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RUSH: Folks, this that we have learned in the last couple of days — actually not learned. Confirmed. Because I have suspected that this Mueller investigation is itself its own version of a hoax, precisely because there isn’t a crime to investigate, and there never has been a crime to investigate.

Now, all this time from the beginning of the Mueller investigation we have been told that there’s nobody in Washington who has the integrity of Robert Mueller. Nobody has the kind of honor and decency as Robert Mueller. Well, I’m here to tell you that I don’t see a shred of evidence of that. The Mueller investigation is a joke. Sadly, it’s not a joke to the people that it is ruining. But now some people who are involved in this investigation are starting to speak out and divulge the tactics and the techniques that the Mueller investigation is using.

I’ve quoted from the book by Sidney Powell, Licensed to Lie. It’s about the Enron task force and the prosecutorial misconduct there and the Ted Stevens case, the prosecutorial misconduct there. Many of those lawyers led by Andrew Weissmann are on the Mueller team of prosecutors. These are people who suborned perjury of their own star witnesses in the Ted Stevens trial, which was thrown out by a judge once he learned what was going on.

I don’t know how these people remain in the Justice Department or sanctioned by the bar to practice law, after the things they have been found guilty of doing. The Supreme Court overturned four of the five Enron convictions. Four of the five! Prosecutorial misconduct. And it is rampant.

Let me give you an example. Jerome Corsi. How many of you have ever heard of Jerome Corsi? How many of you have ever heard of Roger Stone? You may have heard of Roger Stone. Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi have as much do with Russian collusion as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. And yet they have become the latest central players in Mueller’s attempt to somehow suggest that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia.

So let me tell you. Corsi was on Tucker’s show last night on Fox. Corsi has written for World Net Daily. He’s written some books. He’s, I don’t know, close to 80. The idea that Jerome Corsi has anything to do with this is literally absurd! But because they think they found a connection between Corsi and Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and the Podesta emails – wait a minute. What happened to Trump colluding with Putin? What happened to the Russians tampering with votes? What happened to the Russians colluding the — what is this about WikiLeaks and all these people supposedly connected to WikiLeaks?

We had this story yesterday from the U.K. Guardian that Manafort had met with Assange three times. It’s not possible. Do you know that when Manafort was alleged to have met with Assange he was under surveillance by the FBI? He was under surveillance by the Obama DOJ. There is no way he could have been met with Assange because he was being watched and if he did meet with Assange while he was being watched they would have done something about it then rather than wait now and throw darts against the wall hoping something sticks.

Anyway, back to Corsi. They got his laptop. They got all of his emails from way, way back, emails related and unrelated to anything. Then they conduct their interview with him. And they start asking him questions about emails from years ago. And he doesn’t remember. But he tries to. He tries to be truthful. He knows what happens if you lie to the FBI. He knows what happens if you lie to federal prosecutors. He’s trying to remember this stuff.

They ask him questions about emails related and unrelated to whatever they’re looking into. They leave the room and then they come back and they accuse him of lying to them and show him the emails from years ago from his laptop that they had. So they set him up! What does this have to do with collusion? This is a process crime that has nothing to do with the original purpose of the Mueller investigation whatsoever. Zilch, zero, nada.

Listen to Andy McCarthy. He was on Fox this morning being interviewed by Sandra Smith. And he says that the things I just described for you for Corsi, what he was doing, they’re not even a crime, for crime crying out loud. They’re trying to create one of these Martha Stewart lying-to-investigator crimes, and they’re trying to say that this would fulfill their notion or their charge of proving Russia collusion because Corsi had some connection with Assange who may have had some connection with the Russians, who may have had some connection with releasing Podesta’s phishing attack emails.

I mean, if there’s any integrity, if there’s any honor anywhere in this investigation team of the special counsel, it can’t be found. This is the deep state; this is the Washington establishment; this is everybody in that town still to this day ganging up, refusing to accept the election results of 2016 and searching in vain for even the slightest thing that could be said to be a crime that has some tangential connection to Russia so that Mueller and his team can say that their work was worth it, or worse. Trying to convince clueless Americans that what they’ve alleged for the last two years did happen, collusion between Trump and Russia.

But in none of this, by the way, none of this, with Stone, with Corsi, with none of this is Donald Trump even named, is Donald Trump even mentioned, is Donald Trump even referenced. So here’s the question McCarthy got: “I start first with Paul Manafort. Where does all this go, based on what we’re learning today?”

MCCARTHY: I’m coming at this as somebody who has known and respected Bob Mueller and a number of the people on his staff who are very able lawyers, so I want to give this thing the benefit of the doubt. They were asked to look at — you know, get to the bottom of what Russia did to interfere with the election, which is a worthy cause.

But that’s camouflage, it seems to me, for what has become a clown show. I mean, you know, look. Let’s assume that they got their big wish, right? Jerry Corsi has a contact in WikiLeaks, and he gets information from them, he gives it to Roger Stone, who gives it to Trump. Let’s assume all that happened, even though we don’t have facts that establish that, it’s not a crime.

RUSH: It isn’t a crime! It’s also been learned — get this — things are not going Mueller’s way in the real world. You’d never know this by paying attention to Drive-By Media, but something else has happened. It turns out that Manafort’s lawyers have been talking to Trump’s lawyers and keeping Trump’s lawyers advised of what the special counsel’s trying to do with Manafort.

So now little Pencil Neck, Adam Schiff, is trying to say that’s a crime, and he’s gonna investigate that. It isn’t a crime! Lawyers can talk to each other. So basically Manafort’s lawyers have informed Trump they want my client to lie to them. They are trying to get Paul Manafort to indict you. They’re trying to get him to admit things that he didn’t do in order to go free or to have a lesser jail sentence, and the lawyers for Manafort have told Trump’s lawyers that Manafort’s not gonna lie to ’em.

There is no future in this. They are trying to accuse people of lying to them while at the same time asking them to lie, by committing to things that didn’t happen, all to try to continue up the chain to get to Trump. Well, Trump’s lawyers have been informed of this, and it’s one of the reasons that Trump, I think, is tweeting with great confidence and courage and all this, because he knows what Manafort’s lawyers have told him and he knows, therefore, what Mueller’s angle is here, and he knows that Mueller doesn’t have anything, if he’s asking witnesses to lie and agree to the scenarios the special counsel is creating.

If you were Manafort, what would you? They’re asking you to lie while prosecuting you for lying. If you lie to them, even if they’ve asked you to, they can come back and later accuse you of lying. This is an untenable situation and circumstance, and it’s all rooted in the fact that they’ve Go got nothing! And I’m sorry if I sound mad about this, ’cause I am! I am fit to be tied over it! It has been a hoax. It has been a travesty from the very get-go.

The very idea that that a fake, phony, fraudulent dossier is the reason for all of this frosts me to the degree that I’ve run out of words to express my anger. A made up political opposition research document that contains not one element of truth was used to get FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. It’s why Manafort’s going to jail. It’s why Jerome Corsi’s being pressured with threatened with going to jail and Stone and all these ancillary players that had nothing to do with anything regarding the 2016 election.

And there’s nothing anybody can do to stop these people. You’ve got the rest of the Drive-By Media acting as cheerleaders for all of this. It is a travesty. It is an outrage. And all the while we’re being told the people running this investigation have impeccable honor, impeccable integrity. The people we can trust, of all people in Washington. What an absolute crock this is.

It’d be easy to sit here and let this stuff roll off my back and probably not make myself much of a target and just report on it. But I’m sorry. The more I think about this, the more outraged I become. And it is abundantly clear they’ve got nothing. They don’t have anything on anybody when they’re asking witnesses to confirm scenarios that they, the prosecutors, are creating.

I don’t mean to be insulting of Corsi or Stone, but, my friends, these are not central players in the Trump administration, in the Trump campaign. They’re not central players anywhere. Corsi is a journalist and an author, and Stone’s a political activist, and he’s been involved in campaigns. But he’s former, former, former this, former that. I’m not casting judgment on either of these two guys.

I’m pointing out the fact that it’s no different than going after Minnie Mouse here, Mickey Mouse or whatever. It’s beyond my ability to describe this. In fact, let me take a break here. There’s one more Andy McCarthy bite and a couple other points I want to make and I need to compose myself here. Because I’m really ticked.


RUSH: I don’t care what they’ve got. They do not have any collusion. Even if they’ve got… Even if Corsi and Stone make false statements — and I’m not saying they are. I’m giving you the best-case example for Mueller. Even if Corsi and Stone were to make false statements, they’re ancillary. I’m not trying to insult them (please, don’t misunderstand me) and even if there is some contact with Julian Assange in the middle of the all this and if there are emails going back and forth from all these different people, they still have no collusion! They’ve got nothing to do with the campaign, with the election. There’s nothing here whatsoever!

Here’s the second Andy McCarthy bite. He continued after describing this investigation as a “clown show” and pointing out that none of what I’ve described to you even approaches being criminal.

MCCARTHY: So what are they doing here? They are investigating the seamy underbelly of politics, the fact that campaigns go out and try to get dirt on the opposition candidate, and they’re asking a bunch of people who were involved in it, possibly, a bunch of uncomfortable questions and they’re getting them to lie about it or else they are lying about it. But the point is, the underlying thing that they’re investigating is politics. It’s not crime, and it’s not a prosecutor’s place to do that.

RUSH: Exactly. But that’s exactly what it has become. We are politicizing and criminalizing politics here, particularly the politics of Donald Trump and his campaign. It’s exactly right. You got some political operatives here at best, some fringe political operatives — again, not trying to insult them — and you’re investigating what these political operatives might have been doing. There’s not a shred of evidence that either of them knows anybody named Vladimir or Boris or Natasha or anybody else that’s Russian. Anyway, I’ll try to calm down now.


RUSH: I just want to go back to this Manafort business for one point. I want to reiterate this. The point that we made yesterday, the news broke yesterday in the U.K. Guardian. Why the U.K. Guardian by the way? Of all the newspapers to break this story, why them? Well, it looks like they’re the only ones that had the audacity to publish this crap!

The story is that Paul Manafort went to meet and had visits with Julian Assange three separate times, and the last of the three times occurring when he was the campaign manager for the Trump campaign in 2016. From 2014 to 2016, Paul Manafort supposedly had secret meetings with Julian Assange. Others in the Drive-By Media have looked at the story. There have been some, what have been called stealth edits on the part of the U.K. Guardian. They have changed the story but have not indicated that they’re changing it. They’ve changed pronouns. They’ve changed descriptives. These are called stealth edits.

They’re not admitting to having gotten anything wrong. They’re just making changes as more and more of this caca is demonstrated to be just that, a bunch of caca. Now, one of the reasons that this is caca is that we have learned that Manafort, long before he ever had anything to do with Trump, was under surveillance by the FBI and the DOJ because of his involvement with Ukraine, whether or not he had registered as a foreign agent and all of this.

And the point about this is, if he was under FBI surveillance since 2014 — and again, it was about his lobbying efforts for Ukraine, former Ukrainian president, how in the world could he have had secret meetings with Assange or anybody else if he’s under surveillance by the FBI? I mean, why is this news? If Manafort is under surveillance with the FBI since 2014 and had three meetings with Assange, don’t you think that that would have been reported many, many years ago and long before now when Mueller is running out of options?

Simply can’t be! And Manafort and his lawyers are denying this in the strongest terms, and so is WikiLeaks. And WikiLeaks is offering a million dollars to anybody who can prove that any of this ever happened. It’s all just made up! I mean it is classic fake news! So while he’s being watched, while he’s being surveilled, while he is being tracked, while he is being followed, Manafort met three different times with Julian Assange on Russian-related meetings.

If this guy’s been meeting with Assange and then Trump hires him, I guarantee you, we would have heard about it then. It didn’t happen. And I just wanted to cement this again. I referenced this a little bit yesterday and I wanted to cement this. It’s just more and more of the misleading information. And what can Manafort do but deny it? The whole of the Drive-By Media jumps on these things and reports them and then everybody ends up believing that it happened.

And, by the way, this other situation where the Manafort lawyers decided to call Trump’s lawyers and share with them the efforts of the Mueller team, it’s not illegal. Have you ever heard of joint defense agreement? You have, right, because you know lawyers. Right. Joint defense agreement. So the defense lawyers for Manafort and the lawyers for Trump got together. And the Manafort lawyer shared with Trump’s lawyers the techniques, the theories, the strategies, the attempts, the efforts of the Mueller investigator.

It’s not illegal at all. It’s very smart. Adam Schiff, little Pencil Neck from California in the House investigation committee now wants to investigate this! He has no business investigating this! He has nothing to say about it! Congress has no oversight or purview over lawyer teams getting together under joint defense agreements. It’s gone on like this for two years, and they’re getting away with it is what ticks me off.

The only way to fight this is to flood the zone, meaning the American people with the truth and some factual information about this. But what really galls me, what really galls me is that we keep hearing and have always heard about the integrity of Robert Mueller. You must be very careful criticizing Robert Mueller. Robert Mueller has served as the director of the FBI, served presidents of both parties. He’s perfectly nonpartisan. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Open our mouths and let them shovel it all in. And we happily chew away, and it’s all a crock!

If there were any integrity — and I mean this from the bottom of my sizable and beating-in-rhythm heart — if there were any integrity in this investigative team, they would have shut this thing down a month after they learned what has never happened and they would have shifted their direction toward the Democrats and the Hillary campaign and all of the fraud that existed in taking a phony document to the FISA court to get warrants to spy on innocent people while the FBI planted spies in the Trump campaign.

People with integrity, the kind of integrity we’re told Mueller has in abundance, would have immediately seen what’s gone on and brought a stop to all this. But no. That’s not what happened. It’s very clear what this is. This is the Washington establishment, the elites, the deep state, whatever you want to call it, remaining focused and using every ounce of federal power they can amass to continue their efforts to overturn the results of the election of 2016 and to destroy anybody they can who had anything to do with Trump winning.


RUSH: Rockport, Maine. This is Kim. You’re up first today. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, 1992 Rush Room dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Pleasure to talk to you. I have an idea. I’d love your comment. What if acting AG Whitaker calls in let’s say three or four Joe diGenovas, who I admire, and he commissions them with the investigation of the fake, phony FISA situation, and he’s gonna go after Struck Strzok, Brennan, Comey, Clinton, and he tells them give me a budget, tell me what you need. And then miraculously this leaks. The left goes ballistic, and in those smoky, dark back rooms, there’s a deal made. Mueller goes away, hate to give of prosecuting Clinton —

RUSH: Wait a minute. I don’t like to play these what-if games, what should happen, what if somebody did this and didn’t. There’s no… Let me ask, why do you think that hasn’t been done?

CALLER: I’m not sure. I don’t understand. You’ve explained many times why you think Trump is letting this play out. And I agree there’s political advantage, but it hasn’t showed up yet, it hasn’t been profitable. So why not put on the pressure? It’s clearly within his purview.

RUSH: Yeah. But he’s not even declassifying the documents that the allies… Donald Trump has had lots of allies on Capitol Hill who have begged him to declassify all of the documents having to do with the beginning of the investigation of his campaign. You know, we still don’t know when that really was. They’ve lied to us about that. They tried telling us that the investigation began when George Papadopoulos…

George Papadopoulos, who’s now serving a-two-week sentence for lying to our precious prosecutor, Bob Mueller and his band of thieves. Let me retract the word “thieves.” His band of investigators. Two weeks! And he didn’t lie to anybody. This is the point. Papadopoulos was a nobody! Trump never even knew him! During the Trump campaign, when it looks like Trump’s campaign is getting serious, might actually win the nomination, then does, the media says, “Well, who are your foreign policy advisers?”

Trump said, “I don’t need any! I know what I think about the world!” The media says, “You’ve gotta have advisers,” and the Republican Party says, “You gotta have advisers.” Trump said, “Okay, well, go put some bodies out there and name ’em,” and Papadopoulos happened to be one. He didn’t know Trump from Shinola! So the investigators — McCabe, Strzok Smirk (who’s really the ringleader of this) get hold of a couple of spies they’re using from Cambridge and Malta.

Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor and Stefan Halper from Oxford and Cambridge, and they call Papadopoulos and say, “Man, we love the work you’re doing, buddy, we want to give you a $3,000 award and a trip over here to the U.K. to give a lecture at some highfalutin think tank.” Stephanop, “Wow!” Or Papadopoulos, “Wow! This is cool!” So Papadopoulos shows up. While he’s in the UK, Stefan Halper and Mifsud tell him that they’ve heard that the Russians have 30,000 Hillary emails.

Papadopoulos says, “Whoa! This is really big! I’m becoming a player!” Then they set him up to have adult beverages with the ambassador from Australia. And at the bar, before going to the bar, Stefan Halper reminds Papadopoulos, “Now, remember, George, about those emails that the Russians have of Hillary’s…” “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.” So while having adult beverages with the Australian ambassador, Papadopoulos happens to start bragging. He thinks he’s an ensign, saying, “Yeah, yeah, you know, the Russians have a whole lot of Hillary’s emails.”

Well, the ambassador of Australia’s in on the ruse so when he hears this he calls Struck Strzok Smirk. You know what he says? Hey, there’s some guy here from the Trump campaign, a foreign policy adviser says the Russians have 30,000 Hillary email. I’m not making a word of this up. And then they said, “My God, Trump campaign’s bragging about the fact the Russians have Hillary emails!” When this guy Papadopoulos knew nothing until the FBI’s spies and plants told him.

Well, they tried to tell us that that was the official beginning of the investigation. And that was sometime in 2006. It wasn’t. They had spies embedded in the Trump campaign long before Papadopoulos. Anyway, Trump could tell us. Trump could declassify all of these documents that would explain when McCabe and Struck Strzok Smirk and McCabe and Comey and whoever else really thought to begin the process to undermine the Trump campaign and then to undermine the Trump transition and then to undermine the Trump presidency.

It is ongoing to this day. He won’t do it. The reason is supposedly our U.K. ally, Stefan Halper and Mifsud and all these other complicit have said it would be really, really dangerous and risky for our allied relationship. I don’t think Trump wants to declassify this stuff because, as I have posited, I think Trump has calculated that there is political benefit to being seen as a victim in all of this, the victim of the campaign to discredit him, the target of this illegal investigation and so forth. And there could be other reasons why he doesn’t want to declassify it.

Now, why there hasn’t been an investigation into Hillary Clinton and all, humph. Folks, if I knew that, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. I’d be president. I don’t know. I don’t know… They hired Joe diGenova? Look, Fox News is not gonna be the answer to this, okay? The problem that we have is that too much of official Washington, Republicans included, are part of the group that want Trump gone. And don’t think he doesn’t know it! What all we need, another investigation that could go anywhere it wants to go? I don’t know, folks. I don’t know.


RUSH: Kevin in College Station, Texas. Glad you waited, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I’m a sixth generation Texan, and I want a wall. Hey, it’s an honor to speak to you. You are a modern day Founding Father. One day your face ought to be on Mount Rushmore. My comment about the president, I think that President Trump is from a different generation. He’s not infected with the need for instant gratification. And when I look at his strategy with the Mueller investigation, I think he’s willing to endure the pain to have an issue a year from now when I think he dynamites the levee and starts draining the swamp, and he uses this and a lot of other things to frame his reelection.

RUSH: You know, I understand the thinking. I heard that theorem used to explain how Trump was waiting to reveal similar kind of information for the midterms that Trump was withholding a lot of action and prolonging a lot of things so that he could have a massive solution either implemented or beginning right before the midterm elections. But it didn’t happen. Now, you think Trump wants the Mueller investigation to keep going and going so that it’s close enough to the 2020 election that it benefits Trump’s reelection effort?

CALLER: Yeah. I think he knows there’s no “there” there. And he’s not afraid of it. And he is getting an awful lot done. I think people make the mistake of assuming that he’s not getting things done. He’s a getting an awful lot done, but I think he knows legislatively there’s a lot of people that he has to get out of the way, like some former senators and some other folks that have to be taken care of one way or the other electorally before he can move his legislative priorities forward.

RUSH: Yeah, but, see, when you look at it that way, the Senate, come January, most of the Never Trumpers — not all, but some of the most vocal Never Trumpers are gonna be gone. McCain is already gone. Crocker will be gone, and so will Jeff Flake. Now, those two guys, Flake especially, Flake today is out there, you know, yelling and screaming about the need for legislation in the Senate to protect the Mueller investigation. And Mitch McConnell was telling these people to go pound sand.

They made a proposal on the floor of the Senate for legislation. All it takes is one objection to shut it town. McConnell objected. But these are Never Trumper types. They despise Trump. They hate him. And they want Mueller to have something. So they’re scared to death that Trump is gonna fire Mueller, and they know that nobody can do anything about it if he does.

Your theory is he’s not gonna fire Mueller. He wants Mueller to keep bumbling around out there like Inspector Clouseau. But I have to think about that. Your theory is he’s not into instant gratification, he’s a long-term thinker. But he’s now got a Democrat House. There’s no Trump legislation gonna see the light of day. None that we want, anyway, in that circumstance.

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