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RUSH: I want to expand on one thing here. There were a lot of things I wanted to expand on last night but mine was an introduction and it was his rally, and I always knew that I could come here today and expand on things. When I started out in this particular bite saying you’re not angry, you love people, you want your country to be the greatest it can be — and then there’s a previous bite where I talked about the throwing labels around at us. We are all sick and tired. We are sick and tired of being called racists, Nazis, white supremacists, sexists.

We’re sick and tired of being told we don’t care about people — literally sick and tired of it. It simply is not true. It doesn’t come close to being true, for you and me. As it relates to immigration — illegal immigration — and the caravan, what we’re saying is charity begins at home. If America does not remain what it is, there isn’t gonna be anywhere for people to come.

If America does not remain the lone superpower of the world and the outpost and beacon for freedom — and I’m sorry to use cliches, but that’s exactly what we are. And if we go down, if the premise of our country is ever defeated — and that is it is the people who are free and who determine their government. The premise of America is that the government answers to us. Our Constitution does not limit us. It limits the government and what its interactions with us can be.

If that ever changes, there’s not gonna be a reason for people from war-torn Guatemala to come here. It isn’t gonna be any different here than it is there, and we’re hanging by a thread on this. We have an entire political party now that is insistent on destroying the great uniqueness and identity of America because they want to replace the America of our founding with themselves and their party and their power, and they want to rewrite the Constitution granting government all the powers the Constitution now limits.

They want as many people in this country to be dependent on them as they can make. That’s why they want all of the poor and the ill- and mal-educated to get here as fast as they can, because a permanent underclass is the ideal demographic for the Democrat Party — and in their quest to make this happen, they have to demonize us. They have to demonize their opposition, because they cannot sell what they want. They can’t sell tearing down America.

They call it transforming and ostensibly improving, but that’s not what they’re doing. They cannot sell what they want to do. So they have to destroy their opposition, discredit their opposition. So we become racists and we become Nazis and we become white supremacists. Well, we don’t become. They label us this, they call us this, and we are none of that, and we never have been any of that. We have problems within our own borders.

We have great problems in our inner cities. We have to fix those. We have to care about and work on those before we continue to help everybody else. We cannot help everybody else by giving away what we have. The way we help everybody else is by inspiring them to a way of life that emulates ours: Human freedom and dignity. Unleashing human freedom and dignity is what unleashes the circumstances that lead to prosperity and freedom and happiness and contentment.

Government can’t provide any of that.

Government can only take it away.

Government can only destroy wealth. It can’t create it. Government can only redistribute it, but it cannot produce it, and yet the Democrat Party wants their voters to believe that that’s exactly what they will do. They’re gonna take everything away from everybody who has it and give it those who don’t. They’re gonna seek revenge and, in such a fashion, everybody’s gonna end up equal. If that happens, everybody’s gonna be equally miserable, and nobody’s gonna have anything except for the elites.

So we stand up against it. We stand up to it. We oppose it. We’ve got one man, Donald Trump, who is willing to use the power of the presidency to strike back, to try to stand up and stop all this. And he’s up against an impossible array of forces and power. And you see what they’ve done to him over the past two years, the steady drumbeat of destruction that he and his family are subjected to. And yet — and this is my point — he doesn’t need this.

Donald Trump didn’t need any of this. Donald Trump had the greatest life anybody could imagine, free from all of this legal pursuit, free of special counsels, free of little Democrats yapping at his ankles, trying to take away everything he’s ever done. Just like they tried to ruin Kavanaugh, they continue to try to ruin Donald Trump. He didn’t need any of this. And yet he’s there. He shows up every day. The guy sleeps three hours a night, and you would never know it.

He got out of there last night probably I’m guessing 1:30 or 2:00, back to Washington, lose an hour flying, probably got back to the White House 3:00 or 3:30. There he is tweeting at 6 a.m. today! We care about America. We care about our American family first. We care about American small business. We care about the hardworking people focused every day on making our country work. Just because we do that doesn’t mean we hate anybody else.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t like people from Nicaragua, El Salvador, or Mexico. We have our own problems. We must maintain who and what we are to be of any value to anybody else, and we have our own problems that need to be fixed. The Democrats don’t want to fix them. They profit off these problems. If you doubt me, why isn’t Chicago fixed? If you doubt me, why doesn’t Detroit get fixed with when the Democrats run these places?

If the Democrats have all the answers, why is homelessness in San Francisco and Los Angeles at a record problem? Infectious diseases are popping up in both places. There are piles of human feces on the streets of San Francisco! We’ve got our own problems. The Democrats, though, still think that we’re not being fair to the people of the world because we are denying future Democrat voters a chance to break the law and come in to our country.

We believe in the American dream for all Americans. We believe hard work can present success to every American. We believe that every American has unique talents, abilities, energy, desire. We believe and understand we are all different, by design. We are not the same. The attempt to force sameness — sameness of behavior, sameness of outcome — is a losing proposition that will lead to unhappiness, dissatisfaction, failure to reach potential.

And all of that empowers the Democrat Party. When you can’t take care of yourself, when you can’t be the best you can be because there are too many obstacles in the way, guess who’s there to make up the slack? The Democrat Party using the government. But, boy, you’d better vote the right way and you’d better talk the right way or you’re not gonna get the benefits. But even with the benefits they promise, they still cannot promise prosperity via the redistribution of wealth or income.

They first have to produce it; they can’t. Then they have to tax it, which they can do. There are countless stories of Americans every day overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to achieve their dreams, to be the best they can be. Many people become better than they think they can be because they get lucky and meet people who know how to push ’em, who know how to light their fire, who know how to inspire them.

We all need that. But we don’t get any inspiration from the Democrat Party. We don’t get lighting fires. We don’t get favorable, upbeat conversation. We get people seeking revenge. We have a Democrat Party and an American left totally devoted to anger, resentment, and seeking revenge on people that don’t vote for them, people that don’t speak like them, people that don’t think like them.

This is so much bigger than sex, gender, skin color, any of that. We don’t care about any of that. We care about humanity and the fact that this place, on this planet — the United States of America — is the absolute best place for human beings to reach their potential, to achieve dreams, to achieve success, to be whatever they want to be! Even if that is a failure, you can do it here! You want to be mediocre; you can do it!

You want to be great, you can take your shot at it. There aren’t too many other places in the world. Most people have to come here to try to exercise the greatest of potential. Meanwhile, we keep hearing how unfair, how insincere, how mean, how discriminating the American people and Americans are. If this country is so awful, if this country has so many problems — if this country really has an administration that’s really separating kids from their parents at the border — then why does anybody come here?

If you’re a parent and you knew that when you got to this rotten hellhole, the United States, that the administration in power was gonna take your kids away, why would you come? You wouldn’t. Unless getting your kids here was the whole trick! The point is: If America is this rotten place, this unfair place, this discriminating place, this haven to white supremacy, this haven to racism and bigotry, then why the hell does everybody on the planet want to come here?

If we’re so backwards, if we are so backwards in terms of how we treat women and how we treat minorities and African-Americans, then why do Democrats want to let them? Why do Democrats want people to come here if this place happens to be so unjust and so immoral and so unfair? If it’s that bad, why aren’t the Democrats forming caravans of their own and going to Cuba for the health care? Why aren’t Democrats forming caravans of their own and going to Mexico, where apparently everything is hunky-dory?

Except it isn’t and we know it.

Why aren’t the Democrats migrating to other countries instead of complaining about how terrible we are? That’s what’s always been at stake. It’s what’s at stake on the ballot today. It’s what’s stake at the ballot yesterday and in the early voting, and it’s gonna continue to be at stake even after the Election Day. I just blanch at the thought that so many Americans can be buffaloed into believing that the place they live is such a hellhole, that they need to elect people who are nothing but outrage, angry, revenge filled.

Because even if they get what they want — even if they get socialist Democrats elected — it isn’t gonna make their lives any better at all, unless their lives and their happiness is defined by how many of their enemies they think are hurting. Well, Obama loves to run around and talk (impression), “That’s not who we are. That’s not our values.” It sure as hell isn’t. America has never been the place where you go to see your enemies get punished, but that’s what the Democrat Party is making it out to be. I can’t believe it.

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