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Feb 1, 2019


Fox Business: Howard Schultz ‘freaked out’ by Democratic backlash to independent presidential run, rethinks effort
Report on Business: January 2019 Manufacturing Explodes
TIME: Roger Stone Heads Back to Court as Mueller Team Claims to Have ‘Voluminous’ Potential Evidence
CNBC: Payrolls surge by 304,000, smashing estimates despite government shutdown
WSJ: Economy Notches 100th Straight Month of Increased Employment
Breitbart: Manufacturing Soars in January
TPM: CNN Reports on Cory Booker’s ‘Unique’ Qualities: ‘He’s An Unmarried Vegan’
CBS: South Bend mayor tells CBS This Morning he has more experience than Trump
The Hill: Warren: Billionaires should ‘stop being freeloaders’
Fox Business: Buffett, Bezos among Bernie Sanders’ estate tax targets
Yahoo: Rep. Ilhan Omar calls for sharp tax increases on the wealthy: ‘We’ve had it as high as 90%’
CNN: Virginia governor faces backlash over supporting bill to kill newborn infants
CNN: Exclusive: Trump Jr.’s mysterious calls weren’t with his father
Fox News: Assange: Russian government not the source of WikiLeaks emails
Gizmodo: Fake FCC Comments Linked to Ex-Trump Campaign Director’s Org, Boosted By Roger Stone
Jeff Bezos: Amazon chief Bezos hires investigators to ID leaker of sex messages with mistress
AP: Some journalists wonder if their profession is tweet-crazy
Daily Wire: Ocasio-Cortez: I Acknowledge My Privilege Being Born ‘Cisgendered’
The Hill: Schultz smears Warren, Harris, [Ocasio]-Cortez and all progressives
CNN: U.S. customs announces largest fentanyl seizure in its history
USA Today: With Maduro out, democracy is finally coming to Venezuela — from within -Sen. Dick Durbin

Pessimistic Headlines in Recent Days Predicting Today’s Jobs Numbers


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