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RUSH: Well after years of losing, Democrats think they finally have a chance to start winning, especially in the House. If they get back in power, their agenda is ready to roll.

The first thing they’re going to do is repeal the Trump tax cuts, they say, ’cause they hate them. Not a single Democrat voted for the tax cuts which have revitalized the economy. They didn’t believe the tax cuts would grow the economy, and they’re mad that it happened.

If Democrats get their way, they’ll pull the plug on the prosperity sweeping across the fruited plain, and we’ll go back to the molasses economy that Obama called “the new normal.”

The Democrats want government to be the center of everybody’s life. They want as many people as possible depending on government. That’s why they don’t like a robust economy.  They want  to impose “Medicare-for-All,” which even liberals admit will cost $32 trillion. It will bankrupt the country, but Democrats don’t care. Their young, radical socialists are demand it.

Democrats also promise endless investigations to “get” Trump. They say that they’ll impeach Justice Kavanaugh, although that’s kind of gone quiet. They want more sanctuary cities. They welcome more illegal immigrant caravans. They want more job-killing regulations and more spending on social welfare programs paid for by you.

The bottom line: There is no upside to electing Democrats, especially right now. It’s Election Day. For those of you who haven’t voted, spend that vote of yours wisely.

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