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RUSH: Frankly, you know, people have asked me the past week intensely, “Come on. Tell us what you think is gonna happen.” Because I am a powerful and influential member of the media, many people think I am privy to information that they aren’t. I always tell ’em, “There isn’t any information.” “Yeah, but you know these people running and they have their internal polls.” “Yeah, and I talk to them (chuckles) and nobody knows.”

The bottom line here is that nobody knows anything. Everybody here is looking for any kind of a sign that things are going well for them or bad for the other guys. All I can tell you is with ontological certitude here… Like CNN today. CNN is doing everything they can to turn out the vote for Robert Francis O’Rourke in Texas. He’s opposing Ted Cruz. They have people at the O’Rourke campaign headquarters. They got Beto signs all over.

CNN is clearly trying to drive the vote turnout for Beto O’Rourke. I mean, the left wants Texas to go Democrat so bad because they figure if they could — and Beto would be the first step at indicating. But the problem here is that the incumbent governor is up 16 to 20 points, and yet Ted Cruz is gonna lose? The polling data doesn’t have Ted Cruz losing. But yet you turn on CNN today, and you would think that Beto O’Rourke has already been elected — and if you want to get in on the party, you better go vote for him so you can say you did.

I mean, everybody’s out there electioneering today, and they shouldn’t be. But the conventional wisdom in the media has been — ever since last December — that this is over. The Democrats have won the House. CNN’s already reported that on polling data two different times that I’ve heard. One was a month ago. It’s over. Democrats have won the House. They cannot help themselves. They feel so entitled.

They feel so screwed over what happened to them in 2016 that justice, to them, is people realizing the mistake they made in voting for Trump and Republicans two years ago and putting the right people back in charge once and for all: The Democrats. The conventional wisdom in all of inside-the-Beltway Washington, all of elite Washington, ruling class Washington is, “Democrats winning big.” I never go with conventional wisdom. It’s groupthink.

There isn’t any originality in it. Just a bunch of people following along because that’s where they think the smart thinking is or the smart money is. But on the ground, there aren’t any reasons to vote for Democrats if you’re paying attention to anything. Now, let’s go back and look at Republican versus Democrat in years gone by. It used to be that the Democrat Party was not openly socialist. The Democrat Party was Big Government.

Now, don’t nitpick with me here. I’ve got a point to make on this, and I hope I get to it. I haven’t got it solidified in my mind as I’m doing this. I’m actually thinking as I emote here and speak. In the old days — and it’s not that long ago; 10, 15, 20, 30 years ago — Democrat-Republican was a loyalty thing. You grew up Democrat; you voted Democrat for a whole host of reasons. The Democrats were the union people.

The Democrats were the people that cared about the little guy. The Democrats were all that smoke and mirrors stuff, and the Republicans had always been the party of rich fat cats and don’t care about downtrodden and little guy, average people. That was the way campaign shaked out and that’s the way votes shaked out and so forth. But the point today is the Democrat Party is not what it used to be.

The Democrat Party has gone through a major transformation.

There are people that voted for Democrats by habit 20, 30 years ago that if they were literally paying attention today, wouldn’t get close to the Democrat Party, because they are not socialists. One of the things that has always amazed me — and it does amaze me, and I have no problem admitting this. Some people are gonna think it’s naive. It wasn’t until Obama won the election in 2008 that we saw the explosion of what looked like mainstream, majority Democrat socialism.

There’s always been extreme radical leftists out there, and most of them were in the Democrat Party, but they were not the majority of the Democrat Party. Not taking away anything from the Democrats’ Big Government status. I mean, they’ve always been unfriendly to capitalism, and they’ve always been unfriendly to rugged individualism and self-reliance. But what they have become now is unrecognizable to people who were Democrats 25, 30 years ago.

The entire party is a bunch of uber-leftist radicals, and it stuns me how many of them are. So I tell myself they actually always have been and were just doing a great job at masking it. Now, where I’m going with this is that the conventional wisdom is the country is what the Democrat Party is. The media wants you to believe, inside-the-Beltway Washington wants you to believe that the Democrat Party’s the mainstream media of America.

The Democrat Party is where America is, the Democrat Party is host to American values, and I’m telling you it isn’t! To people paying attention — and that’s the rub. To people paying attention, the Democrat Party is not what it used to be. It’s not the repository of people who have grievances against government or powerful corporations or what have you. It is pure, full-fledged, 100% radical socialism today. That is who they are, and I just don’t believe that’s what America has become.

I don’t believe America is.

So all this conventional wisdom is that the Democrats are just gonna run away with this because 2016 was an aberration. The Democrat Party has been losing seats in droves. This, I don’t think, can be ignored. Starting in the 2010 midterms, all the way up through 2016, the Democrat Party has lost… Forgive me if you’ve heard me say this, but it’s necessary to tie into my point here. They have lost over 1,200 seats, counting House races, Senate seats, governorships, statehouses.

They have taken a shellacking. It was so bad that in November of 2016, James Carville was on television lamenting that the Democrat Party hadn’t had this little power — power related to holding elective office — since the 1920s. In the immediate weeks after the 2016 election, James Carville and other Democrats were privately — in some cases publicly — rubbing their hands together and lamenting how just desperately forlorn the Democrat Party was and how far gone it was and how overwhelmingly rejected it had been.

And it had been! Starting in 2010. The only thing that covered that up was that Obama won reelection in 2012. But Obama winning was an aberration, when compared to the way people were voting on Democrats everywhere else. So I asked myself, “What has changed? What has made people all of a sudden change and start loving and embracing and wanting what the Democrats are selling?” And what are they selling? What? If you vote Democrat, what are you voting for? What is their message?

What is the Democrat message? You can’t find one! You can’t find a Democrat agenda. What you find is hatred. You find poisoned, revenge-filled hatred for Donald Trump and the people who voted for him. You find crazy, wacko, left-wing movements that house radical beliefs that we’re being told represent mainstream America. Black Lives Matter is America? Sorry. It isn’t. Antifa, mainstream America? Sorry, it isn’t. The #MeToo movement?

“See, Rush? Mainstream America. That’s where American women are.” No, they’re not! American women are just as ticked off being called racist and white supremacists and Nazis as anybody else that’s being called racist, sexists, bigots, Nazis, white supremacists. But yet the Democrat Party would have you believe that all women hate Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump, and the Republican Party. It just isn’t the case, and I think these people are ripe.

They’re setting themselves up for another major disappointment.

They’ve started counting their chickens before the chickens were born. They’ve started counting their chickens before the eggs were laid. That’s how far ahead of themselves they’ve been since last December. And they’re doing it on the basis that they think they are mainstream majority America. They think everybody in America thinks that if you think you’re a woman but you’re a guy, you should be able to use the girls’ restroom!

They think every American, reasonable American, thinks that. They think that’s a majority position. It isn’t! It isn’t even close! It hasn’t been voted on democratically. All of these things the Democrats define as majority issues are things that courts, for the most part, have imposed on us — like, dare I say, abortion, which has yet to be decided democratically in this country. It’s one of the reasons why it continues to be so controversial.

And that Democrats and the media have done a bang-up job of convincing people that this country has gone full-fledged socialist. “It already is! We’re just waiting to codify it with these elections today.” But even if the… I’m getting ahead of myself here. Even if the Democrats win the House tonight, there are options that Trump can take to mitigate that because the Republicans are gonna hold the Senate. So they can sit here and they can huff and puff and promise and talk about impeachment and so forth.

But it can’t get anywhere because they’re not gonna have anywhere near the votes to convict in the Senate even if it would ever get there. But I’m getting way ahead of myself. I don’t want to even go there yet. I think everybody is laboring under a popular misconception that radical liberalism has become mainstream thought in America, and I just don’t believe it. Election results do not show us this.

Donald Trump would not have been elected and Hillary Clinton would have. Barack Obama would have coattails. Barack Obama, whoever he endorsed in 2016, would have won big. Instead, everybody he endorsed went down the tubes, including the Hildebeast. And yet the left and the Democrats and the media persist in saying and telling everybody that who they are and what they are represents mainstream America, and I just don’t believe it.

So, yeah, I’m gonna go out on a limb and I’m gonna tell you, “II will be surprised if they sweep to this massive victory in the House that they’re all talking about picking up 45, 50 seats.” Maybe I shouldn’t go out on a limb and say it. But I just don’t believe that this country is as they portray it to be. I don’t think the economy would be roaring the way it is if America was as they say it is. Dirty little secret.

You know all these damn Hollywood people and tech people, Silicon Valley? They are uber-capitalists. They have become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams as capitalists, and yet what are they out there doing? Running against capitalism. Running against this or that. It’s it is most incredible thing. But privately, what are they? Privately who are…? I know they donate all their money and they do everything they can with their search engines to try to screw things up, but look! That’s a lot of power. Why haven’t they pulled this off already?

They think they have.

I don’t believe it.


RUSH: Now, look, folks. On the other hand, I could be dead wrong. I could be partially wrong. There could still be a lot of people who vote for Democrats who have no idea that they’re actually voting for radical socialism. It’s entirely possible that there’s still a bunch of Democrats who think their party is just not the Republicans, that they don’t really know what it is, and so in the midterms, you vote against the party in power by habit. So fine. It’s entirely possible.

My point is even if the Democrats win the House today, I am not gonna believe that it’s because the country has gone full-fledged socialist, because the recent history does not indicate it. All of those 1,200 electoral seats? The Democrat trend is for them to lose elections, and it happened in 2016. An outsider who had never run for office beat them! The trend is Democrats losing elections, not winning them — and yet, what do we hear?

The narrative is, “Democrats run America. Democrats will run America! They have run America. They do run America. This is just a two-year aberration.” Every day the flavor and the theme of news coverage is… Let me ask you: When is the last time you ever remember the Drive-By Media talking about Republicans winning an election? When’s the last story you ever read that talked about, “What does it mean for the Republicans if they win?”

Every news story is written through the prism of what does it mean for the Democrats if they win or if they lose. Everything is about them because the impression is they run everything. They’re in charge of everything. It’s their birthright. And I’m telling you, it isn’t the case. By virtue of elections it isn’t the case, and I just want to know: What’s happened in the past two years to reverse that trend? Is it the economy getting better? People don’t like that?

What is it they don’t like about what’s happening today?

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