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RUSH: Becky in Fairfax, Virginia. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s such an honor to finally get through to you. First-time caller here.

RUSH: Well, great to have you. Thank you.

CALLER: Oh, thank you so much. I have a question about this harassment issue from the Antifa groups like, you know, what’s going on with Tucker Carlson and Mitch McConnell and… I can’t remember. I think it was Ted Cruz.

RUSH: It’s been a bunch of pepole. Ted Cruz, Kirstjen Nielsen. There’s been a bunch of them harassed by these clowns.

CALLER: Right. My question is, maybe you can help me to understand why this is not considered homeland terrorism. Personally, I think it’s terrorism.

RUSH: Well, it is.

CALLER: And I don’t understand why these people are not getting arrested, and, frankly, Maxine Waters, I think they should be — people who are starting this who are representatives in our office encouraging and promoting this, I frankly think they should be — arrested as well.

RUSH: Depends on who’s doing the defining. Why aren’t they called terrorists? Why are they not engaging in hate crimes? It’s because the media and the Democrat Party establishment defines them, and that’s that. The Tucker Carlson Antifa group, it’s… Oh, what’s the name of this group? It’s actually a Mike Isaacson group. The name of this group is… Well, I’ve got a too many pieces of paper.

CALLER: That’s okay.

RUSH: Their purpose here is to… Uh, I’m still looking for the name of the group. Damn it, I can’t find it. But answer your question, there’s a reporter for Vox named Matt Yglesias. Now, Vox is a Millennial news organization, and this guy is saying that this group should be terrorizing Tucker Carlson because Tucker Carlson needs to know how he makes these people feel when he does his racist diatribes every night and when he broadcasts his hate every night.

He should know how these people feel threatened by Fox News and other people. So the left looks at this as reciprocity. Words on Fox News are the same thing as this bunch showing up at Tucker Carlson’s house and trying to bash in his front door. They say these are protesters and they are protesting the racism and bigotry that’s on Fox and the hate, and it’s simple reactionary treatment and behavior. To us, it looks like total terrorism.

There’s no protesting whatsoever going on. These are not protests. There is no specific grievance against Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson hadn’t done anything to these people. He has not stopped anything they’ve wanted to do. He has not… He cannot be blamed for anything other than he says things that they don’t want to hear. But if the left runs the police department, if the left runs Washington, D.C., and the left doesn’t think that what this actually is is a hate crime or is anything other than a protest, then they’re not gonna act any other way on it.

CALLER: Well, I don’t know. It’s really… It’s really frightening.

RUSH: Smash Racism. Smash Racism is the name of the group, of the people that went into Tucker Carlson’s front door. Yeah.

CALLER: Okay. Oh, my gosh. Well, I… Again, I just am a citizen, and I just don’t understand why. I understand what you’re explaining to me, and I appreciate the answer to my question, but it just blows my mind that these people are getting away with, essentially, terrorism. And it’s… Oh, I guess we just have to pray really hard for our country.

RUSH: Look, I know what you’re asking. I have asked your question a thousand different ways over a bunch of years. I started out as puzzled by it as you until I just developed an understanding, and there are certain elements here that the left believes are in place. A, all these people are minorities. As minorities in American liberal culture, they are legally allowed to protest any injustice that they think a bunch of mean white people are visiting on them.

The media is right on board with that, and so the media, which reports the news and therefore defines what people are told is happening? The media’s not calling this terrorism. The media’s calling it justifiable protesting, and so you and people like you are all over America asking your question. Where is law and order? Where is common decency? Where is…? Why aren’t people standing up in mass outrage over the man’s property being invaded and damaged by a bunch of longhaired, maggot-infested, dope-smoking protesters?

Where’s the outrage to it? We not only get no outrage, we get sympathy and support for it, and it’s the same kind of thinking that allows the assault on our border. It’s the same kind of thinking that allows cities to become sanctuary cities. It’s the same kind of thinking. It really… Becky, what it comes down to is this. All of these movements… Be it Smash Racism or Antifa or Occupy Wall Street, they’re all the same people, Becky.

They are funded by the same people. They all get marching orders from the same leaders. They show up in Ferguson, Missouri. They show up wherever it is needed to raise hell to try to create the impression that America is unjust and immoral and has been since our founding because it was founded by a bunch of rich white guys who had slavery as part of the original founding of the country. We have not fixed it. We still have a slave nation.

Until these people are taken out of the power — and taken out, period — America is never gonna stop being unjust and immoral. That’s the foundation on top of which all of this is happening. It is an attempt to transform… I don’t want to use the word “overthrow,” but it’s an attempt to transform the country away from how it was founded and have it turned into a socialist or communistic type of government. And beyond that…? I mean… (interruption) Well, why do they want that? (sigh) I don’t care why they think that’s preferable.

They’re wrong about it. That’s not even worth debating. But that’s the objective, and that’s who they are. They are people have been radicalized from the youngest days of their lives. They have been stoked with anger and hatred. But because they are supposedly minorities and therefore mistreated and maligned, disadvantaged, they are allowed any type behavior at all because they have to be heard. You know when I first encountered this? I went out to do my very first Rush to Excellence appearance in Los Angeles.

I was asked by the LA times for an interview. Before I knew what I was doing, I agreed to it. The interview happened at a little coffee shop somewhere about three hours before I was supposed to do my stand-up appearance. At the time, there were a bunch of radical leftist homosexuals raising hell everywhere. The interviewer was questioning me about my bigotry and racism because I’m a conservative, and she was asking me why I hate this group of people and that group of people.

“I don’t. What are you talking about, why do I hate?”

“Well, I mean you criticize this.”

“All I do is criticize liberals and Democrats,” I said. “You talk about me? I’m not doing any of that.” I cited all these protests where property damage was, and you know what she said to me?

“They have to do that to be heard. They have to do that to be noticed.”

I’m sitting there saying, “They have to? So you have no problem with actual property damage? You have no problem with people storming other people’s property and their churches and…?”

“No! If that’s what they have to do to get noticed to file their grievances, then that’s what they have to do,” and yet I, in her eyes, was a much bigger problem because of what I was saying on the radio.

Now, this is 25 years ago, and I have the same question you do. How in the world can people who support this kind of thing win elections like happened on Tuesday? ‘Cause I know there are people like you all over this country. You are everywhere, asking why isn’t anything done to stop this, why aren’t these people ever held accountable, why aren’t these people subject to the law? And you’re pulling your hair out in frustration, you don’t understand it.

You turn on the media and you see sympathy and support. And it doesn’t make sense to you. And you wonder if you’re alone. You wonder, is there anybody out there standing up for what you believe at your local level trying to maintain law and order, protect people’s property. You don’t even see the police moving in. You see social media promoting all this, denying your point of view all over Facebook and Twitter or demonizing it.

To you, this is aberrant behavior. It is not the kind of behavior you want your kids or anybody else to be inspired by. And you don’t see anybody condemning it. You see it being supported. You see it being promoted and you don’t get it. And I’m telling you, you are not alone. There are millions asking.

You go vote and on election night you find out your candidate won. Four days later you find out, oh, he may not. You wonder why isn’t your side doing anything to protect what happened? Why is it only the left that seems to be out there making a valid case that they got jobbed, when they didn’t. Am I close here in describing how you’re looking and seeing all this?

CALLER: Yes. Absolutely. I’m just also wondering, if this continues and it gets worse, which more than likely it will, is this an ingredient for President Trump to consider martial law?

RUSH: I don’t think — no. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea other than to rely on common sense. I don’t see that happening. I don’t see that the way to deal with it, either.

CALLER: Okay. Well, I will make one quick point and then I’ll let you go. You know, I grew up in western Pennsylvania, little town called Midland. We were just a very Democratic state. I was raised to believe that as well, and it wasn’t until I became a Christian and realized what our government was put in place for based on what the Bible says, and that’s when a lot of times — and I have Democratic friends, and I’ve been harassed by them, and I have said to them, “As long as the Republicans remain conservative, I will always vote Republican because I believe there’s just morality in conservatism.”

RUSH: Well, that’s it! That’s it! They don’t want any part of your morality. The minute they find out you’re a Christian, you may as well be Satan to them. You are Satan, if you’re a Christian. You’re a white woman and you’re Christian, you’re a lost cause, and you’re a problem. And if you’re conservative on top of that, whoa. You don’t have a prayer. Because the founders were judged to be Christian and religious. Look at George Washington’s Thanksgiving proclamation, his thankfulness for the country and so forth and his role in it. There was no question about his belief in God. And this rubs them raw too.

I mean, everything about the founding of this country they despise, for whatever cockamamie reason. They feel left out or abnormal or what have you. But I think the simplest way to understand this, Becky, I think a bunch of people with a series of psychological disorders have become the base of the Democrat Party. And their psychological disorders have now been folded into American politics. And their psychological disorders have become issues that they need to win and that we oppose, and that makes us their enemy and so forth.

And I think one of the problems we have is we’re being told these are legitimate issues, like 2,000 transgenders are confused about which bathroom to use. This is a problem, a problem we must solve and so forth. And so that becomes a national issue with one-tenth of 1% of the population defining — and people like you are sitting around, what the hell is happening here? This is absurd. This is nuts.

But all this psychological, unfortunate disorder stuff is being normalized as political issues. And the Democrat Party is more than happy to pick up the charge and run with it. They figure there’s a lot of people in that group, and if they can convert all of those problems into political issues, get federal money to fix it, they create a bunch of dependent people to whom only the government can help them through the problem and solve it. It’s a never-ending circle.

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