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RUSH: A little bit of change of course here for just a brief moment. Last night here in Palm Beach, Florida, they lit up the Christmas tree, the official Palm Beach Christmas tree on Worth Avenue. And the local media showed up for this great, great festive occasion and here is how it sounded. Mike Lyons from WPBF-TV Eyeball News, I think, 5 News. Are they Channel 5 or 25? (interruption) It’s Channel 25. That’s right. Anyway, here is how it sounded.

LYONS: That looks fantastic. That is a 40-foot Christmas tree donated by Palm Beach resident Rush Limbaugh. Hundreds of people here on Worth Avenue having just a great time as we kick off the holiday season here on Palm Beach. We had a big parade a short time ago led by the Salvation Army Band and Santa Claus. He arrived in a Lamborghini. Weather is great. It’s a festive night. Have a happy holiday.

RUSH: “Santa Claus … arrived in a Lamborghini” is what I wanted you to hear in that report from Mike Lyons, Eyeball News, WPBF-TV. Santa Claus shows up in a Lamborghini.

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