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RUSH: I just got an interesting email unrelated to anything.  It could be God sending me a sign that  — as I told you — I need to diverge a bit. It said, “Rush, did you ever get your watch-charging issue resolved?”  Answer:  “No.”  I have two Apple watches, and for the past… How long has it been now?  Six weeks?  Something like that?  When I put them on the charger, they lose charge, and they lose charge rapidly.  If I put a watch on the charger at 50%, in 20 minutes it will be down to 38% — on the charger!

I have to shut down the watches every time before putting them on the charger to get them to charge on the charger, and that means no settings are… Well, I’ve got to reactivate all the complications and all that after every charge.  I’m not even gonna tell you the steps Apple wanted me to take to produce logs.  I did two weeks of log collection for them, and then after the third and fourth request for logs, I said, “To hell with this.  This is…” I mean, they were no closer to having an answer.

I really think they were prescribing things for me to do that I would not do.  Remember when they had the Group FaceTime problem and it was a mom and her 14-year-old kid and they made that mother — who’s a civilian. She’s not an engineer. She’s not a techie. They made her join the developer account, 99 bucks a year, to file a bug report?  They didn’t want to deal with it.  I’m thinking, maybe if I tell ’em I’ve got a Group FaceTime problem with my watch that that might get their attention.

They did say, “We think it’s related to the heart monitor on your watch.” Really?  Okay.  I’ll tell you what I’ll do, then: I’ll wait for everybody else using the heart monitor on their watch to report to you that they’re losing charge on the charger and then you can tell me what you’ve done to fix it.”  The heart monitors?  So, no. For as long as I have the Apple watches, I’ve got something going on here. I’m gonna have to turn ’em off and put ’em on the charger every time I want to charge them.

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