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RUSH: Ohio senator Sherrod Brown is one of the gazillion Democrats thinking about running for president in 2020, and he’s already laying out an agenda for his party.

Senator Brown says that Democrats have to pay more attention to “workers” in the next presidential election. That’s how communists talk about employees, by the way: “Workers.”

Brown says too many Americans “workers” work hard, pay their dues, but don’t get ahead. They don’t have retirement security. Senator Brown hopes that message will be part of the Democrat narrative, whether he runs for president or not.

Well, Senator, stop worrying. Rest assured that jobs, the economy, and what’s good for hard-working Americans will be front-and-center when President Trump runs for reelection.

The fact is, the American peopl;e don’t need some Democrat hack promising them a better economy in the future. Because they’re actually living it now, Senator! They’re seeing what it’s like, right now, to have a president who really does “pay attention” to economic growth and job creation and wealth creation and all of that

So, Senator, if you want to talk about a great economy in the future — the kind you give us — then you’ve gotta promise people economic decline.

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