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Feb 19, 2019


Breitbart: McCabe Refuses to Answer Question About Lying Under Oath, Cites ‘Ongoing Legal Issues’
CNSNews: Graham Will Subpoena Rosenstein and McCabe If Necessary to Find Out ‘Who’s Telling the Truth’
American Greatness: Autopsy of a Dead Coup – Victor Davis Hanson
HotAir: Guthrie To McCabe: How Can We Believe Anything You Say After You Got Fired For Lying?
National Review: Hate-Crime Hoaxes Reflect America’s Sickness – Andy Ngo
PJ Media: Why Does the MSM Keep Falling for Obvious Hoaxes?
Daily Caller: Report: Potential Motive In Jussie Smollett Alleged Attack Released
FOXNews: Dershowitz: Talk of 25th Amendment Would’ve Been ‘Serious Movement Toward Coup’
Mediaite: CBS’s Lara Logan Calls Media ‘Mostly Liberal’ in Scorched Earth Interview: I’m Committing ‘Professional Suicide’
NewsBusters: Former CBS Star Lara Logan Goes Nuclear on ‘Horsesh**’ ‘Propagandist’ Press
NewsBusters: Stelter Decides the Media Are Not Part of the ‘Weaponized’ Smollett Hoax
Daily Caller: Pelosi Deletes Sympathetic Tweet For Jussie Smollett – Kerry Picket
FOXNews: Meghan McCain Stuns Andrew McCabe on ‘The View,’ Asks If He Was New York Times Leaker
Mediaite: Meghan McCain Clashes With McCabe: ‘I’m Not Convinced’ This Isn’t a PR Campaign to Stop Your Indictment
National Review: McCabe and 60 Minutes Avoid Discussing Why Russia Factored in Comey’s Firing – Andrew McCarthy
NewsBusters: What? After Stelter Defends Media, Blow Admits Smollett Could Be an ‘Insane’ ‘Psychopath’
Daily Wire: Dan Crenshaw Slams Budget Bill For Lack Of Border Support: ‘When Will We Start Taking It Seriously?’


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