn., on Sunday in an effort to attract attendees and ambush them. Antifa, which ironically stands for anti-fascism, called the hoax a ‘rally for freedom’ to ‘stand against Ilhan Omar.’”

So what these people did, friends of Ilhan Omar and other leftists staged a rally that was made to look like a bunch of conservatives were organizing it, the purpose of which was to oppose and attack Ilhan Omar. And they wanted conservatives to think that this was real and join it. That’s how they hoped to get conservatives at this thing. It was a total setup.

So not only are they faking all these hate crimes, they’re now trying to fake conservative rallies against them. Because there aren’t any. There aren’t any conservative rallies. There haven’t been any since the Tea Party. So since there aren’t, they have to make their own. And they pick one of their people to be a target of conservative venom and anger.

Then they set up the rally hoping to attract unwitting conservatives to show up and join in the personal assault against a woman of color who happens to wear a hijab on the floor of the House of Representatives, so they can run around and talk about homophobes, Islamophobes, misogynists and all that, conservatives and Republicans are. So be on the lookout because this is just the first of what I think are gonna be many.

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