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RUSH: Michael in Tallahassee, Florida. Great to have you with us on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. I’ll tell you what. I’m gonna touch base with you regarding caravans down there sayin’ it’s illegal for them to come into the United States and we’re separating the families. When one of our citizens breaks the law, we separate them from their families and put ’em in jail, don’t we?

RUSH: All the time.

CALLER: Well, then why are the immigrants more special than our citizens?

RUSH: Because of the media and because of the Democrat Party raising holy hell about it and the American people believing it.

CALLER: Well, see, and here’s the issue that I have. I don’t hear any of the media talking about that side of the equation. So I just wanted to bring that up — and then a little side note. I’m a veteran, and I’ve stopped watching football because of that kneeling thing.

RUSH: Okay. Well, I appreciate that, Michael. This is falling apart fast here. On the caravan business… Let me see if I can find the story here real quickly. It literally is that 42 people have not been charged. They should be arrested. They’re not gonna be charged or arrested, and the reason they’re not gonna be is because it would require us to separate them from their families. So the bottom line is these people are gonna get away with it.

They’re getting away with whatever they have done in regards to the violating American law and crossing the border illegally. Here it is, and it’s from the AP. “No One Arrested in Border Clash Will Be Prosecuted.” That’s what it is. There have been arrests but they’re not gonna be prosecuted. No criminal charges will be filed against any of the 42 people associated with a caravan of Central American migrants who were arrested in a clash that ended with U.S. authorities firing tear gas into Mexico to counter rock throwers,” the AP has learned.

This story is filled with so much garbage. Tear gas. It turns out… This is the bottom line. Not a single person in that mob of 500 migrants who tried to force their way across the border is gonna be prosecuted. Forty-two of them were arrested — and get this. The Associated Press admits that “charges were not filed because the administration generally doesn’t separate families.” What? Wait a minute. I thought that’s what Trump’s administration did do?

I thought that’s been the meme or the narrative for weeks now since this whole issue of asylum and the caravan began. “The Trump administration is just — without any compassion whatsoever — separating mothers from their little children, but now the AP says that the Trump “administration generally doesn’t separate families;” therefore, we’re not going to prosecute. So I guess when it’s “good news” — i.e., members of the caravan arrested not being prosecuted — that’s great news to the AP and of course the American left.

Then I guess that it’s okay to acknowledge that the Trump administration is not separating families. The Border Patrol says that “those arrested Sunday for illegal entry included 27 men, with the other 15 being women and children, and that many more were not arrested because they were children or parents accompanying the children.” Which, once again, proves the caravan organizers put the women and children at the front of the attack to use them as human shields, especially since the vast majority of the caravan are young men.

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