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Nov 14, 2018


Daily Wire: Palm Beach Ballot Machines Break. Supervisor Says All Early Vote Tallies Need To Be Rerun.
BBC: Migrant Caravan: Hundreds Reach Tijuana on US Border
Breitbart: Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to Visit Troops Deployed to Southwest Border
GatewayPundit: Since Election Day Democrats Snatch a Dozen US House Seats — And Now Suddenly Lead in 7 of 10 Undecided Races
Politico: Cummings Urges Reluctant Dems to Back Pelosi for Speaker If She Wins Caucus Vote
Daily Signal: What You Need to Know About Florida Recount, Georgia Vote Tallying
FOX5: Video Shows Group Climbing Border Fence
NPR: LGBT Splinter Group From Migrant Caravan Is The 1st To Arrive In Tijuana
ESPN: NFL Cancels Mexico City Trip, Moves Chiefs-Rams Game to Los Angeles
Breitbart: Gallup: Five Million Central Americans Want to Move to U.S.
Heavy.com: Monopoly for Millennials: Angry Millennials React on Twitter
New York Post: New MAGA Building Blocks Urge Kids to ‘Build the Wall’
RealClearMarkets: There Are No Natural Resources – Donald Boudreaux
Breitbart: CNN: Swing State Voters Support Trump’s Nationalist Immigration Agenda
Climate Depot: Forget ‘Peer Review’ – ‘Skeptic Review’ Dismantles Study: Climate Skeptic Uncovers Scientific Error, Upends Major Media Hyped Ocean Warming Study
National Review: Climate Scientists Discover Error in Major Ocean-Warming Study
New York Post: Amazon HQ2 Deal Brings Conservatives and Ocasio-Cortez Together
CSPAN: National Action Network Legislative and Policy Conference Day 2, Part 2
Daily Wire: Democrats Bribe Amazon To Come To Town


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