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RUSH: Andrew McCabe. This is amazing. This guy is continuing this entire hoax, this entire lie. I watched him on 60 Minutes. He’s all over the place. He’s on CNN Tonight, The View, he’s out saying, “I had to take action. I had to find out if there was any campaign involvement between President Trump and the Russians.”

It’s just amazing. These people are gonna go all in because they’ve got the media all-in with them. But it just offends my sensibilities to no end that this guy who, I stand by it, needs to be in jail. These people need to be investigated and prosecuted and sent to jail, and not just McCabe, but many of these people. Instead, they’re profiting from this as they continue the charade, the palace coup, if you will. And Mueller is continuing to do the same thing.

As you know, two different lines of thinking about Mueller. Either he has got something big and he’s waiting for the right time to drop it — this is the hope of the left — or he’s got nothing and he doesn’t have anything. If he’s got anything on collusion, it’s gonna be made up. But I don’t think he’s got anything. There never was any collusion! This is the whole thing. The collusion happened between Hillary and the Democrats and the Russians.

Anyway, I need to beg your indulgence here talking about this because it necessitates and requires repetition. But the point of Mueller not issuing a report and not conveying anything, is so they can continue to leak! So they can continue to use the mouthpieces of the media to leak. What’s in the report, what might be in the report, all of this. This Trump scandal has been nothing but a series of leaks.

It is as fraudulent and phony as the climate change argument. That’s based only on computer models. It’s not based on any empirical data. It’s not based on any evidence whatsoever. It’s all based on computer model predictions. And you know with computer models, what you get is what you get. Depends on what you put in.

Folks, there is so much in our daily lives brought to us by media that just isn’t true. We are being lied to, we’re being set up, we are being manipulated, we’re being motivated by some of the stupidest, most ill-informed left-wing ideologues.

It is incredible the damage that is being done to this country.


RUSH: Let me give you an analogy, folks.

Robert Mueller and his investigation and McCabe and Comey and Rosenstein are all Jussie Smollett. It’s the same hoax. It’s the same thing. It isn’t real. It’s made up. The difference is Mueller and his gang haven’t done anything… Well, we haven’t had any defectors. We don’t have any Nigerians. We don’t have the equivalent of the Nigerians in this palace coup story to break away and describe what’s going on.

They’re all circling the wagons and they’re staying on point that there was Russian collusion, that there was at least a serious indication they had to track it down, and they had to track down obstruction of justice. These guys are lying through their teeth. They are continuing this charade. Remember, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win. They were gonna be exonerated. We would never have known any of this if Hillary Clinton had won. These people would be promoted. Their jobs would be secure.

Life would have gone on. Nobody would have known anything. The last thing they expected was for Trump to win. Now it’s time to cover their tracks. Now it’s time to CYA. Now it is time to get a special counsel appointed to take everybody’s attention away from what we were finding out happened with the dossier and the Hillary campaign. So here comes the Mueller investigation, and it gets a bunch of people for lying to the investigators.

Nothing on Russian collusion.

Nothing to do with obstruction.

We’ve got a hoax. We’ve got a hate crime! Why can’t this be termed a hate crime against Donald Trump? What else is this? There certainly is criminal behavior here if you ask me, and it’s based on hatred of Donald Trump. And if we’re gonna have hate crimes, then we’re gonna have hate crimes consistently, and that’s exactly what this is. And now they’re out there writing books and profiting — or attempting to — on all of this. It’s genuinely sickening and enraging.


RUSH: The appearance with Wallace on Sunday. There were a couple of things that I said that caused the Drive-Bys to freak out. By the way, the Drive-Bys also freaked out over Trump talking about me in his Friday afternoon press conference in the Rose Garden where he was telling these people, “The guy can do three hours and not take a phone call. You try it! Nobody else can do that. It’s incredible.” The Drive-Bys are pretty upset that he mentioned my name in the first place, and we’ve got montages about that, but it doesn’t display their anger. It just has them all repeating what happened.

But here’s the bite that got some of them, you know, worked up into a tizzy. Chris Wallace said to me, “Why do you call what was going on inside the FBI a silent coup?”


RUSH ARCHIVE: [T]hese people are unelected. They took it upon themselves to overthrow the election results in 2016, ignoring the potential real collusion and conspiracy between Democrats and Russians to undermine the Trump candidacy and the Trump presidency. The Mueller investigation, I believe, is a cover-up of all of that. It’s to distract everybody’s attention. Again, the Washington game. We are losing sight of what happened here.

People unelected — simply because they don’t like a guy’s hairstyle or like where he came from — decide the American people’s decision was invalid, and began a systematic process to get him thrown out of office. This is a silent coup. These guys, if you ask me, ought to be the ones in jail. They ought to be the ones under investigation. What they have done, working with agents from the Obama intelligence agencies, is simply unprecedented. This is a kind… This is one of the greatest political hoaxes that has ever been perpetrated on the people of this country, certainly in a couple of generations.


RUSH: I think maybe ever. I was trying to think later if I can come up with any full-fledged political hoaxes, but the scope of this one is… I mean, it’s almost beyond description. If you can sit down, if you can read or if you can listen to a chronological explanation of what’s happened here without getting angry, then you don’t care about anything. If you can… Actually, I don’t care if you’re a Never Trumper. I don’t care if you are a leftist, socialist. I don’t care if you hate Donald Trump.

If you do not get angry when you are properly informed what happened here, then you — in truth — do not care. They can’t even be honest with us about when this investigation began, and now McCabe is running around trying to withdraw the thing that he put in his book and that he said in one of his first interviews. He’s now trying to withdraw it. “No, no, you misunderstood. This wearing a wire, 25th Amendment? I don’t remember that. We didn’t do that any of that.”

(Snort!) They’re trying to backtrack on so much of this stuff already. I think they live in a bubble, and in that bubble they feel like they are untouchable, that no matter what is learned of what they did, nothing is gonna happen to them because nobody can do anything to them, and nobody is gonna investigate them. And the media is on their side because the media was complicit in this hoax. The media… You could say they were used, but I don’t even think they had to be used.

I think they were willing participants in this. They cast aside every concept of journalism! Jim Rutenberg, our old buddy at the New York Times, had a big piece shortly after Trump’s elected basically saying (paraphrased), “Since Trump is so bad, we have to throw away journalism principles now. We have to focus on getting rid of him. We have to focus on opposition and all that.” They just made it plain as day what they were doing here, and it was not journalism.

They are joining the forces of people who thought Trump should not have been elected. And the effort, of course, was to make him so unpopular that he couldn’t govern, couldn’t accomplish an agenda, and would eventually be easily tossed out of office via impeachment or embarrassment or what have you. It’s just a — in my mind — terribly serious thing. The problem with it is that most Americans have no idea about it, as evidenced by polling data.

Forty-two percent of the American people, after two years of never-ending news stories about collusion/Russian meddling, believe the Russians actually tampered with votes. Forty-two percent. Forty-two percent believe the Russians had an impact on various election outcomes, even though Rosenstein has acknowledged in indictment after indictment that that wasn’t the case. That never gets covered, never gets reported.

They went and asked Professor Dershowitz on American Newsroom yesterday, Bill Hemmer did: “Do you agree with Rush Limbaugh that these people should be in jail?”

DERSHOWITZ: I don’t agree with Rush Limbaugh that this is about a person’s hairstyle. This is a serious issue. McCabe and Rod Rosenstein really believe that the president had obstructed justice. I think they were wrong, but they honestly believed it and they were looking for a way — short of impeachment — to remove him from office. I think that there ought to be hearings. Any law enforcement official who thinks that the 25th Amendment operates in a case like this, is disqualified from serving in government. I don’t want to put ’em in jail. Too many people are saying that too many people should go to jail.

RUSH: Okay. “I don’t agree with Rush Limbaugh that this is about a person’s hairstyle,” but I agree with Rush Limbaugh about everything else. A person’s hairstyle is simply a usage of words to illustrate the frivolousness of these people’s opposition to Trump. We all know why they hate Trump; he’s not one of them. He’s an outsider.

Somehow all of these people inside the Beltway — and this makes me laugh — somehow — and I did not know this until all this began — somehow these people think that they are paragons of virtue. These people think that they are the personal guarantors of an existing American moral code and that they define it. They define properness, they define politeness, they define good manners, they define proper speech, they define proper decorum, they define proper attire, they define proper mannerisms of speech. And anybody outside those norms is simply not welcome, is simply not worthy and not qualified to be amongst them.

The Never Trumpers for sure, their opposition to Trump is all based on style. These are the people that lose with honor, rather than engage in a fight. So here comes Professor Dershowitz, “I don’t agree with Rush Limbaugh this is about a person’s hairstyle.” It may as well be. It’s just one of many things they don’t like about Trump. But the things they don’t like about Trump are things that they have arrived at by assuming they are perfection. That somehow they are the definition of decorum and proper this or proper that.

And I don’t agree that McCabe and Rosenstein really believe the president had obstructed justice. Firing the FBI director, nobody in the Justice Department ought to think that’s obstruction. They ought to know the president, the executive branch, can fire anybody, including Mueller and Rosenstein and McCabe. The idea that they really thought Trump had obstructed justice is absolutely absurd. There is no way they literally believed that. They are trying to make everybody else think that, with the help of the media.

This is no different than this idiot John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director, claiming that he can prove Trump-Russia collusion because of Trump telling the Russians to go look for Hillary’s missing emails. Not only are these people a bunch of stuffed shirt, phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ rollers, they don’t have any sense of humor whatsoever. Donald Trump just offends them. Donald Trump just makes them sick. Nobody is supposed to get in their club like Donald Trump.

If Donald Trump applied for membership in the Washington elite, he would not be accepted. He had the audacity to run out and run for election and then win and beat the celebrated and idolized Hillary Clinton? These people took all of this personally. But there’s more to this than that. The fact that Trump won scared the ever-living hell out of them because of what they had been doing the entire campaign and then began and continued during the transition and his presidency. They could not allow that to be learned. They could not allow for that to become covered and reported.

And so the Mueller investigation, that’s not because Comey was fired and they thought obstruction, and it wasn’t because Trump’s joking about Hillary’s emails. They needed a special counsel to distract everybody from finding out what they had done to try to derail Trump as a candidate and then force him out of office as a president, because that’s where violations of the law took place. That is where unconstitutionality took place.

That’s where a bunch of unelected, arrogant snobs who wear the right shoes with the right laces and they wear the right suits, and they wear the properly starched white shirts and ties, and they affairs with properly approved coworkers, and their wives and spouses get involved in all this too. It’s one, big, happy, incestuous revolving door. And this ogre had the audacity to walk through the front door. They had to stop this. That’s the insurance policy that Strzok Smirk’s talking about with Page.

So the Mueller investigation comes along to act as a cover-up and as a distraction and as an endless, invisible supply of ongoing leaks about what Mueller has found. And so for two years and counting leak after leak after leak after leak after leak after leak of intelligence officials here and former intelligence officials there and senior American officials over here saying that, “Yeah, we got pretty close here. Trump colluding with Russia, the WikiLeaks, so forth. So far we haven’t found evidence.” They bury that in paragraph 20 of the story. For two years this stuff pours out. Now writing books about it to try to further legitimize this.

No, professor, it’s not about a person’s hairstyle. It’s about so much more. A person’s hairstyle is a way to illustrate the folly. But that’s how petty these people are. It’s how arrogant these people are. And I don’t for a minute believe that Rosenstein and McCabe literally feared or thought that Trump had obstructed justice. No way Sam Hill under the sun did these people, because they know the Constitution and they know the executive branch powers that the president holds. And the idea that Trump had obstructed justice here is another trumped-up, made-up aspect of this.

And he’s given ’em cover here by saying, “I think they were really right, you know, I think they really believed it, they really believed. I think they were wrong. They honestly believed it. They were looking for a way short of impeachment.” Dershowitz admits what they were doing here! But we have enough people in jail as it is. We have too many people calling for too many people to go to jail. Right? Tell that to Paul Manafort. Tell that to Flynn. Tell that to everybody that Mueller has a trumped up case against, the lives he’s ruined and hopes to ruin even more! Tell that to Andrew Weissmann. Same thing.

We got too many people in jail? How about all the targets that we don’t know they’re still targeting? With the ultimate aim of beating Donald Trump.


RUSH: These people deserve a moral and legal reckoning. They are conspirators of the first order. There hasn’t been just collusion here. There hasn’t been a conspiracy, a conspiracy put together by unelected elite, arrogant snobs to force from office a duly elected president of the United States ’cause they don’t like his hair and they don’t like his Queens accent and they don’t like him period. They don’t like anything about him. He is a personal affront. You have no better definition of what an elite, effete snob is than this bunch of people inside the Washington establishment.


RUSH: In fact, I’ll take it a step further. I think the real national emergency is this coup. I think the real national emergency is this attempt — and it is ongoing — it is an effort to overthrow the 2016 duly elected president. Admitted to, admitted to. And Dershowitz just acknowledged that they’ve admitted to it by coming up with something short of impeachment to get rid of the president. Everybody knows what’s — this is the national emergency! This is so big an emergency, it ought to be taking precedence over everything. But they’re trying to continue to prolong this, relying on media help to do so.


RUSH: McCabe was on The View today with, well, those women that host that show. Meghan McCain said to McCabe, the acting FBI director who was fired and is writing this book… He’s one of the conspirators — and it is a conspiracy — to overturn the presidency, to overturn the election results. If you missed my conclusion in the previous hour, I think this is the national emergency.

This is a bigger emergency than the wall — it’s tough — a bigger emergency than the invasion of illegal aliens at the southern border. But this is a national emergency. This is huge, this ongoing coup to invalidate the 2016 presidential election and the current Trump presidency. It’s as ongoing as it was two years ago.

Anyway, Meghan McCain said to McCabe, “Why did James Comey deny the claim that he approved your leaks to the press?”

MCCABE: I don’t know why Jim Comey doesn’t remember the conversations that we had in the same way that I do. It is understandable. He was under an enormous amount of stress at the time. He had a lot of other, kind of, more important thing to worry about. I can’t explain why he doesn’t remember them the same way I do.

MAUDE: I thought you guys write everything down.

MCCABE: We wrote down things when we were dealing with people we didn’t trust.

MAUDE: Uh-huh. Like the president!

MCCABE: Exactly.

RUSH: I mean, that just… I cannot tell you. Here you have two people with a combined IQ of a pencil eraser acting like arrogant elitists. (impression) “I thought you guys wrote everything down?” “Well, yes, uh, uh, only we’re dealing with people we didn’t trust.” “You mean like the president?” “Yes, exactly.” So all of a sudden now, McCabe doesn’t know why Comey doesn’t he remember authorizing him to leak. Now, I don’t know if this is gonna develop into anything here.

But at some point, these rats are gonna have to start thinking of themselves first — and at some point, if it can be made to happen, these rats are gonna have to abandon ship.

Now, I don’t know if that’s what that is, but this is a pretty big deal. Comey is now saying that he doesn’t remember telling McCabe to go ahead and start leaking things. But the fact of the matter is, Comey… I ought to do this. I ought to prepare a list for you of all the lies Comey told, including the big one: Telling Trump that he was not a target! He told Trump he wasn’t a target and Trump believed him, started acting accordingly.

But Comey authorized McCabe to start leaking things. Comey took over the attorney general job for Loretta Lynch after she had compromised herself by having the tarmac meeting in Phoenix with Slick Willie. So he goes out there as the FBI director and makes a decision whether somebody’s gonna be prosecuted or not and details the investigation — two things that are never, ever done. If somebody’s not gonna be charged, the evidence against them is never made public. Never, ever.

It’s not done, and the FBI director does not determine who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t! But the FBI director can order subordinates to leak here and do this here and do that over there, and McCabe’s out there writing his book and all over testifying, “Yeah, well, Comey told me to do that.” Comey (sputters), “I — I — I don’t remember telling him to leak.” So if there’s any justice anywhere, this stuff is gonna crumble and blow up around these people at some point, ’cause it’s just beyond the pale.

I know I’m whistling into the wind here, because the people that watch mainstream media have literally no idea what you and I know about this and what we’re talking about. If they randomly tune in… If some Mr. Joe Blow General Public who watches CNN or MSNBC all the time or reads the New York Times happened to accidentally tune in here one day, and if he heard this past hour, he would be thinking he’s listening to a foreign language.

That’s how little of truth has been reported.


RUSH: Tammy, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Great to have you. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing good!

RUSH: Good. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Oh, thank you. I might be the only optimist, but I think Bruce Ohr is going to be a key figure in this.

RUSH: How so?

CALLER: Maybe I’m… Well, I might be reading between the lines of the Whitaker interrogation by the House committee the other week, but he was asked if Bruce Ohr still works for the Department of Justice, and he said, “Yes.” It seemed like he wanted to add something to that. But then he was asked if there is ever gonna be any equal justice, and he volunteered about the FISA — Horowitz — and he also volunteered about Huber’s investigation, who was assigned there by Jeff Sessions, and I think… I kind of read something into that. I think that you’re gonna see indictments against Strzok, Page, McCabe, Comey, Loretta Lynch. I think they’re gonna go down.

RUSH: You know, I have heard this. I know that Sessions appointed Huber and I know that… How many years ago has this been, and there hasn’t been…? You talked about leaking. There hasn’t been any leaking. The best I can find — and this doesn’t mean anything, honestly. I’m not that wired. But the best I can find is zip, zero, nada. There’s no leaking out of this, and the conventional wisdom is that Huber isn’t finding anything or isn’t looking very hard.

Now, I agree with you about Bruce Ohr. Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie, Fusion GPS. He’s already spilled enough beans on this that if the mainstream media had just reported some of the things he’s admitted to, this thing would have a whole different flavor. We’d like to think that there is somebody doing justice somewhere in the background. Collecting data, preparing for eventual indictments against all these people. If they are, it is one of the best-kept secrets that has ever been kept secret in that town.

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