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RUSH: “The rich” are under attack again. This time it’s because some well-off California homeowners dared to hire private firefighters to keep their homes from being destroyed.

Despite what the Drive-Bys are saying, this is not new. Ten years ago, insurance companies began offering homeowners an option to have dedicated firefighters protect their homes, for a price.

It was a win-win. The homeowners felt safer, and the insurers minimized their risk. And these policies aren’t just offered to “rich” homeowners; a lot of middle-class homeowners buy them too.

But the media narrative is that “rich” California homeowners, including celebrities, saved their homes with private firefighters, while the poor were burned out. The media also claims that the private forces supposedly don’t cooperate with the government-hired firefighters.

All of which misses the real point. In California, the biggest fire risk comes from elected liberal Democrats and radical environmentalist wackos, who refuse to manage their forests responsibly.

The citizens who realize this have wisely taken responsibility — for themselves!

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