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RUSH: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I’ve seen the picture of Joy Behar dressed as a, quote-unquote, “beautiful black woman” when she was 29 years old going to Halloween party.

She made a big deal of it in 2016 on The View. It is amazing. The political party that is conducting a War on Women is the one party fighting sex trafficking? They say we have been conducting a War on Women, the Republicans? We’re the ones trying to stop the mistreatment of women, sex trafficking. We’re trying to stop human trafficking, clean things up at the border. The Democrats… This thing in Virginia is mind-boggling, and the Drive-Bys don’t know what to do.

Because, if all three of these Democrats go, the next in line is a Republican, and they’re all trying to give each other pep talks. “Don’t worry. Don’t worry,” CNN’s telling each other. “It’s not gonna get to that. It’s not gonna get to that. Northam is gonna hold on. Northam’s gonna survive.” Northam’s gonna survive? What about Kavanaugh? What about all of these other people that you can’t wait to destroy? The hypocrisy is rampant. It’s on parade.

Democrats, look what they’re constantly in the news for now. They’re constantly in the news for sexual abuse of women. They have no interest in fighting sex trafficking at the southern border. You know, I know a War on Women when I see one, and the Democrat Party is conducting a War on Women, just like they’re conducting a war on babies. They are conducting a war on jobs. They are conducting a war on affordable energy.

They are conducting a war on economics. They are conducting a war on journalism! They are conducting a war on high quality, affordable health insurance. This party is becoming — on a daily basis, observably so — exactly that which they claim the Republican Party is. And, of course, as a result, the Democrat Party is becoming and is conducting a never-ending war on the truth. So the Virginia scandal. I have to tell you, it is fun.

It is fun watching how the Drive-Bys are covering and not covering the scandals involving the three top Democrats in Virginia state politics. It’s a lot like watching Pravda trying to report or not report on some major scandal in the Kremlin. (laughing) This is just… They’re beside themselves!


RUSH: They’re trying to cover-up but they can’t cover up the governor, the lieutenant governor and the other one ensnared in this. What’s funny is that Justin Fairfax, the lieutenant governor, is in it deep. He’s in it… He’s got a woman out there claiming — and she’s an educated, bright woman. She’s not, you know, one of Bill Clinton’s trailer park dollar-bill hooks.

This woman is educated from the same part of the country that Blasey Ford is from, and she’s out there saying this guy did the deed. He was nasty. He was dirty. It was filthy. It was abuse. So Fairfax… As soon as the allegations against him were reported in the Washington Post, Fairfax hired the same law firm that represented Kavanaugh against Blasey Ford, which is very rich since the other day Fairfax’s accuser, Vanessa Tyson, has hired Blasey Ford’s lawyer!

So we’ve got a replay here. We’ve got Blasey Ford’s lawyers going against Kavanaugh’s lawyers all over again, only this time it’s 180 degrees out of phase. I wonder if Miss. Tyson will have to pay them or if they are working for free like they did for Dr. Blasey Ford. That development, folks, is a perfect example of what I mean by the Drive-Bys ignoring as much of these scandal details as they can, because both of those scoops about the lawyer hirings were uncovered by local Virginia NPR.

I’m not sure they have been mentioned anywhere else in the Drive-By Media. Maybe by now they have. But it wasn’t long ago that the lawyer teams, and who these two people had hired to represent them and go destroy the other… The Drive-Bys have not mentioned Blasey Ford’s lawyers have been hired or that Kavanaugh’s lawyers have been hired. That was local Virginia media that did that. The Drive-Bys don’t want us to compare the Fairfax situation, Justin Fairfax, with Kavanaugh. It’s rich.


RUSH: Back to Virginia we go here. This is Good Morning America fretting over what happens if all three Democrats in Virginia have to quit. That means we’ll get a Republican! Oh, no!

LLAMAS: Now, if all three men resigned — the three men that are mired in scandals right now — then the Republican, uh, who is the House speaker would be the next in line to take over the state! George?

STEPHANOPOULOS: And, Tom, that’s why they’re so reluctant to resign, uh, right now. But the pressure is building. And, meantime, the state government is basically paralyzed.

LLAMAS: It is paralyzed! George, you gotta remember, all these Democrats called on Governor Northam to resign! Now two other Democrats, the next two men in line, they’re also Democrats. It’s mass confusion!

RUSH: It’s not mass confusion at all! What’s mass confusion is how you guys in the media and (southern Democrat accent impression) “and the gentlemanly governor, lieutenant governor in Virginia are simply tryin’ to hold on here. Why, if it were anybody else, you’d be joining the parade to oust net. But here come Governor No’tham. He trying to outlast the news cycle. He trying to make sure that nobody done be remember what he did. Why, they even have a poll out. Have you seen this poll?

“This poll says that only 58% of Americans oppose blackface. So if you’re Governor Ralph No’tham of Virginia, why, you can say, ‘Why, that many people aren’t even bothered by it. Only 58% oppose it? That means that 42% people may not mind it. That’s enough for me to hang on.'” The Drive-Bys are desperate. They cannot believe this! They don’t want to have anything to these with these guys resigning.

They’re hoping and praying that we can survive the news cycle, “Because the last thing that we want is a Republican to take office! There hasn’t been a Republican governor in Virginia for 10 years. Man, oh, man!” This is why you can’t make political predictions because a month ago, who could have possibly predicted any of this?


RUSH: This is Jeffrey Toobin at CNN trying to calm everybody down over the potential disaster in Virginia.

TOOBIN: I think the process is probably gonna slow down a little. I mean, I think none of these three public officials are going to leave immediately. And, you know, I think may be counting on the fact that our attention, we are the ultimate short attention span children, you know, those of us in the news media, and they may be counting on the fact that the circus will move on and they can hang in there.

RUSH: Stop of think of what we’re just hearing here! This guy is the circus! And he’s saying that Ralph Northam and his buddies in the Democrat Party in Virginia are counting on the circus packing up and leaving town, losing interest. He is the circus! He’s a speaking about his own industry that he’s a part of as though he stands outside it. You talk about struggling with questions of identity.

Can you imagine Walter Cronkite saying, “Well, I think the process is probably gonna slow down. None of these three public officials are gonna leave immediately. I think they may be counting on the fact that I and my colleagues, Eric Sevareid and I here at CBS News, we’re gonna lose interest and we’re not gonna cover this. Of course, we’re just children here at CBS, we have no attention span whatsoever, and we’re gonna move on to something else. Soon as some Republican steps in it, we’re gonna be off on that, and that’s what these guys are counting on, and so I think everybody ought to -” He’s basically saying that the news media is hanging back doing everything it can to let something else take this spotlight.

Now contrast this with the attention span they had on getting rid of Brett Kavanaugh. They didn’t slack off, they didn’t lose interest. I mean, this Ralph Northam thing’s basically been, what, just a week? And here’s CNN’s already talking about, “Well, you know, they’re counting us losing interest.” And Toobin’s basically assuring, “Yeah, at some point we at CNN, we’ll lose interest.”

What he doesn’t say is, “We’re just waiting for Trump to say something, we’re waiting for some Republican to do something, and we can then start moving over and covering that and destroy them and give these other guys, you know, a little break from all this attention ’cause we really don’t want Ralph Northam gone and we don’t want Justin Fairfax gone and we don’t want any Democrat gone ever.”

I don’t know. Every faction, every aspect of the American left today, something has happened, and they are all dropping the camouflage and the mask, and they are all letting everybody see them as they are, be it the Millennials and the Green New Deal or Ralph Northam and the New York state legislature, post-birth abortion, or blackface. Being obsessed with dressing up as black people and then making fun of them, Democrats. Which is perfectly in character. All of this stuff is coming out.

Now here’s the news media letting it be known that they’re hoping for anything to happen so they don’t have to cover it anymore! Jeffrey Toobin praying that something’s gonna happen to cause the circus, the media to move on down the road, the Drive-Bys, rather than push this.

Here is James Clyburn from the Congressional Black Caucasians not to be confused with the Congressional Black Israelites. And he was on Cavuto yesterday, Fox News Channel. Clyburn is, by the way, Democrat, South Carolina. Cavuto said: If it ended up with a Republican taking over the statehouse in Virginia, how would you feel about that and the rest of your buddies here at the Congressional Black Caucasians?

CLYBURN: I would not feel good about that. My goodness. I would not feel good about the governor having to leave the office. But I think it is something that he should consider doing for the party’s sake, and I would not feel good if Justin Fairfax were not given due process as it relates to the trial, just allegations, regarding him. So I’m not gonna feel good about any of this.

RUSH: Due process? What’s due process? What happened to every woman has a been believed? What happened to every woman making this charge is automatically right? What happened to the guy is guilty and has to go?

What happened to this mass paranoia and attack on Kavanaugh? That has now become (impression), “Well, Justin Fairfax is gonna have to be extended his due process. I think the governor ought to go for the good of the party, but I’m not so sure that Justin Fairfax ought to go.” Due process? Due process? There is an educated, African-American woman from Stanford who says this guy brutalized her, and the Congressional Black Caucasians and the rest of the Democrat Party are talking about due process.

Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m all for due process. I don’t want to be misunderstood. I’m pointing out the hypocrisy of these people. See, when it’s one of their people that’s in the crosshairs, guess what matters? The law! The rule of law! We’ve gotta have evidence, gotta have incontrovertible evidence. It’s that stuff that gets thrown out when it’s a Republican! There is no due process. The woman’s always right, whether she is right or wrong. In fact, there doesn’t even have to be an episode.

The Democrats will get together and create a phony sexual assault episode like what they did with Kavanaugh, and they’ll involve Dianne Feinstein and her staff on the committee. They’ll coordinate it with Blasey Ford and her lawyers and so forth, and they’ll create this massive evidence that didn’t happen — and then act righteously offended and indignant and suggest Kavanaugh is unfit and he’s gotta go. Even though there hasn’t been a shred of evidence at any confirmation hearing that Kavanaugh did anything of the sort.

And then here comes an actual, believable allegation with a woman who is not going away (and doesn’t sound like a 10-year-old when she speaks, as did Blasey Ford), and the Congressional Black Caucasians are talking about due process. “Yeah, get rid of Northam! He’s a white guy. We can get rid of him. That’s not a big deal. But we’re not losing Fairfax. We’re not gonna cut him loose,” say the Congressional Black Caucasians.

I’m sorry, folks. I love this. I know we’ve been here before. We’ve been here. Democrats have imploded, made fools of themselves like this — and, sadly, not as many people as we think noticed. But it doesn’t mean we’re not gonna sit hear trying to make them notice. Gotta take another brief break. I got a guy on the phone from Clifton, Virginia, who wants to weigh in on this.


RUSH: Doug in Clifton, Virginia. I’m glad you called, sir. Great to have you with us today. Hi.

CALLER: It’s a pleasure to speak with you, Rush. So this is a thought. The question becomes if our attorney general here in Virginia, Mark Herring, resigns on his own, it allows Governor Northam to assign a new attorney general. So if Northam and the lieutenant governor, Fairfax, are out, it prevents the fourth in line — who’s a Republican — from getting in. So the new attorney general, a Democrat appointed by Northam, would then be available to be in that position and prevent the Republican from taking the governorship.

RUSH: Well, then why doesn’t Northam simply do that? Why doesn’t he simply appoint himself attorney general and resign, so that when it gets down the other two people resign, he’s back to being the governor?

CALLER: Well, that may be, but Herring has already admitted his blackface mistake. So he could step down and it makes for an easy transition.

RUSH: So you think what they’re gonna do…? They’re gonna…? Northam’s gonna convince Herring to say, “I’m outta there,” so he can appoint somebody to replace him who would then become the new governor if Northam actually has to take the plunge off the plank?

CALLER: If Northam has to take the plunge and Fairfax has to take the plank — or take the plunge.

RUSH: Well, I’m gonna tell you right now, that’s a fascinating theory. I wouldn’t put anything past ’em. But they are doing everything they can to save Fairfax. They are pulling out all the stops to save Fairfax. This woman that has accused Fairfax, she may as well not even exist. And the way that the lawyer types are set up… I mean, she’s hired Blasey Ford’s lawyers. She’s hired Kavanaugh’s lawyer, and Justin Fairfax has gone out there and hired Blasey Ford’s lawyers.

CALLER: Well, I’m sure they’re gonna try to protect Fairfax, but maybe they’re gonna promise Herring something on the side. “If you step out aside, we will make sure you have a position to step into.”

RUSH: Yeah. I wouldn’t put it past them. Well, I appreciate the heads up on that. I appreciate it very much, Doug. Thank you. Tom in Griffin, Georgia. Let’s give you a shot at it. What’s happening?

CALLER: Hey. Greetings, Rush. It is an honor. I think, you know, with all this climate change may brain’s a little fuzzy, and I thought, “Old Rush can help explain this to me.” But I just wanted to know why the Democrats don’t believe the black professor but they do or did believe the white professor. I thought maybe you could help explain that to me.

RUSH: (laughing) You want us to all believe that you’re stumped by this?

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: See, you want the host to step in it answering the question. You don’t want to do it yourself.

CALLER: I don’t mind doing it myself. (chuckling)

RUSH: (laughs) Well, then go for it. Answer your own question.

CALLER: Okay. They just two-face liars. They have nothing to run on. Trump is doing a great job. Happy belated birthday to Ronald Reagan yesterday, and he would have been very proud of Trump. (garbled)

RUSH: You know, let me tell you something. You swerved into something right there. Contrary to the way the media’s portraying all these people — and, see, 20 Democrats are running and their agendas… They don’t have anything to run on, and the things that they are putting out there that they want to run on… (sigh) Folks, I just… I continue to be challenged to find the absolute best character of these people and their policies and their intentions, their motivations, their psychology.

But they really don’t have anything to run on, and right now I don’t think they have anybody. If you’ve got a party that is gonna have a primary featuring 20-or-more candidates, then it’s safe to say that there’s not one person around whom everybody in that party can coalesce, get behind and propel. Now, you might say, “Well, Rush, the Republicans were the same way in 2016.” Exactly! Exactly! Nobody knew it at the time, but that candidate was Trump.

But the other 15, the other 16, there wasn’t any single, from the get-go front-runner. We were told there was. We were told that it was Jeb because he had all the money, but that never materialized — and it wasn’t until Trump got in the race two to three weeks, maybe a month in that the clarity on the Republican side became apparent.

So they don’t have anything to run on. They’re flailing away. Adam Schiff has announced that his committee is gonna be investigating Trump’s finances? Going back decades? Because they are getting the idea Mueller doesn’t have much of what they were hoping for? Anyway (sigh), they are looking like a big bunch of nothing right now, as we look at them today.


RUSH: Roland in Pittsburgh, you’re next. Glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, thanks so much.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I wanted to take you back to the situation here in Virginia. I was listening to or reading Larry Sabato this morning and he believes that one or more of these gentlemen may survive the scandal. So I wanted to get your take on this. What do you think the public perception will be if the two gentlemen wearing blackface survive this, while the lieutenant — who just happens to be black — is thrown overboard?

RUSH: Uhhh, you know what? That’s gonna largely depend on the media, and I hate having to acknowledge that. But if the media decides that Justin Fairfax is expendable in order to save the party at large — meaning if it’s better to get rid of the lieutenant governor than the governor, and if that’s less damage for the party at large — then I think they’ll throw him overboard. Now, right now it doesn’t look… Right now it looks like that’s the guy they’re trying to save.

They’re doing everything they can to accuse the accuser of being a liar, that she is not credible and so forth. They’re putting everything they believe upside down. “The woman is always telling the truth,” they told us. “The woman doesn’t lie,” except this one is. So they’re gonna make a calculation. Can they survive? Can the party survive with a governor who’s got a yearbook picture out there that can be used any time the Republicans want in an ad of him in blackface? And can the media be criticized for helping to support him and help him save off the effort to resign?

My guess is… In your scenario, if I had to guess I think they’d try to push Northam out and save Fairfax.

CALLER: No. I understand. I would say the attorney general would have to go at that point as well. But, you know, as you said earlier, Fairfax is really deep in this.

RUSH: He is.

CALLER: With Kamala Harris… (crosstalk)

RUSH: I think when you look at the Democrats the way media looks at this stuff… Okay, the way they look at this, got two guys wearing blackface. (impression) “Forget that ol’ No’tham was out there talkin’ about makin’ babies comfortable before you wipe ’em out.” That’s not even on the story. That’s been so covered up, that’s not even point. This is all about blackface. So the media and their brothers in the Democrat Party have to decide: What is more survivable?

And I have to say, if the Democrats resort to history, they’d have to tell themselves, “We can survive a candidate who has abused women because we’ve had a president that — two presidents, JFK and Clinton, and they’re both loved and adored.” So they would say, “We can save Fairfax. Sexual abuse, abusing women? That’s something Democrats are known for. That’s a resume enhancement in many ways Democrat Party. But the blackface?

“Uh, that’s messin’ with what the scam we’re running on race. We can’t be seen to be doing everything we can to maintain these guys that were wearing blackface, appearing in minstrel shows pretending to make fun of Negros. We can’t. No way.” My guess is they’re gonna decide that they don’t want any part of guys wearing blackface. “But the guy that does the sexual abuse? Why, he’s one of us! He’s a Democrat. He’s a real Democrat. We need to do everything we can to save that.”

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