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RUSH: We go back to Melbourne Beach, Florida. This is Pat. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush! First-time caller. Long-term listener. God bless you for all you do. I’ll tell you, Rush, I’m really depressed and so are all my friends who support Trump. It looks like the wall is not gonna be funded and, with the Democratic Congress coming in, the rest of his agenda is gonna be crushed and the left is gonna be in charge again. You know, President Trump was our last great hope, and now we’re feeling like losers rather than the winners we were supposed to be. You always said you would tell us when it’s time to panic. So, is it time to panic? And, oh, by the way, if President Trump needs money for the wall, I can’t fund it all, but I’ll be glad to send in a donation, and I’m sure others would do the same. Just tell me where to send the money.

RUSH: Well, it’s interesting you bring that up. There is a GoFundMe campaign that’s been started.

CALLER: Wonderful! I’ll go look for it. (giggles)

RUSH: People are donating. I just saw the number that so far is in, and I can’t remember what it was. But you know, on one hand, $5 billion is a rounding error compared to whole federal budget. It’s chump change. But when you start trying to raise it, it is huge. You’re asking people to contribute in nominal amounts and to get enough of it equal to $5 billion? It’s gonna be a lot of money. It’s gonna be major challenge.

But Chuck and Nancy are gonna come in and say, “You can’t use that money for that! If Congress doesn’t allocate it, you can’t spend it.” That’s what they’re gonna say. Look, it’s not time to panic. I thought today, even a little yesterday, that I might get your call, one from somebody today asking if it’s time to panic. No, it’s not time to panic. It’s time to be enraged, and I think, at this stage… You might find this — I don’t know — curious.

But I think Trump needs as much support as he can get. Not specifically on not funding the wall or what people think is caving but just overall support. He needs to know he’s not being abandoned by people, ’cause look, you said it. I mean, he is it. I mean, if he let’s go of the issue, then it really is gone. As long as he has not let go of the issue and as long as he’s willing to keep fighting for it, then there is a chance. He’s the only person that can do it, and —

CALLER: How could we let him know we’re out here? We support him. We love him. We want him to know we’ve got his back. But there’s no way to get to him. How do we let him know?

RUSH: Well, there is a way, any number of ways. Emails, phone calls to the White House. There’s any number of ways. If it happens in sufficient numbers, they’ll hear about it. You’re gonna have people that will tell him. I mean, he’s not living in a vacuum up there. But it’s just unfortunate because the reason why so many of us are fit to be tied today is that every bit of this has been predictable, and therefore there should have been a plan for it! We know that McConnell and the guys don’t want it. We know that the Democrats don’t want it. We know this, and there should have been a way around this. I still think doing this before the election would have been a slam dunk.


RUSH: Here’s Ed in Omaha. You’re next, sir. Glad you called.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah, hi, Ed.

CALLER: Hey, I just wanted to comment on the fact that even if the wall does get built, what kind of riots and protests and civil actions are people gonna take in preventing these guys from even building the wall.

RUSH: Probably there would be serious protest action along the border. You mean during the construction process itself?

CALLER: Yes. Yes.

RUSH: Well, so, is that a reason not to do it?

CALLER: No! No! But that would just give the predictable left more ammunition to despise Trump because all these people are dying in building the wall and riots everywhere, and… You know.

RUSH: Look, it’s a good point. I mentioned this earlier. No matter what Trump… It’s really not even exclusive to Trump. Any Republican president. Whatever a Republican or conservative president does, there is going to be some socialist, some leftist, some liberal somewhere — a bunch of ’em — standing up, protesting it, causing riots, saying, “No! It can’t be done.” The left will then find a judge to shut it down. This is part of the process now.

The thing is, that’s not gonna end. We’re not… Folks, we’re not dealing with people — and this ought to be abundantly clear. We’re not dealing with people who accept the results of elections that they lose, and I don’t want to be alarmist here, but that is a serious, serious problem. The glue… There are many aspects of the glue that keep America together. I mean, when you stop and think about how fragile it is, it’s kind of stunning that we’ve made it this far, given what the left has become.

Take the Constitution. What is it? It’s essentially a series of pieces of paper, and on these pieces of paper are words. Do you know how lucky we have been for 220-plus years that every steward of this country has honored and respected those words? Yeah, there’s some people that try to violate the terms of the Constitution. But it’s always had its defense from the highest and most powerful offices in the land — and, for the most part, it’s always been honored.

Now, look, I can imagine some of you shouting things. (grumbling) “Well, Ted Kennedy never honored…” I know all of that. I’m telling you that the Constitution still prevails and still reigns supreme, only because all of this time there was an honor system that people respected it. Yeah, you had Obama with his executive actions and executive orders to get around it. But the remedy for that was electing somebody new to erase them, which is what Trump did. What happens at the ballot box in this country is the determinant.

It always has been. Except it isn’t any more when the left loses elections, and that’s what we’re witnessing. They are not honoring election results, the will of the people, however you want to describe it. When they don’t get their way, they are causing havoc. They are raising hell. They are destroying property and intimidating people. They are causing and creating riots and participating in them. Every little thing Donald Trump does and has done has been greeted… The first travel ban. Do you remember? Hell, it wasn’t even a travel ban.

Remember the first Women’s March when they’re wearing all those vagina hats out there? That was just because Trump won the election, and there were supposedly a million of ’em all over the country in various women’s marches. They were just refusing to accept. They were not going to sit by or stand by and allow the winner and his party to enjoy the fruits of victory. In their world, the victory was illegitimate — and it would have been even if there wasn’t any Russian controversy. Just the fact that they lost would have made the election illegitimate.

That’s how they behave now. So virtually every agenda item — everything that a Republican president attempts to do now — is going to be met with this reaction. And you’re right: If the money is authorized for the wall, and if construction begins, I guarantee you you’re absolutely right. The left is gonna show up en masse and try to shut down the project with riots and protests. I have no doubt that they will. Groups of them would even try to destroy completed aspects of the wall.

The way you deal with this kind of thing is to arrest them and put them in jail. That is what isn’t happening, because it’s not considered to be illegal since it’s part of the political process, the First Amendment, freedom of speech, da-da-da-da-da. Except those same freedoms and variances are not permitted to us. But that is a really important part of the glue that has kept this country together as founded, and that’s really — when you get down to it — what is under attack, and that is the country as founded. We know the reasons for it.

We know how this has happened. Communist infiltration of the education system, leftist infiltration of so many of our institutions, which has resulted now in at least two generations of kids being educated in such a way that their minds have literally been poisoned about the truth, the greatness of the founding of America and what it is that has made the United States great. They have not been taught any of it. They’ve been taught the opposite.

They don’t believe it, and they think what they’re doing is restoring some greatness where all kinds of oddballs are treated fairly and not discriminated against, and it goes on. Once we get to the point here that election results not respected, in my lifetime and in yours, too… You know, I can even remember as recently as 2002, when the Democrats shockingly lost the midterm elections in 2002, the first midterms after George Bush had won the Florida recount and thus the presidency.

Even after those midterms, the Democrats polled the American people, found out why they were voted against, why they were rejected, and at least gave lip service to having to change, make some changes in the way the party thought about things and the party’s platform and agenda. And one of the things, interestingly, that resulted from the exit polls was that value-based voters in 2002 wanted no part of the Democrat Party. It may have been because of the Wellstone memorial, but whatever reason. Values had not even been part of the campaign!

To the extent that there was a national campaign, nobody was talking about values. There was talk about culture war and all that but not values per se, not as they were specified in exit polls. Democrats for two weeks — I’ll never forget — said, “We are gonna have to reassess here.” Well, that’s what used to happen when political parties lost. The will of the people was gold. The expressed will of the people at the ballot box was gold.

Where the people were, what they wanted, that used to matter in terms of political parties in their agendas. But that’s not the case anymore, and particularly with the Democrat Party. What you want is irrelevant. You only matter at election time and only if you do the right thing. If you don’t elect them and the people running for office on their side, then you don’t count, and it’s gonna be overturned or stopped or whatever. There has to be a way of fighting back against this rather than caving to it or acquiescing to it.

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