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RUSH: Guttenberg, New Jersey. This is Justin. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Mr. Limbaugh. Thank you for taking my phone call.

RUSH: You bet. Any time. Any time.

CALLER: I have a comment on the Roger Stone indictment. I believe that just the indictment alone exonerates Trump from any type of collusion. If Roger Stone had to try to get the emails from WikiLeaks, then how did Trump coordinate with Russia to get the emails? He would have the emails already. I believe that it shows that Mueller has nothing on Trump.

RUSH: Yeah. You know, that’s an excellent point out there. There are two things here. Can somebody explain to me — I know I rarely ask if somebody knows something that I don’t. Has it been demonstrably proven, is it factual that the Russians were working with WikiLeaks? Is it considered now fact that Russia was a source for these emails of John Podesta’s to WikiLeaks? Because the left is acting like it’s a foregone conclusion. I don’t recall any such official confirmation of that.

But let’s pretend for just a second, because just as old Justin here said, if Trump is colluding with Russia, and if Russia is responsible for WikiLeaks having the Podesta emails, then Trump would know this. Trump would know because he’s colluding with Russia. So why would a Trump adviser, whatever Roger Stone was, why would he be hustling around trying to find out what WikiLeaks had and when they were gonna use it? There would be no reason for Roger Stone to be doing this if Trump were colluding with Russia.

And the indictment of Roger Stone — and this has been observed by a number of legal beagles — this indictment pretty much proves that there wasn’t any collusion. Couldn’t have been! There wouldn’t have been any mystery about what WikiLeaks had. The Trump campaign would have known it and would have been coordinating the release with WikiLeaks. And so there would not have been any reason for anybody in the Trump campaign to be tracking down whatever WikiLeaks had and when they were gonna use it.

Let me tell you how the media works. So Roger Stone gets indicted with that massive, unnecessary display of predawn force. Just yesterday in two of the tech blogs I read, one story is about all of the fake comments that were submitted to the FCC during hearings on net neutrality. Guess who is responsible for the bots and the fake comments? Roger Stone.

The second story is – I can’t remember the source, but it’s fairly large. The Jeff Bezos affair with the Sanchez babe. National Enquirer. National Enquirer. National Enquirer. The National Enquirer had a bunch of photos and emails from Jeff Bezos back and forth to his paramour. Guess who is being reported as being responsible for that? Roger Stone.

This is how the Drive-By Media coordinates. So Stone gets indicted for a process crime, and now they coordinate, they collude, the media does. And so now Roger Stone is the latest Trump person responsible for all of these other crimes that have taken place in the political sphere. When Roger Stone — don’t make me tell the truth about it. I mean, there’s just — trust me, folks. There’s no way.


RUSH: No, no. I know that Assange is telling everybody that Russia was not their source for the Podesta emails. But the Democrats are acting like it’s a foregone conclusion that they were. And I just wondered if they’ve been codified or is that just a continuation of the lies and the BS that they’re telling. We’ll be back. Stay right where you are, folks.

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