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RUSH: Mark Penn is back today. He’s the former Clinton pollster. Speaking of the Clintons, does the name John Huber ring a bell? John Huber is a lawyer who was named by the former attorney general Jeff Sessions to look into the Clinton Foundation and other nefarious acts engaged in by the Clintons.

This headline: “FBI Raids Home of Clinton Foundation Whistleblower.” This is a story from The Daily Caller, an exclusive report, very troubling, and in alignment with a previous suspicion that the whole investigation into the Clinton Foundation is bogus.

According to the Daily Caller, “FBI agents raided the home of a recognized Department of Justice whistleblower who privately delivered documents pertaining to the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One to a government watchdog, according to the whistleblower’s attorney.

“The Justice Department’s inspector general was informed that the documents show that federal officials failed to investigate potential criminal activity regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Rosatom, the Russian company that purchased Uranium One.”

Basically what is happening here is it looks like the Department of Justice is doing everything it can to bury this investigation into the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One. The investigation that Jeff Sessions named John Huber to look — if they’re going after the whistleblower — they’re raiding the whistleblower’s home! They’re not raiding people that worked for the Clintons, and they’re not raiding people that worked for the Uranium One outfit. They’re not raiding anybody that may have information on what the Clintons did. They’re raiding the home of the whistleblower!

They’re also raiding Deutsche Bank and a Trump lawyer who may have had something to do with all of this – I’ll tell you, this mess that Mueller is fabricating here, we talked about it yesterday, where this is going, and where it’s going has nothing to do with what the American people for two years were led to believe. It isn’t about tampering with votes. This isn’t about Russian collusion to steal the election, which everybody thinks Mueller’s been looking at.

Robert Mueller is doing political opposition research, folks. He is not conducting a criminal investigation. He is conducting an opposition research operation no different than the Democrat or opposing political party would run on an opposing candidate. And the express purpose of this is to get Donald Trump thrown out of office.

I disagree with people who think, “No, Mueller does not gonna do that. Mueller is just gonna lay out the case, and it will be left to other people to interpret what should be done about it. Maybe the House should engage impeachment.” I don’t think that at all. I think that Mueller and everybody associated with him is expressly trying to get Donald Trump thrown out of office even if they can do it without impeachment. I think that’s where this is headed. I don’t think there’s any question about it.

And one of the great indications of it, grab audio sound bite number 3, Jeffrey Toobin on CNN’s Anderson Cooper show last night; so excited they cannot contain themselves.

TOOBIN: Today’s the first day I actually thought Donald Trump might not finish his term in office.

COOPER: Really?

TOOBIN: I mean, I think this thing is enormous.

RUSH: What is “this thing”? “This thing” is nothing in terms of violation of law, impeachable offenses, high crimes and misdemeanors, and it certainly has nothing to do with what the American people have been led to believe the past two years Mueller was doing. Mueller has been searching for a crime and now he’s in the process of creating a crime or a series of them.

Robert Mueller is every bit as partisan as anybody in Washington ever has been. This is not an investigation of legalities and justice. This is a political operation occurring under the banner of justice within the Department of Justice, under the banner of our judicial system.

This whole thing is being cloaked and given legitimacy by virtue of it’s being done by a special counsel, a man of impeccable integrity, a lawyer, a series of lawyers. This is the Washington establishment running a political opposition research operation that is designed to get rid of Donald Trump. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

And Mark Penn, the former Clinton pollster who has been writing extensively about much of this and many of these things has a piece out today — you know, I am invested in this. I spent the first hour, maybe the first hour and a half of this program yesterday unloading on how we’ve been lied to and how we’ve been misled and how this isn’t about anything that got it started, tampering with votes, stealing the election.

There’s none of that in this. There’s none of it, Mueller’s admitting that he’s got none of that! But I feel like I’m all alone. And I don’t mean you. But I feel like I’m all alone in this. Everybody else — and it’s frustrating — everybody else is analyzing this as though it’s a legitimate case, a legitimate legal matter because there is a special counsel and there is a grand jury and there are investigations, and there are interviews, and it’s being done by top-drawer lawyers and all that.

It’s a political operation. It has always been a political operation, and there’s never been a crime except for the crimes that are being ignored and covered up with this investigation. The crimes being ignored and covered up are those committed by Hillary Clinton. You know the drill. I’m getting blue in the face talking about it, but I felt like I’m the only one.

And I think it is key, I think it’s a fundamentally important thing that the American people have been lied to for two years about what’s going on here. That the Russians worked with Trump to tamper with the election. That they altered the outcome of the election. That they somehow managed to involve themselves in the counting of ballots and tampered with that. That’s what everybody thinks this has been!

As the poll we keep citing from The Economist and YouGov indicates, over 60% of Democrats think that’s what this is about. Forty-two percent of the American people think Russian meddling equals they tampered with the votes. It matters that we’ve been lied to about this. It matters that people in the Department of Justice are conducting a political operation under the guise of a legal proceeding. That legal proceeding is supposed to give it credence and credibility when this is nothing more.

Imagine the Washington establishment as its own political party. Forget Democrat-Republican. The establishment, the elites, whatever, they are a political party, and they hate Trump. Trump beat them. They’re using every bit of power and everything at their disposal to get rid of this guy and to nullify the election results of 2016. And they’ve tried everything. They’ve thrown everything up against the wall, including the Russians tampered, the Russians hacked, the Russians stole, the Russians got involved in voting machines. None of that happened.

There has been a pursuit of anybody as ancillary as necessary that they can tie to Trump that may have participated in something that anybody could say is suspect or criminal or what have you. Well, Mark Penn has a piece out today that — I don’t feel like I’m alone. And remember, I don’t mean you. I know you’re up to speed on this. I don’t mind being a lone voice, but this is important. This is one of the greatest travesties, scandals.

We find out now that the whistleblower who has the goods on the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One deal, the same FBI trying to get rid of Donald Trump is now trying to harass and threaten the whistleblower? The whistleblower, I thought these people were protected. Didn’t you, Mr. Snerdley? I thought whistleblowers were golden. I thought whistleblowers were protected. I didn’t know the FBI raided them. If you find out the whistleblower is lying to you, that’s one thing, but I don’t think anybody believes that.

They’re trying to shut that down. Washington establishment as a political party is protecting its own, from James Comey to Hillary Clinton to McCabe to Strzok Smirk to Lisa Page to Rosenstein, name ’em. Here is a pull quote from the Mark Penn piece. I silently cheered when I read this today. ‘Cause I’ve been on this course for a year and a half, if not longer.

“It’s clear now Mueller is no longer looking for crimes in the presidential race of 2016. He is simply creating a narrative to delegitimize the president and to string together his words to Comey with the Flynn indictment, Cohen with Stormy Daniels payment, Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi with ties to Julian Assange, and now Cohen with underplaying Russia connections. And let’s not forget the Trump Tower meeting with the attorney who was also conveniently working with Fusion GPS.”

This is Veselnitskaya, the honeypot. She met with Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS before the Trump Tower meeting and then reported back to them after the Trump Tower meeting. Fusion GPS equals Hillary, equals Steele, equals the Steele dossier, equals the law firm Perkins Coie, equals the whole effort to sabotage Trump. And this Trump Tower meeting was a setup to begin with. “Hey, we’ve got some dirt on Hillary you might want to see.”

Don Jr. says, “Hey, we’re in the business of beating Hillary. Let’s see what you got.” They get there; they don’t have any dirt on Hillary. They want to talk about some Russian adoption angle they’re mad at, the Magnitsky Act. Big whoop! And then the honeypot goes back and reports to Fusion GPS.


RUSH: Let me read this paragraph again. This is Mark Penn, and I’m happy to see this out there other than on this program. “[I]t’s clear now Mueller is no longer looking for crimes in the presidential race of 2016,” if he ever was. There never were any to be found. “There’s no doubt that the outline of Mueller’s report was written a long time ago and is being filled in. For those who thought Mueller would deliver a balanced and thoughtful report, these latest actions suggest that instead, we are seeing an all-out attack on the president and the presidency the likes of which we have never seen. Get ready for the fight of the century coming soon and it will be about everything except collusion with the Russian government.”

It’s going to be about the Washington establishment and their pique at Donald Trump defeating them and their efforts using anything they can to get rid of him.


RUSH: I just want to share with you the opening of the Mark Penn piece because it is right on, bro, right on.

“The pattern and purpose of Mueller’s investigation and the endgame is becoming clear, and yes, it’s clearly get the president at all costs.” There’s no mistake about this. Mueller is not somebody dispassionate, just assembling the facts — thank you, ma’am — and presenting them to Congress and the Senate so people can decide what to do. Mueller is leading the effort to get Trump out of Washington, out of the White House, out of Washington.

It is a concerted political operation being disguised as a legal proceeding, and Trump’s first team of lawyers had no idea what they were up against. “Yeah, well, we’ll cooperate. We got nothing to hide here.” They thought they were equals because Trump had won the White House. They’re never gonna be equals. Trump is never gonna be more than pond scum to these people, just like anybody else not in their club is never gonna be more than pond scum to these people.

“The team Mueller hired really foretold the story — Andrew Weissmann as the stop-at-nothing pit bull and a group of Democratic-leaning lawyers,” all donors to the Hillary campaign, some have even represented the Clintons, “had the obstruction of justice charge ready to go on day one. They have not been looking at the Russians tampering. It’s never been about that. They’ve been lying to everybody with the help of the media about that.

But this business — I’ve tried to tell everyone, Andrew Weissmann, this team of lawyers that Mueller has assembled is right out of the Enron task force and right out of the Ted Stevens trial, and these are people who have asked their own star witnesses to lie on the witness stand, including in the Ted Stevens case. This is so beyond the pale that it is almost beyond believability. People just are not gonna believe that the Department of Justice could be this corrupt. It’s an institution that’s considered to be anything but that.

“Trump’s first team of lawyers with their ‘don’t worry and cooperate’ strategy set the president back, and let the whole thing spiral out of control.” They thought they were equals. Trump’s president; he won the election. We’re all lawyers here; we know the game, they said. So they thought, as equals, that they would be able to talk to the special counsel’s lawyers as equals. Had no idea.

Republicans never have any idea what they’re up against. Bush Republicans never knew what they were up against. Frankly, I don’t think Rudy has known what he’s up against, some of the time. And Rudy’s the closest thing to a pit bull Trump has.

“The investigation,” writes Mr. Penn, “has come up truly empty on its central charge related to the president — collusion with the Russian government.” There’s nothing there! It should have been disbanded! It should have been shut down the minute the original premise — But notice Rosenstein knowingly violated Justice Department regulations and did not specify a crime. Therefore there were no boundaries or limits placed on Mueller. He was free to go anywhere, spend whatever it took in search of or in creation, manufacture of a crime.

But there wasn’t any collusion. And I’m telling you, the American people still to this day think, even with Cohen pleading this and lying here, telling the truth there and Stone and Corsi and Manafort and whatever, I will guarantee you that over half, maybe 75% of the American people think this is about the Russians tampering with votes and stealing the election and Trump being complicit.

So when they watch the media report bad day for Trump, when they see the media say, oh, these people are turning on Trump, they’re thinking the special counsel has information that may prove the 2016 election was invalid. I guarantee you that’s what they’re thinking. That’s why this is such an outrage.

“The investigation, I believe, has come up truly empty on its central charge related to the president — collusion with the Russian government. They are now trying to find someone, anyone who had any contact with Julian Assange with the aim of calling that collusion-lite.

“But mostly what Mueller’s team is doing is bludgeoning witnesses on unrelated charges to piece together a case against the president. They are shaping that case through the indictments — and threats of indictments — that are being used to get guilty pleas to make the president seem like an obstructor or co-conspirator. They are literally creating the crimes.”

Thank you, Mark Penn. So when does somebody stand up and accuse them of this instead of analyzing this like it’s an ongoing legitimate legal proceeding and investigation? “Well, I think what Mueller is doing next is trying to assemble this and doing that,” as though it’s a legitimate legal proceeding. This is a political operation, pure and simple. That’s Mark Penn. There’s much more to this, but that’s enough to set the table.


RUSH: Yeah. Grab audio sound bite number 2. Not enough time to get started with a call here, so the calls, we’ll get to them right as we get into the next segment.

But this is good. Last night Hannity played a sound bite from me on this program yesterday regarding my take on this phony political investigation that Mueller is conducting, that is being made to look like a criminal, slash, judicial, slash special counsel investigation. And this is how it sounded.

HANNITY: Amidst all the hysteria today over Michael Cohen’s guilty plea, Rush Limbaugh had a very sobering perspective on the big picture. Take a look.

RUSH: We have been lied to ourselves, we have been misled, we have been misdirected by a willing accomplice Drive-By Media working with Robert Mueller and his staff of anti-Trump lawyers and the entire Democrat Party combined with the Washington establishment to create in the minds of the American people a story that didn’t happen, couldn’t happen, nobody can ever prove did happen. Where is the tampering of votes? Where is the meetings? Where is the strategy? Where is the evidence that Trump got together with Russians to sabotage the Hillary campaign? Which is what everybody has been led to believe happened here. Robert Mueller has nothing because there is nothing on what everybody in this country has been misled to believe for the past two years.

HANITY: Bingo. Right on the money.

RUSH: It is! It is right on the money! I thank Hannity for airing that important little bite.


RUSH: Now, remember when Jeff Bezos and Amazon made a deal with New York City to locate headquarters 2 in Long Island City. And what was the deal? That Amazon would get a tax break to the equivalent of 60 to $70,000 per employee. Was there collusion there? Did the state of New York and the city of New York collude with Amazon? You might say, “Well, yeah, but Amazon’s not a foreign government.” Ha. Maybe.

“But, Rush,” the email says, “if Trump offered Putin a penthouse, why, that really looks bad. That would be as bad as separating families. The pictures would look bad, Rush, because that would mean that Trump is trying –” This all happened before Trump even dreamed about being president. But here’s the thing about this, folks. There wasn’t any collusion. This is why this is so important to remember. There hasn’t been an effort to find any evidence of Russia tampering with votes, altering the outcome of the election, sabotaging or anything, because it didn’t happen.

The Mueller investigation has never been about that. We have been lied to from the get-go. It has never been about that because the people know that this election was like legit and they know that no votes were tampered with. Rosenstein said so. Grab audio sound bite number 1 just to remind you. The last indictments of a bunch of Russians on July 13th of this year, Rosenstein said…

ROSENSTEIN: There’s no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. There’s no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.

RUSH: And there never has been any suspicion. Even Barack Obama himself, during his last year in office, in discussing this, ’cause people were getting mad at him for not doing anything to stop the Russians. He said it’s not possible. It isn’t possible to steal a presidential election. It’s too massive. It’s too big. You wouldn’t know where to go if you wanted to try to sabotage votes. You wouldn’t know what precincts you had to go. Then you’d have to figure what you have to do with the Electoral College. Obama himself said it’s not possible.

Mueller and his band of investigators and everybody else involved in this has known from before they started this that there was no Russian tampering. Russia had nothing to do with the outcome of the election or the tampering of any votes whatsoever. So, if that didn’t happen, there can’t have been any collusion with Putin either by offering him a penthouse or anything else. It didn’t happen. So this effort to try to tie Trump to some kind of collusion with Russia by offering Putin a penthouse in a nonexistent Trump Tower building in Moscow, it’s all smoke and mirrors. There wasn’t any collusion.

It’s so important to remember this. The basic foundation for all of this didn’t happen! Therefore, anything that they claim is related to it is bogus because none of it happened. The Russians did not tamper. Even if they hacked, that didn’t affect the outcome of the election. It didn’t affect any votes. It didn’t have a thing to do with the fact that Hillary Clinton lost.

And, therefore, anything they contrive that services the idea that Trump colluded with Russia, gave Putin or offered Putin a penthouse, it’s all meaningless. It’s all irrelevant. That’s why they’re trying to manufacture a new set of supposed criminal actions Trump engaged in that have nothing to do with collusion. Even the Trump Tower meeting, even if they had had dirt on Hillary Clinton, it’s not illegal to hear it. None of that was illegal! And there wasn’t any dirt on Hillary in the Trump Tower meeting anyway.

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