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RUSH: I cannot emphasize how important something is here. And not to keep pounding this. But the Republicans who fell for this blue wave crap and announced their retirements or resignations are the primary reason I think the House was lost. That’s just a lot of incumbency that you lose, practically automatically reelected. At least a decent portion of them would have been.

But the real important thing is the belief that Donald Trump is a drag on the Republican Party, that so many of these Republicans have been running around harboring for all these two years, what happened yesterday was made crystal clear. Donald Trump is crucial to Republican victory.

Nine out of 11 Republicans that Trump focused on and stumped for won, including Josh Hawley in Missouri, including in Indiana. Donald Trump did not hurt Republicans. Donald Trump saved Republicans. And every other Republican who has believed that Trump is an albatross has got to reexamine this. And they’ve got to conclude the right thing about it.

Meanwhile, the Democrats, how are they gonna respond to this? The worst thing in the world for them is to realize that Trump is a net plus. Official Washington has believed for two years that Trump is the ruination of the Republican Party. It’s quite the opposite.

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