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RUSH: So I’m watching CNN this morning, I have it on, all of a sudden I look up and I see Christine Todd Whitman. Christine Todd Whitman, the former Republican governor of New Jersey and quintessential Republican establishment type, RINO, if you will, right out of the McCain wing of the party. You know what she’s talking about? The need for serious climate change action.

She’s quoting from the Trump administration climate change report which, for about the gazillionth time now in the last 30 years, warns us that we only have 10 years left to address these dire circumstances or else by the end of the century, 82 years from now, we’re gonna die. We have 10 years. And, if we don’t do what these people say needs to be done in 10 years, then in another 82 years, we are gonna die.

I looked at that just on the surface of it. How do we even have a chance when brain-dead RINOs even fall for this stuff? And, by the way, I mean brain-dead falling for it. It could well be that they’re just their own version of pro-government, leftist-type activists and sign on to it just because the government says so. But I also wonder how many people on our side who buy into this stuff really just don’t know, they just accept it because they think the sources are credible?

Well, it turns out — and of course one of the selling points in this latest climate report, “Well, it came from Trump’s own administration!” And the media’s loving running around saying that Trump’s saying I just don’t believe it. “Well, what do you mean? Your own administration put out the report.” And Trump said (paraphrasing), “I didn’t put out the report. It may have come from people who work in Washington, but they’re not part of my operation. I did not put out the report. I do not believe it.”

Then they start mocking him and making fun of him as being a full-fledged idiot. And if you’re just patient, if people are just patient and we eventually will find out, “Andrew Light, who worked on the 2015 Paris accord negotiations as a senior adviser to the U.S. Special Envoy on Climate Change under Secretary of State John F. Kerry, served as a review editor for the assessment –” In other words, an Obamaite wrote this climate report in the Trump administration.

“Andrew Light, who worked on the 2015 Paris accord negotiations as a senior adviser to the U.S. Special Envoy on Climate Change under Secretary of State John F. Kerry, served as a review editor for the assessment, overseeing the pivotal final chapter that concluded under a worst-case scenario that global warming could wipe out as much as 10 percent of the U.S. economy by 2100.”

“Mr. Light also spent five years as senior fellow and director of international climate policy at the Center for American Progress, which was founded and now led by longtime Democratic insider [and phishing victim] John Podesta. The center is also financed by liberal billionaires such as Mr. Soros and Mr. Steyer.”

So this Trump administration, like any other, has career appointees. The left gets themselves appointed to these career positions, they never leave, and they serve to corrupt. Even though we have a new president from a New Party, Obamaites still populate much of Washington in the bureaucracies and in the cabinet level departments and so forth, like FDA, EPA. I mean they’re all over the place, just like the left appoints judges who are left-wing activists, not really judges, and they are there to provide election loss insurance.

And so here we basically have somebody that worked for John Kerry and this phony special envoy on climate change who had the final review of the Trump administration National Climate Assessment.

“The involvement of Mr. Light and other figures known for their climate change advocacy has raised questions about the credibility of the report, which has been widely depicted as a politically neutral, scientific document.” Yes, everything the left does is never said to be liberal. It’s never said to be socialist.

It’s always said to be nonpartisan. It’s always said to be neutral. It’s always said to be scientific, put together by disinterested specialists, just like Mueller is a disinterested, dispassionate enforcer of the law. So, once again, the nation has been totally misled. An uber-left-wing hack climate change activist disguised as a scientist and envoy writes the final review, the last chapter review of the whole thing. It gets published under false premises.

This is why Trump is so valuable. You realize how many people would cave to the pressure on this? Most would say, “Well, if my administration put it out, I have to back it. If my administration put this out, I can’t disavow my own administration.” But there’s Trump doing so.

This is deep state, folks.


RUSH: Yes, yes, yes, I know about it. There’s a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska, and the cable news networks are on the case showing the damage. There are predictions of tsunamis, tsunami warnings in some of the coastal areas. Do you know what a tsunami is? Most people I would submit to you do not know what a tsunami is. And you can’t blame ’em. They’ve watched movies with tsunamis. A tsunami is portrayed as a gigantic wave that comes out of nowhere and drowns everybody, 30-foot, 40-foot waves.

No, that’s not what a tsunami is. A tsunami can result in the overall water level, sea level climbing. But a tsunami — this actually kind of hard to explain, knowing full well that there are scientific experts. Remember in the old days, Mr. Snerdley, when I would attempt to explain something scientifically and they would all call and tell me to shut up, that I’m not a scientist and I ought not be trying to explain these things? Since those days, I have established myself as a scientific expert primarily in the area of climate change.

By the way, I asked myself a question earlier: How in the world is it that somebody like Christie Todd Whitman, a Republican establishment member extraordinaire is out reciting climate change gibberish in terminology exactly like any run-of-the-mill leftist. And the answer is they’re paid. They work at think tanks. They’re paid. People promote studies. They’re paid to have these beliefs in many areas, scientific areas, special interests. Not political — see, that’s another brilliant aspect of this. Climate change is not categorized as a political issue, which is all it is. It’s not science.

They want you to believe that it’s science, but it isn’t. If it’s science, then there cannot be any legitimate claim to climate change because not every scientist agrees! And science is not up for a vote. Scientific fact is scientific fact. It’s not scientific opinion. So a consensus of scientists believing anything does not make it science. And there are some really brilliant scientists out there who tell you that the so-called science behind climate change is as bogus as anything they’ve ever seen. So it’s all politics. But it takes place under the rubric of science, like the Mueller investigation is happening under the umbrella of the legal system and the Department of Justice, when it’s nothing more than a political opposition research campaign being run by a lawyer. That’s all it is.

Now, CNN — oh, the tsunami. What a tsunami is basically, you can’t see it. It’s beneath the surface. And it’s because of an earthquake which also, in terms of the ocean, is beneath the surface; so the ocean floor moves. This causes essentially — there’s two phases to it. Water will be seen to be receding from the shoreline, and then when it comes back, it comes back at a much higher level.

Now, there can be, if it’s really dramatic, there can be some waves on the surface associated with it. But most of the waves of a tsunami are beneath the surface. They result in flooding. They can result in a massively elevated sea level. But a tsunami is not automatically this gigantic wave that you see from way over on the horizon and you say, “Man, Mabel, we got 10 minutes to maybe outrun it,” because you can’t see it coming.

Remember, there was an earthquake in I think Central America, South America, some ten years ago, and they issued tsunami warnings for as far away as Hawaii. So CNN and cable news networks fired up the cameras on the shoreline at Oahu and the Big Island and they’re waiting for the gigantic wave. Remember this? And there is no gigantic wave, but yet the tsunami is happening. And people who knew what they were doing in Oahu got on their boats and took the boats out because a wave wasn’t gonna swamp them.

The tsunami could flood their boat theoretically, depending on how it reacted with the shoreline. But you get away from shore, you get out there and you just ride the tsunami as it comes in and goes out. But you don’t, for the most part, most tsunamis you’ll not see it. It’s all beneath. You see the results of it. So it was kind of funny.

The media didn’t know. The media was expecting this gigantic wave. And at the moment the U.S. Geological Survey or whatever was telling people, “This is it, the tsunami is hitting right now.” CNN’s anchors are looking out over the ocean, “I don’t see it yet, Brooke, do you, huh? We got a sharp eye out over here Anderson. We’re looking for the wave, but we don’t see it.” But it was happening right in front of ’em.

Now, it turned out to be a very minor tsunami effect as far away as Hawaii. But they had people tracking it as it was moving from off the coast of Chile or wherever it was all the way across the Pacific. They had their scientific algorithms and their diagrams, and they were trying to show where. And people were looking for this gigantic wave because just like in the China Syndrome, nuclear power means a meltdown and a poisoning of everything. Tsunami means this gigantic tidal wave. A tidal wave is not necessarily associated with a tsunami.

You’ve seen people out there surfing on these 15, 20-foot waves. No tsunami caused that. That’s just a confluence of meteorological factors, largely wind creating waves on the surface of the ocean. But a tsunami, a legitimate tsunami resulting from an earthquake is gonna happen beneath the surface of the water. Because the earthquake can’t happen on the ocean. The ocean can’t move on its place. It’s a bunch of water. It will go wherever its container lets it go. (interruption) The ocean floor moves, yeah, with an earthquake, obviously. And when the ocean floor moves and rearranges itself that has effect on all the water above it.

A tsunami is a giant sucking of water away from the coastline and then bringing it back. But it doesn’t happen instantly. It takes a while. We’re talking about a massive amount of water that has to be moved. But you can see the sea level climb and get big. Now, in some cases they are so massive that you will see a wave on the surface. But for the most part a tsunami is not something you actually see. You see the results of it, but you don’t see it actually happening.

I imagine your phone’s ringing off the hook and there are people saying, “He doesn’t know what he was talking about. I saw a tsunami once and it ruined my hut.” Could be Obama’s brother calling.


RUSH: Open Line Friday and to Centerville, Utah, next. This is Kevin. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Yes. Thanks for taking my call, Rush. Got my bucket list completed. I’m only 60 so I’m gonna have to add to it. I noticed on the evening news from the lamestream media that they’re showing all these normal, what we consider normal, storms as these big climate events. They’re having the weather babes on there talking about it almost every night. They’re talking about weather. They’re just normal storms, it seems like to me.

RUSH: You’re exactly right. It’s very shrewd of you to notice this. This is part of the… See, what happened was, they initially called it global warming, and then a 15-year period of no warming happened. In fact, we’re still in it. I have no reason to lie to anybody about this, folks. I’m not in the business of being wrong, and I don’t say things I don’t believe just to be provocative or to get noticed. ‘Cause I don’t have that problem.

I’m hell-bent on being right and being able then to persuade people. I’m telling you, researching this more than anybody’s researched anything for a term paper or a doctoral thesis. I’m telling you, we’re in the middle of a gigantic hoax. By the way, stand by for sound bites 23 and 24 just to show you this in a minute here. We’ve had two of the chilliest years, these past two years overall, recorded temperatures. You ever noticed that when it’s a cold day and people say, “Well, what about climate change?” They say, “You can’t compare the weather every day to climate. They’re two different things.”

And yet when it’s 110 degrees in July, they say, “See? Climate change.” But overall, worldwide temperatures are down the past two years. So they had to come up with a new term, “climate change.” Since there wasn’t any warming. And that allows any weather event to be portrayed as extraordinary, unusual, outside the normal pattern. See? Climate change. See? You’re quick. You’re very shrewd out there to notice this, sir. ‘Cause it’s all part of the politics of selling it.

Here. This afternoon, CNN International. Christiane Amanpour has a show, and she was talking to U.K. astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees about his new book on the future prospects for humanity. And Christiane Amanpour said (impression), “When you look towards what is the biggest existential threat to our planet, is it an asteroid colliding with the mother ship, that would be earth? What is the biggest existential threat to our plant?”

REES: What I worry about most are the kind of risks that are induced by us humans, either collectively on the climate or the environment, or individually because technology is so powerful that even a few people can have a really catastrophic effect that cascades globally. And as I say in my book, I look at this (from an) astronomical perspective, and the Earth’s been around for 45 million centuries but this is a first when one species, namely the human species has the future of the planet in its hands, because what we do in this century will determine whether we leave a depleted planet for future generations or whether we can survive sustainably.

RUSH: I remember 30 years ago when I started telling people you wait, they’re gonna start saying the greatest threat to the earth is humanity, and they’re now doing it. And this guy, Lord Martin Rees, Royal Lord Martin Rees’ new book on the future prospects for humanity (impression), “We are the first species in 45 million centuries that hold the fate of the planet in our very hands.”

Now, if I had been hosting this program instead of Christiane Amanpour I would have said, “Okay. Well, let’s say that somebody ordered you to destroy the planet and gave you a government directive, destroy the habitat. What would you do? What would you advise? Forget whether you agree with it or not. Your superior demands that you destroy the earth, what would you do? How would you do it?”

I would love one of these clowns, ’cause I know what they would say. “Well, nuclear detonation…”

“Wait a minute. Nuclear detonation isn’t climate change. And you’re not gonna destroy the habitat. You might destroy it for human beings, but you’re not gonna destroy life on the planet. Nobody’s ever gonna be able to do that. Life will survive no matter what, somewhere, somehow.”

The point is, this is how they get people hating themselves, blaming themselves, and this is when they set up redemption for all of this damage you’re causing. You can make amends by voting Democrat, voting Big Government, what have you.


RUSH: I’m sure it has already happened somewhere, but the 7.0 earthquake near Anchorage is going to be chalked up to climate change. It’s axiomatic. It’s automatic. It’s a given. And people are not gonna question, “Well, what did we do to cause the earthquake?” “Uh, well, the pressure we’re putting on the earth. So many cars, shipping so many fossil fuels, pipelines!” Make up whatever it takes to make neophytes believe that if it weren’t for humanity doing whatever humanity does, there wouldn’t have been an earthquake.

If it’s really got severe damages, they’re gonna say, “Even this kind of an earthquake would not have caused this kind of damage years ago, but because of climate change…”

They just throw it at everything. If you don’t doubt me, I mean, now the greatest threat to the earth is human beings — and this isn’t new. They have been trying to promulgate this for as long as I have been doing this program. Now, the people that have been doing it up to now have been armchair scientists, political activists. But now this! This is U.K. Astronomer Royal, Lord Martin Rees, and he’s talking to Christiane Amanpour on CNN International, and she followed up that previous answer. She was in a state of disbelief. She was so excited, she could barely contain herself.

AMANPOUR: Do you know that’s an extraordinary comment! The earth has been around for that many millions of decades —

REES: Mmm-hmm!

AMANPOUR: — but this is the first time —

REES: Yeah!

AMANPOUR: — that a species, our species faces a catastrophic extinction?

REES: Well, it’s — it’s up to us. We — we could cause a catastrophic extinction but let’s hope we don’t. But, uh, uh… There’s been never been a state when one species has so dominated the planet and we are uniquely empowered by, uh, technology, of course.

AMANPOUR: So, basically you’re saying that the existential threat to our planet is us?

REES: Yes.

RUSH: Man, oh, man. I contend to you that only one thing really would permit somebody to readily agree with such glittering ignorance, and that is politics. Saying something along the lines (impression), “Humanity, the human species… The only thing forcing catastrophic extinction is the human species.” The only way you would possibly believe that is if somehow it fits with your political agenda, and the way this fits with political agenda is the solution, which is Big Government, massive power investment in Big Government.

Government regulation, punitive regulation — telling people how they can and cannot live, what they can and cannot do, what they can and cannot eat. It’s all predicated on the fact that human beings — unregulated, uncontrolled, left to their own devices — are the biggest agents of destruction on the planet. And only the learned of the species — the Robert Muellers and the McCabes and the Lord Martin Reeses and the James Hansens and the Elon Musks.

Only they will have the freedom to behave as they wish while directing and telling others what they can and can’t do. It is the epitome of totalitarianism, and that’s what they’re striving for. And they get dupes like Christiane Amanpour to think this kind of thing is brilliant and brave. Very, very brave to make such a statement. “Humanity with our technology, of course, leading to catastrophic extinction. Gee. I hope we don’t… I hope we don’t,” he says. You wonder why young people are scared to death to leave the basement?

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