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This next poll is Gallup. This is a puzzler. Immigration has become one of the top concerns of Americans. Everybody knows that. But according to the latest Gallup poll, the nation is lining up behind Democrats, against Trump, over a border wall and amnesty.

Nearly 80% of voters in the Gallup poll cited immigration as a top issue to them in the midterm elections. Twenty-one percent say it’s the country’s most important issue. But 60% oppose building a wall. Eighty-one percent support citizenship and amnesty for illegals already here. Sixty-one percent oppose deporting all immigrants. And 75% favor hiring more Border Patrol agents.

How did Donald Trump ever get elected if this is true? Are you telling me that public opinion has shifted this much in two years? Sixty percent oppose the wall. Eighty-one percent want amnesty for all the illegals here. Sixty-one percent oppose deportation. How in the hell did Donald Trump ever win anything, if this is true?

Gallup said the bottom line in their polling data is “that Democrats, and not the president, have the edge in the immigration debate, though Trump will have another shot at convincing the public he is correct during Tuesday’s State of the Union Address,” tomorrow night. Which I’m gonna spend some time on tomorrow, not today, in further developing what I think it should be, what I hope it will be. But this poll doesn’t make any sense. This poll is the exact opposite of what anybody would think, given that Donald Trump won the election.

Along these lines, there was a Washington Post story that reported Mitch McConnell has privately told Trump to forget this business of a wall if it comes by virtue of a declaration of national emergency. The Washington Post says that the turtle cautioned Trump privately this week about the consequences of doing that. He “told Trump that Congress might end up passing a resolution disapproving the emergency declaration … which would force the president to contemplate issuing his first veto ever.

“The two men met alone and conversed with no aides present. Their meeting was not publicly announced.” I wonder if the president has slowly but surely realized that there are a lot of Republicans, not just acting as obstacles. I think there are a lot of Republicans that don’t want him to succeed in a lot of his agenda. I think still there are a lot of them. Surely he has to know.

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