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RUSH: The truth of the matter is that you are more at risk for being attacked if you wear a Make America Great Again hat. Look at the Covington kids. They were set upon. They were approached. People attempted to intimidate them and bully them. The fact of the matter is — and I’ve got two stories in my Stack here today about how people wearing Make America Great Again hats have had guns pulled on them, have been cussed out — even a 14-year-old kid.

And yet we’re dealing in this alternative reality that people like that are running around and trying to lynch gay black actors that, by the way, nobody’s ever heard of until this. And that’s really one of the things. Nobody’s ever heard of little Jussie Smollett, and his scenes on the show are now being reduced in number and importance. He’s a combination of a disappointed and saddened actor, hates Trump, poisoned with all this anger and rage. He cannot run around and enjoy the great life he has because of the success this program has brought to him.

No. There’s no doubt he wanted a video of this. He chose a camera. The camera was pointed in the wrong direction. He couldn’t see that from where he was looking at it, couldn’t tell where it was pointed. He just assumed it to be pointed at the street. For some reason, it was not. If there were video of this, folks… Because the staged attack happened. He wasn’t really beaten. The punches were all pulled, but the bleach was poured and the noose, the rope/noose was used. If there were video of this? It’s like…

Well, this is the 13th… We’re close now to the 13th anniversary of the Duke lacrosse case. Let me ask you: Lara Logan says that all of this anonymous-source, single-source reporting on Trump and Russia collusion was horse hockey. Was Duke lacrosse reporting horse hockey? What about the Rolling Stone report on fraternity rapes? Yeah, was that horse hockey? How about the entire Steele dossier? Is that horse hockey? And then is the reporting on the Steele dossier horse hockey? Yes.

Was the claim that Trump colluded with Russia, meddled in the election to steal the election? Was that horse hockey? Yes, of course it was. Was the reporting on Brett Kavanaugh horse hockey? Yes, it was, and remains so — and, of course, the Covington kids. All of that was horse hockey. Jussie Smollett? Yes, yes, yes. It’s all horse hockey. The vast majority of what’s in the Drive-By Media is horse hockey, and Lara Logan is the source for this.

Here’s Little Brian Stelter. He was all-in. CNN was so in on this. Good Morning America? Man, it fit their narrative. Their narrative is that Trump voters are straight out of Deliverance and they’re running around and they’re lynching black people. They’re racist pigs. They’re stupid and dumb and they are national embarrassments. So this happens, and they glom on to it. It happened. Oh, and they weren’t saddened by it. (sobbing) “It’s horrible! How can things like that happen in America?”

They were happy about it. That makes this even sicker! They were happy this happened. Anything that furthers their horse-hockey narrative makes them happy! It excites them, and they put on a show acting (solemn), “How saddened they are that something like this could happen in 2019 America. Isn’t it a shame. This is what happens in Donald Trump World.” Blah, blah, blah.

When, in fact, you walk around wearing a Make America Great Again hat, the odds are you’re gonna be attacked. You’re gonna be approached. You’re gonna be spat on. You’re gonna be bullied. Even if you are a student, a high school student or a teenager. So they asked Brian Stelter here on CNN yesterday. Alisyn Camerota. Reliable Sources is what the show Stelter hosts is. She says, “What was the trajectory of how this…?” Tell us, Little Brian. Tell us “the trajectory of how this all went wrong.”

STELTER: There was a rush to judgment. I think it was mostly in the celebrity press and among activists and among Twitter people. Uh, I — I think it was really careful reporting by news organizations. But it all gets lumped in together at the end of the day. It all gets lumped in together in the minds of many people who now look at this and say, “What went wrong here?” And obviously at the end of the day, what went wrong is that he may have made it up — and ultimately, that’s his responsibility.

RUSH: What went wrong is that you all reported it rather than wait to find out if he made it up — and now you dump it on him? You blame him for fooling you? Except he didn’t fool you. You wanted to be fooled. You wanted it to be true, and when you found out he made it up you were devastated. Not because it’s embarrassing and humiliating, but because you really wanted it to happen! You really wished the guy had been beaten up, lynched, what have you.

You really wanted it to happen because, “That would have made good television and that would have furthered the agenda getting Trump — and that would have done so much for us.” Privately they’re saying, “Why’d this guy do this? Why did he make it up?” But they’re not embarrassed that they reported it. They’re not embarrassed they didn’t wait. You hear how they’re doing it. “Oh, Twitter did it. Celebrities, TMZ, they did it.” Who is Twitter?

Twitter would be nothing without you people in the media using Twitter as your primary source authorities! Talk about Deliverance? There is so much wrong with American media today, and it is so responsible for the collective American mood, because every horse-hockey story is a crisis — one crisis after another. There’s never a moment to even exhale and just relax if you’re watching the news. Everything’s a crisis, and nothing ever gets solved. Here we go to the next cable news show. What have we got? We’ve got a panel.

We got four guests. We’ve got one conservative, got three liberals, and the two liberal hosts. We discuss it, and we discuss it, and we discuss it, and we move the left-wing agenda forward, and we’re out of time. Nothing is ever solved. Nothing is ever resolved. There’s no resolution to anything. But, man, it’s good television. It gets people worked up out there.

Back to the phones. Josh in Statesboro, Georgia. Glad you called, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s an honor. I have one statement. So you mentioned how the DOJ and the FBI have lost their principles, and how political bias and agenda has leaked into the justice they’re trying to — you know — allegedly deliver, which isn’t really justice. Do you see this as just the beginning? What do you see happening in the future? I mean, it’s really frightening to think that this might become a precedent and that the DOJ might try to remove further people for no real reason.

RUSH: That is a fascinating question. The answer to that is really interesting to delve into, because I think it’s like a lot of things. If they get away with it, then what is to stop somebody else from trying it or the same kind of people? This is all the result of criminalizing political differences. We’re living and witnessing the criminalization of conservatism. On campus, if you happen to be a student that believes something, they come for you. If you happen to get elected and the arrogant, elite snobs in the Washington establishment disapprove of you, then the regime is gonna come get you. And if they get away with that, what’s to stop them from doing it again the next time somebody upsets them?

CALLER: That’s Third World country stuff. That’s a really bad precedent, like the USSR.

RUSH: Well, it is. But it’s all rooted in power corrupts; absolute power corrupts powerfully — or whatever the phrase is. It’s all tied up in a lack of what I think has held the country together: Respect for the Constitution, a reverence for the Constitution. We now have this elitist whatever you want to call it. The ruling class.

I don’t even know the numbers of people in it. We say that it’s the Washington establishment, but it’s more than that. It’s the coastal elites, Silicon Valley, San Francisco down to Los Angeles, Boston-New York-Washington corridor. It’s made up of think tank people, lawyers, lobbyists, elected officials. And not all, but the vast majority of them have Ivy League pedigrees to one extent or another. And they are a class of human being in and unto themselves. And in that class they are superior, they’re smarter, they’re better.

And despite what the American people do in terms of elections and votes, these people are gonna run the country and they’re gonna correct the mistakes voters make ’cause voters are dumb and stupid and idiotic, and it’s crazy. These people, their attitude, it’s crazy to let a bunch of unwashed people we’ve never met who may not be able to have a 200 word vocabulary, it’s crazy to let them have a say so in what this country is. That’s how they look at it. But they’ll never come out and say that. They just usurp as much power as they can.

And we’re watching it happen right in front of our eyes here. It’s happening right in front of our eyes. The American people are having their presidential election choice literally attempted to be taken away from them by a bunch of people who think the American people made the wrong choice, for whatever reasons. They just don’t think that the election worked. So when the election doesn’t work, they have to get in gear.

Now, by the way, these people are operating every day, 24/7, on all kinds of things, not just overturning American elections. These are people responsible for foreign policy. These people populate the State Department like you wouldn’t believe. These are the people that will undermine the United States and put us in the world criminal court, all these global organizations.

They are the open borders crowd. They are part of the crowd that believes that globalism eventually must mean that there are no nations, there are no borders. That we can’t have a world constructed that is virtually tied to where people are born. That’s so quaint, it’s so old-fashioned, it’s so unworkable. It’s so pedantic. It’s so sophomoric. I mean, why should there be an America? Why should there be a Britain, just because people are born there and we draw some boundaries?

They think all of these ideas are old and out of style and antiquated. And therefore patriotism, to them, patriotism is just a gigantic joke. Patriotism to them, they probably look at it much like they look at religion. They look at religion as a way to keep you occupied, a way to keep you engaged because in these people’s minds there’s nothing but this. The idea there’s a God, the idea there’s a heaven, I mean, that’s for stupid people to believe. But if they need it to believe it, then give it to them, keep them occupied. It will keep them in line, it will give them some phony moral code to live by.

All the while these people are out constructing a future. And the vast majority of them are never elected to anything. That’s probably a longer answer than you wanted, but that’s how I think of the administrative state of the deep state. It’s not just contained in the United States of America. It’s basically us and the European versions of us with some additional nations thrown in. But it’s a very scary precedent to set. If these people literally get away — and in their minds, by the way, they can’t lose.

Even if they don’t get rid of Donald Trump, in their minds they’ve destroyed his presidency. The first two years they succeeded in destroying with the never-ending allegations that Trump is not legitimate, that he stole the election, is a Russian agent. Look at how many Americans believe that horse hockey. Look at how many people have been driven to sheer outrageous hatred of Donald Trump by these people and their willing accomplices in the media.

His presidency has been retarded, it’s been corrupted, it has been rendered slow motion by virtue of this entire hoax, and it is ongoing. And I’m telling you, I read this spending bill that Trump signed that’s got the $1.375 billion for the wall, and, folks, I’m telling you, this bill is so bad, I know how it’s gonna be used. This bill, the Democrats are gonna use this in the campaign. And they’re gonna point to some of the things in it.

They’re gonna say, “See? Donald Trump can’t beat us. You voted for Donald Trump. You wasted your vote. You thought you were gonna get a wall, you thought you were gonna get America put back together, you thought you were — Donald Trump bombed out. Look at this bill that we forced him to sign. You wasted your vote. You’ll waste your vote on the next Donald Trump. Never, ever try this on us again.”

Because what they have done, reception centers? You could say, because of a couple things in this, you could say that child trafficking has been legalized in this bill by virtue of what happens to kids when they get here. After they’ve been trafficked here, we’re gonna welcome them with open arms. We’re gonna give ’em amnesty if they’re here from trafficking. It’s outrageous what’s in this thing.


RUSH: Yeah. You know, everything in the media is a crisis, everything is a crisis except the real crisis that’s happening at the border. Everything is a real crisis except the real crisis that is the Mueller investigation and this entire sham that has been operating now for the last two and a half to three years. The real crises are ignored and papered over and treated as nonevents.

Here’s Ted in Lansing, Michigan, as we head back to the phones. Glad you called, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. After watching McCabe Sunday night and the way Scott Pelley posed the questions, it hit me like a ton of bricks, Rush. I’ve been advocating with all my friends that, you know, President Trump should hold his powder, not fire Mueller, let this play out. But not anymore. I think now is the time. He needs to go on the offensive —

RUSH: Why, wait a minute. What did Pelley ask? What was the question and answer that really ticked you off? What changed your mind?

CALLER: Well, what really changed my mind was not what he asked, what he didn’t ask.

RUSH: Well, yeah.

CALLER: When McCabe said that we felt like we had to start an investigation because he fired Comey, I was expecting any serious reporter to say, “Well, you know, Mr. McCabe, he has every right to fire someone according to the Constitution. So, you know, why wouldn’t he have the right to fire him?”

RUSH: I gotta go because of time, but you are right on the money. That assertion from McCabe is all the evidence any of us need that he knows he’s running a scam. He knows the president can fire the FBI director. It’s happened over and over again. It’s not obstruction of justice to do so, in the context of anything it isn’t! And McCabe still going with that proves that he knows the media is gonna report your evidence, he wasn’t following up with that, he wasn’t challenged on that. So he’s got the green light to continue running the sham. That’s exactly what that meant.

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