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RUSH: Okay. So, here we are. We’re sitting here one week after the elections, and in Florida the elections are still going on, or at least the count, the recount, the search, the quest for votes continues unabated. Georgia as well. Even though Stacey Abrams finds herself down by one and a half percent and tens of thousands of votes, they are still looking for votes, counting every vote.

Are you tired of that mantra yet? “We must count every vote,” as though somebody is trying not to count every vote. You could say the same thing about Arizona, except Martha McSally has conceded and her number one praiseworthy advocate is Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, who says this is how Republicans need to act. When they lose, they need to concede. Obviously, McSally cares about being a good citizen and being a good American, and she did what all good Republicans should do, and that is concede.

I’m not making it up. This is essentially what he said after McSally conceded the race. So how come it isn’t Democrats never concede, or when they do concede, they withdraw the concession? You know, Algore conceded in 2000. He pulled it back. Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson conceded one week ago today. Maybe the next day they pulled it back. So even when Democrats do concede, they unconcede within just a few hours.

Do you remember — this is a long time ago, folks. It may be outside your memory. Do you remember back when the Drive-Bys and the rest of the Democrat Party were so upset about Russia stealing an election? Remember how we needed a special counsel for that? You may not know that, but there’s a special counsel investigating whether or not the Russians stole the election in 2016. In fact, that special counsel investigation is still going on, for two years. Even though they haven’t found any evidence, there is an ongoing investigation about whether or not an election was stolen, because the Democrats are so concerned about the integrity of our elections.

And so, Mueller continues his quest to try to find evidence that Trump is not the legitimate winner, that Hillary Clinton was. And yet, they don’t care about an election being stolen in Florida because they’re the ones trying to commit the theft! So, I guess when a Republican wins an election it’s perfectly fine to allege the election was stolen or that it was the result of collusion. But when the Democrats attempt to steal an election, it’s justice, it’s just the way things ought to be.

So which party is it that will not accept the results of elections? Which party is it trying to undermine our faith in the elections? And, by the way, do you think what’s going on in Florida is really all about these two races here, the governor race and the Senate race? I mean, it is, but there’s something much bigger at stake as well, and that’s 2020.

I think if we stick at this long enough and we dig deep enough to find out what they’re actually doing here, I think the Democrats are trying to set the stage for some kind of election law change or adjustment that they think they’re gonna need in 2020. You know, Florida is perennially close, like Ohio is, and I think that the focus on the recounts here for Nelson and Scott and Gillum and DeSantis is actually intended to keep our attention distracted from what may really – I don’t know what it is. Do not misunderstand, I cannot specify what might be going on, but I can tell you all we have to do, if you think things are normal in Florida, take a look at this. This is not normal. This is abnormal.

Deadlines are being missed. We have an election supervisor who has already been found guilty of screwing around with ballots and she’s still on the job. The point about Jeb Bush, by the way. There was a lunatic before Brenda Snipes. Her name was Miriam Oliphant, and she was in there, and she was just as bad. In Broward County, she was just as bad as Snipes. Do you remember Miriam Oliphant? Guess who appointed both of them? The Jebber. Jeb Bush.

Why would you do that? Well, the theory is that Broward is a majority Democrat county, so we have to appoint a Democrat Board of Elections director down there. We have to name one. It’s an elected position but then there’s an opening, there’s an appointment involved. This is classic, to show the Democrats and to show voters that we are fair and equitable, and we realize that it’s a county where more people are gonna vote against us than for us, and so we’re gonna acknowledge this.

Somehow this is supposed to buy us goodwill from leftists and Democrat voters. It’s supposed to show us it’s a direct contrast with Trump. It’s supposed to show voters that we’re reasonable and that we’re nonthreatening and that we’re really nonpartisan and that we are nice and warm and fuzzy, and then what? That means some Democrats are gonna change their minds about us? “You know what, these guys, they keep appointing us, so they can’t be racists, bigots, sexists, homophobes.” No. They’re just laughing at us. What a bunch of doofuses.

Do you think the Democrats would ever appoint somebody in the opposite party in a position that mattered to them just to show us that they could be — they wouldn’t care a whit about it, and of course Trump is just like them in this regard. Trump is going to do what’s best for him and his party at each and every turn, rather than trying to buy the goodwill of political opponents.

And the reason this bothers me is because that is the essence of a defensive position. “Well, they think that we’re X, and so we have to show them that we’re not X. And so appointing one of them showing we can be fair.” It’s the reason why we agree with them on amnesty. It’s the reason why some Republicans agree with Democrats on other controversial issues. And it never works. It never has worked, because politics, contrary to what you say, is not about the art of compromise. It may have been at one time, but it’s not now.

Politics is about the art of defeat and dominance. And if you have leaders of a political party who don’t know about winning and defeating and dominating, then you’re always gonna be disappointed.

Meanwhile, while all this is going on, the ballots continue to be found and counted and deadlines continue to come and go and Obama-appointed judges continue to tell everybody to tone down the rhetoric. The Democrats like Andrew Gillum are still repeating the mantra “count every vote.” This “count every vote” montage that we’ve put together has grown. Democrats and the media keep saying it, and here it is. Audio sound bite number 1. We’ve continued to add to it.

BAKARI SELLERS: In Georgia, Arizona, and Florida, Democrats have to have the same message: just make sure every single vote is counted.

CHUCK SCHUMER: Every vote should be counted.

DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: We need to count the votes.

ED HENRY: Count all the votes.

MICHAEL SMERCONISH: I want every vote counted.

JANE HARMAN: Every vote has to be counted.

TOM PEREZ: Every vote must be counted.

CORNELL BELCHER: Count every vote.

CHERI BUSTOS: Every vote ought to count.

JENNIFER GRANHOLM: Let every vote be counted.

ALI VELSHI: Why do you have to file a lawsuit for that? Shouldn’t every vote just get counted?

MARIA TERESA KUMAR: At the end of day every single vote should count.

BILL NELSON: Making sure every lawful vote is counted.

CHRISTINE ROMANS: Count every vote.

TED DEUTCH: Count all the valid votes.

RUSH: The media montage, if there’s a Republican guest on CNN or MSNB, “What are you so worried about? If you’re so sure you’re gonna win just let the process play out. What are you so worried about?” Isn’t it obvious? You guys conceded the election! The election was over a week ago. And now through the magic of you controlling polling places, all of a sudden it isn’t over! And now we’ve gotta keep counting ballots, who knows where they come from.

Now we got this mantra, “count every vote”, and again the point of this is to create the impression that there are people that don’t want your vote to count. That’s what it’s really all about, plus getting to the provisional ballots, as I described yesterday. So, Andrew Gillum is part of that montage, “count every vote.”

The lawyers for Gillum and Nelson here in Florida have argued that that should include even votes for noncitizens! If noncitizens voted, it’s not their fault. It’s not their fault they were allowed to vote. Their vote should count! They’re actually out making that case. And yet — get this — the same Andrew Gillum is screaming bloody murder that 158 people who lost their homes to Hurricane Michael were allowed to vote by email or fax.

So, they’re out there saying count every vote, count every vote, the vote is sacred, every vote must count. But158 people who lost their homes to Hurricane Michael were allowed to vote by email or fax, and Gillum is opposing this. You might be saying, why, if you’re saying count every vote. Well, because you can’t vote by email, and you can’t vote by fax. Well, a special dispensation was granted because they lost their homes and their polling places. It’s 158 people.

The Democrats are on the warpath against those 158 people, while out there shouting at the rooftops that every vote should be counted. So how does that square? The problem that these 158 votes come from a predominantly Republican county up in the Panhandle and therefore their votes shouldn’t be counted. Meanwhile, noncitizens’ votes should be counted. It isn’t their fault that they were registered. They showed up, they are trying to participate in our democracy.

Why, these nonregistered voters are actually showing how desperately they want to become citizens. They even went to the effort to vote when they couldn’t. That’s how great a citizen they are, potential citizen. That’s what they’re saying, that’s how much they care. And because they’ve put forth so much effort, because they risked it all to show up and vote illegally, we need to count those votes. Count every vote. But 158 votes from up in Bay County, predominantly Republican by email or fax, ah, ah, ah, ah, nope. Andrew Gillum says those votes should not be counted.

The Democrats are refusing to allow those 158 votes even though the military and people living overseas are allowed to email or fax in their votes. Certainly they’re allowed to mail them. And you could argue that people were similarly displaced by the hurricane just like people deployed all over the are displaced by their military jobs. But, no, no, not allowed. We can’t let those 158 votes count. That’s not legal. I’m not making this up.

By the way, and they have no conflict whatsoever that illegals votes should count because they really care. These are people showing what great citizens they’re going to be. They know the importance of voting. And so we need not punish them. So what their votes are ineligible. We should make them eligible as a sign of how much we appreciate their coming here and trying to become good Democrats, uh, Americans.

Now, over in Arizona, the solidly blue county of Maricopa decided to extend early voting for emergencies for the first time ever. Early voting is supposed to end the Friday before Election Day, but Maricopa County opened emergency voting centers and allowed everybody to decide what their emergency was. So these Democrat voters got to vote on Saturday and Monday beyond the early voting deadline, even though that was against the law.

So the lesson is that some emergencies are more important than others. Wait a minute! If you miss the early voting deadline, which is Friday, just show up and vote Tuesday! Show up and vote on Election Day. Oh, no, no, no, no. No. These are early voters, and they cared a lot, they cared so much, they went to the trouble to vote early, but they missed the deadline, an emergency. And so we need to extend to them the understanding that they tried to vote. We need to make it as easy to vote as it’s possible. If you don’t like long lines, a sign democracy isn’t working.

So, meanwhile, one week after the election, Broward County still has not begun its recount. The deadline is Thursday! They still haven’t begun the recount. They’ve got the machines in there, and they’ve got the giant mailbags, whatever it is, they’ve got all the ballots. They have not started the recount. They say that they are still separating the front page from the ballot. That’s the explanatory part from the voting part. They’re still separating so as not to confuse the counters and the machines.

Sixty-five of 67 counties in Florida were able to do their job, but not the Democrat-run counties of Broward and Palm Beach.


RUSH: Bill Nelson has gone into hiding or else it’s time for a new staple job on the high cheekbones to maintain the never-ending smile on the face. But he has released a YouTube video, and he is demanding that Rick Scott, who is the governor of the state of Florida, recuse himself from the recount.

NELSON: We should have a common goal, and that is to make sure that every lawful vote is counted and counted as the voter intended. Rick Scott isn’t interested in making sure every lawful vote is counted. He’s using his power as governor to try to undermine the voting process. Scott cannot oversee this process in a fair and impartial way, and thus he should remove himself from any role in the recount.

RUSH: What about you? You have vested interests just as much as he does. You see what this is about. All of this language in here, “We should have a common goal,” meaning that we don’t. We all don’t want every vote counted, folks. Some of us don’t want every vote counted. And the reason those people don’t want every vote counted is because they know that those votes, most votes are for Democrats. And so it’s the Republicans who don’t want most votes counted because they know most votes are for Democrats.

Yeah, we should have a common goal, and that is to make sure that every lawful vote is counted, although we must not have that common goal, otherwise Nelson wouldn’t speak up. You see? You see, Republicans don’t want every vote counted. When in truth, the Republicans want every vote counted once. They want only legal votes counted, and they don’t want anybody playing games with what a voter intended! “House that work?”

Okay, I’ll give you an idea. In Broward County and Palm Beach County you have, in both counties, a very significant Jewish population, which predominantly votes liberal Democrat. So if you’re gonna do a hand count situation and you come across a vote by a Jewish citizen that’s for a Republican, you could say, “Obviously this is a mistake. Uh, this person didn’t intend to vote for a Republican. We shouldn’t count this for the Republicans.”

This actually happened in 2000. It happened in 2000 because also on the ballot was Pat Buchanan. And it turned out that some Jewish voters voted for Buchanan. And even Buchanan was running around saying, “I don’t think any of those people would be voting for me. Those votes are somewhat suspect.” Well, who’s to say? So you want to go in and judge the intention of a voter after the fact, not based on anything you know about the voter other than his religion?

This is the kind of thing, this is why Nelson makes a point here of saying count every vote as intended. There’s no way anybody knows that. But that was part of the hanging chad. You know, ballot would have one hole mark out, fully chad gone, and the other candidate, the chad would still be there, but hanging loosely, you know, not fully removed and so they would have to go interpret the ballot. And then they would say, “Well, obviously, obviously this voter made a mistake and didn’t want to vote for the Republican that’s fully removed here, because this obviously looks like somebody went back and tried to vote for the Democrat, but didn’t do it quite right.”

That’s what the argument was and that’s why they wanted, in part, to continue the recount in 2000 over the chads! So this is so damned insulting. Republicans don’t want to count every vote because Republicans know that most votes are for Democrats, so Republicans want to suppress the votes, but we need to come together, and we need to have a common goal. That is to make sure that every lawful vote is counted and as the voter intended. Well, there’s no way a machine can tell you that, folks, so they have to get to the manual recount. And they have to get to the provisional ballot. Because Rick Scott isn’t interested in making sure every lawful vote is counted.

That’s a hell of an allegation. That is a hell of an allegation. I know in politics that you can say, but Scott knows he won this. Scott knows that he’s the winner. And yet Scott is not interested in making sure every lawful vote is counted? What Scott’s interested in is making sure that votes that never existed all of a sudden exist! What Scott’s concerned about is that a bunch of lost votes that were blank all of a sudden end up found in schoolrooms or the trunks of rental cars. What Scott is concerned about is that votes are gonna be manufactured or that votes for him are going to be lost or some such thing.

And there’s ample history to suspect this based on Brenda Snipes in 2016 who runs Broward County and the whole of the Democrat polling operation in 2000. So Smiley Face here says he’s using his power as governor to try to undermine the voting process. Undermine the vote? How can it be that we have an election, the Republican wins, the Democrat concedes and then votes continue to be counted and the Democrat unconcedes and in this scenario it is the Republican trying to undermine the process? The whole process here is initiated by Democrats who, once again, are refusing to accept the results of an election, just as they did in 2016.

That’s what this is. They are refusing to accept the results of the Senate race in Florida and the governor’s race. And so now Scott, who’s trying to undermine votes and make sure votes don’t count and make sure people’s votes are ignored, should recuse himself from any role in the recount. Of course. Get rid of the number one advocate for Rick Scott, Rick Scott.

And the media amplifies this. This is totally reasonable. Bill Nelson’s making all kinds of sense, and this is how Republicans are continually portrayed as the enemy. The enemy of democracy, the enemy of elections, when in fact it is just the exact opposite.

In fact, here’s Andrew Gillum. We went back to 2002 and a documentary film called Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election. This is about the Florida recount. And Andrew Gillum was a student at Florida A&M at the time. Again, this is 2002, so it’s 16 years ago.

GILLUM: As the precincts close later that evening we begin to get reports here from the Student Government Association from just different students about either not having their voter registration card, going to their precinct that it had voted at before and now being told that they weren’t on the roster, that their names have been purged.

RUSH: So they found a documentary in the 2000 recount, and guess who’s there talking about voter irregularity and claiming that a bunch of fraud is taking place? Why, none other than Andrew Gillum. How about that. It’s tiresome, I know, folks. It’s tiresome. It’s tiring. It just wears people out. They never stop. No, they don’t. They never will.

And I’ll tell you, as things go on, in times like this where they think they’re now ascendant, they think they’re on the verge of winning everything now, folks, I mean, I’ve got sound bites here from Democrat consultants who say that the 2020 presidential race is over. It’s already over because Trump no way can win Pennsylvania again, no way could he win Michigan again, no way could he win Wisconsin, it’s over. Trump’s blown it, it’s over, there’s literally no way Trump can win. It’s done.

Well, when they start thinking this way, now they’ve got two years to tell themselves the presidency is theirs in 2020 and maybe sooner if they get rid of Trump via Mueller. Then when they start losing elections, this is when they go bonkers! ‘Cause they’ve told themselves they own everything! They’re doing it two years in advance now. And they’re dangerous. Because they are in direct opposition to our constitutional republic by refusing to accept the results of elections.

It’s one of a few key things that acts as the glue that keeps our society, our population together, is the acceptance of the outcome of elections, the will of the people. Once that stops — and we’re close to it — then you’re inching closer and closer to chaos and worse, anarchy. And we’re dangerously close to this point now, I think.


RUSH: Here is Megan in Baltimore, as we head back to the phones. I’m glad you called, Megan. How are you today?

CALLER: I’m well. How are you, Rush? Thank you so much.

RUSH: I’m fine and dandy. Thank you.

CALLER: I’m a Millennial and a true Rush Baby. I’ve been listening to you since I was three, and I really enjoy your point of view, and I thank you for just having your show.

RUSH: I appreciate that so much. You bet.

CALLER: I just wanted to comment on what’s going on in Florida, the whole election recounting. My husband and I were residents in Florida for a while. And we were registered voters. A couple years ago we moved up to Maryland for his work. And we registered here to vote, and yet we’re still receiving — we received ballots, like absentee ballots to vote in Florida, even though we were also registered to vote, like, we were no longer registered —

RUSH: You know, I have heard this story. You’re the first I’ve heard it from. I’ve read other people say that this happened to them. People who had lived in Florida and moved away and were having absentee ballots mailed to them.


RUSH: This may be pretty widespread. What part of Florida did you move away from? Where did you live here?

CALLER: We were in Melbourne.

RUSH: Melbourne, okay.

CALLER: Yes. And you know when I registered to vote here in Maryland, they asked for the last place I was registered to vote, and I asked them why they needed to know that, and they said, “So we can inform them and you can be taken off their voter rolls.” And I was like okay. So I did it then I still received these absentee ballots. And I’m just wondering, you know, if they really cared about making sure there’s no voter fraud and making sure every vote counts, if they actually looked into the absentee ballots, you know, college students get these, too.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: And I’m just wondering if they would find a lot of, you know, dishonest people voting in two places and how that would affect things.

RUSH: Let me tell you. As far as the Democrats are concerned, there are activists who do on purpose what you’ve done. They will move away, and it’s just a temporary thing, in order to get an absentee ballot like you have gotten. And they’ll vote, and they’ll try to vote both places and eventually move back to Florida at some point. But, you know, it’s a scam, whatever. Purging of voter rolls is not something that happens routinely and automatically.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: That’s how dead people are able to keep voting. I mean, we laugh about it, we joke about it, that the graveyard vote is, which way is it gonna go, but it’s because it happens.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: So I think when you look at who’s demanding the recount and why and all that, I’m sorry, all suspicion, as far as I’m concerned, falls on the Democrats here. This is intelligence guided by experience. What did you do with your absentee ballots? Did you send ’em back and say —

CALLER: No. I shredded them because, you know, it has information on it and also I didn’t want to dishonestly vote.

RUSH: See? A Republican like you would not vote twice. This is my point. I waited to see what you’re –. You could have easily said, “I used ’em, Rush. If they gonna let me vote in Florida and Maryland, I’ll vote both places.” But you didn’t do that. You shredded ’em.

CALLER: Right. And I just get the feeling that a lot of people maybe would have taken it upon themselves to be dishonest and send it back and be able to vote in both places.

RUSH: I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.

CALLER: Yeah. Even voting here in person, I went in to my precinct, my polling place and I didn’t have to produce ID. I just had to give them my name. I didn’t even have to verify who I was or what my address was. I could have gone in there and told them I was anybody on my street and voted for them. Everyone’s worried about Russia fixing elections, and I think they need to look a little closer, a little bit closer to home.

RUSH: Yeah, but for every person that says that, I have to show a photo ID every time I go vote. I know the Democrats have opposed that and fought that. I ran a little test this time. I grabbed my voter registration card instead of my ID, pulled out the voter registration, and they know who I am in there. In my polling place, I’m almost too famous to vote. I just can’t go in there and vote.

And even though they know who I am and I have a voter registration card, they demanded to discuss my driver’s license which has a photo on it. And I’m wondering, if every place is doing this, then how in the world are people getting away with what they’re getting away with? Somebody has to not be asking for photo IDs in certain places. And then, of course, early voting absentee, what are you gonna do about it? Look. I just saw the clock here. I’m way long. Megan, I’m glad you called. I appreciate it.


RUSH: Here is John in Atlanta, as we head back to the phones. John, thank you for waiting, and hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Boy, I can’t believe I got through to you.

RUSH: Here you are.

CALLER: So happy.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Listen, I want to get this point across. I hope I don’t take too long, it’s a little complicated. But in the Broward County voting situation, the (unintelligible) or whatever you call her title, she violated the law, she didn’t follow the rules. So the Republicans are saying there’s fraud or there’s potential fraud. The law is specifically in place to prevent fraud. And the Democrats are saying, oh, there’s no evidence, you don’t have any evidence, and whoever’s the head of the state electoral voting, I don’t know the title, says there’s no evidence of fraud.

The problem is this. If you don’t follow the policy, you don’t follow the law that is in place to prevent fraud, then you can’t see the evidence because they’re not allowing them to see the evidence. The evidence might never be seen even if there is fraud. So in those instances, they should say it’s indeterminable whether there’s fraud or not because we weren’t allowed to see and the votes are rejected. The whole county ought to be rejected, and they would get over it, and those people would vote that person out that’s heading their elections and resolve problem.

RUSH: Okay, John, let me ask, what are the odds that’s ever gonna happen, that an entire county’s votes would be thrown out?

CALLER: Well, they won’t do it, but the law should say, if you don’t follow these rules, then your vote is indeterminable, we can’t protect from fraud, and it will be rejected. That ought to be in the law, everybody says, what do we do, do we fire, what do we do because she’s broken the law. Well, the law should say what you do, and it should say that the votes won’t count. It would not be likely the person would violate it then, and if they did the people would certainly vote her out of office. They say, well, she can’t be fired, she’s elected. But the people would take care of it, and Florida would get over not counting Broward County, the whole world would get over it.

If you don’t follow policies and rules, there’s all kinds of things that happen to you in life. You might not get into college, you might not get out of college, you might not get a raise, you might not get a job. And we all have to suffer those consequences. But there’s no consequence for this. It’s just ridiculous.

RUSH: I would say that that’s actually becoming a more commonplace thing than having to suffer consequences for things that people do wrong. I think that’s one of the problems we face, actually, is that there are fewer and fewer consequences.

CALLER: Well, that’s a good point.

RUSH: Ah, I think it’s —

CALLER: I like that.

RUSH: It’s one of the reasons why your suggestion sounds so ludicrously impossible, outrageous, what do you mean, just cancel the whole county’s votes? You can’t do that! It’s never gonna happen. And your point is, it ought to be the consequence if there’s rampant fraud and we can’t find any evidence of it because they won’t share it, yet we know it’s happening, the only thing we can do is disqualify all the votes. That’s your point, right?

CALLER: Well, you don’t even have to know it’s happening. You know that they took away the safeguards to prevent it, and so you can’t determine if the votes are legitimate or if they’re fraudulent. If they’re indeterminable, they shouldn’t be accepted.

RUSH: You see, the problem with this is we don’t even have this in common. The left wants that. They want there to be a question of legitimacy. Every time the Republicans win an election, the left wants it to be questioned. They want it to be thought of as illegitimate. I mean, after George Bush and the Florida recount, the fact that he was not legitimately elected is what allowed them to try and destroy his presidency beginning two months after 9/11 happened and then continuing throughout both of his terms. He was not legitimate because the recount was not legitimate because the Supreme Court stepped in.

It’s what they’re doing with Trump now. They know the Russians didn’t collude, although I think some of them, this has been going on so long they actually do believe it, some of these nimbrains. But the point is question the legitimacy of every Republican election and ones that are close, and it allows you ’cause you’ve got your assistance in the media, it just allows you to have as a perpetual reporting narrative that the Republicans, as they exist, are illegitimate, that their reelection victory was illegitimate, that what they’re doing, therefore, may not be considered permanent because, if they stole election, if they’re elected illegitimately, then their appointees are not legitimate and whatever executive orders the president might make are not legitimate, they can all be withdrawn.

This is an ongoing strategy by the Democrats to have everybody, as many people as possible literally question the legitimacy of every Republican win. That’s what this is about here. This is about two things, maybe three. If they think that they can really via a recount find enough votes to reverse a 33,000 vote win and a 12,000 vote win, then they would do it. That’s never happened. A recount has never resulted in a 12,000-vote margin being overturned.

But if they can then, for the next four years or six question Rick Scott’s legitimacy because that election there was something screwy about it, and we never did get to finish the recount, and there was so much fraud, they want it all to reflect on Republicans.

Same thing with DeSantis as governor. His four years as governor are going to be perceived as suspicious, questionable because they’re not legitmate. My point is the Democrats strategically and policy-wise benefit from all of this even when they lose reelections. It is their way of dealing with an election loss by claiming that they should have won. They got jobbed. That the people who won really didn’t legitimately. That’s the whole point of this.

The only way, by the way, that any of this is valuable and could be gotten away with is because the media is essentially the left. The media is the Democrat Party. I mean, the Democrats by themselves cannot make the case that every Republican is illegitimate, but the media can do it day in and day out as they report on any number of Republicans or conservative commentators or whoever they want to report on. And that’s what this is.

The third thing this is about is taking the occasion of this recount to put in place various safeguards and protections for themselves for the 2020 presidential election, which they also lost to Trump. Folks, this is why we are in a real hellish position right now, because they refuse to accept the outcome of elections. That’s what’s happening here, it’s what happened in 2016. They simply refused to accept the election results. When that happens, that’s the glue that keeps everything together. Here the winners win, the losers lose. The losers figure out what they did, what went wrong, try to fix it.

That’s not what’s happening now. The people that lose are saying they were jobbed, they were cheated. Republicans cheated, the Russians did this, or there’s something screwy with the ballots in Florida or what have you. But as this goes on, as there is an ongoing refusal by one party to accept election results, there’s nothing good that’s gonna come from this.

Because there are all kinds of people that they’re working up into a frenzy, like the guy that shot Steve Scalise and Republicans with a gun at baseball practice. I mean, they’re working people up, deranged, off balance people, they’re working ’em into a frenzy with this. It’s not good. And it’s gonna lead to very violent, unpeaceful circumstances and situations if this doesn’t stop.


RUSH: Bob in Cincinnati. Great to have you. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: All right. I’ve been voting in my polling station since I turned 18 in 1966. This is the first time that I voted absentee ballot. I received my absentee ballot in October. I filled out all the necessary information. And on the security check was the last four of my Social Security number as well as my driver’s license, and I felt that I was very safe in voting absentee ballot in the Hamilton County here in the state of Ohio.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: I even checked a couple weeks later to find out whether they received it by mail. All they had to do was verify my address and they said they got it. So I felt very safe voting absentee ballot.

RUSH: Okay. You’re reacting to people saying absentee ballots are vulnerable and you’re thinking not the case with you? Is that why you’re telling us this?

CALLER: I’m just saying, you know, I felt very safe voting absentee ballot, all right?

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I had a colleague a few years ago that —

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: — every year he voted absentee and felt fine.

RUSH: No, that’s fine. I’m just trying to determine what we talked about today that generated that call. I gotta take a break. I’m out of time anyway.

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