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RUSH: So Senator Grassley. Senator Grassley, this is a recent report, Fox News has it right now, is saying that the Kavanaugh circus and the caravan might be the two big issues that save the GOP. Now, I haven’t seen the specifics of Senator Grassley’s, quote-unquote, “report,” so I don’t know if he used the phraseology “save the GOP” or if that is the media as they are interpreting and reporting on what Grassley’s words are.

But if it’s Grassley, “save the GOP,” that would indicate that Grassley… I really don’t want to go there. I don’t want to assume what Grassley said, until I have what he actually said, I’m not gonna even speculate. The way the media’s reporting on it is “save the GOP” means it was over. We were… I mean, we were headed for the gigantic blue wave, we were gonna lose everything… And then the Kavanaugh thing happened and the caravan thing might save the GOP.

There are other people saying, “Well, if it was gonna save the GOP, it didn’t because all of that momentum was interrupted by the pipe bomber and the synagogue murders in Pittsburgh, and that would have just destroyed any momentum.” You know, I love people in Washington and their conventional wisdom. Okay so they are citiziens… Their business is the news. I’m gonna explain this to you. Their business is the news. They eat it. They live it. They breathe it. They regurgitate it. They eliminate it. They absorb it. It’s news!

They think everybody does it to a certain extent. So they get all hot to trot about things and they see the caravan might be helping Trump and they like it or don’t like it, doesn’t matter. And then they see the Kavanaugh situation, the Democrats blew that sky-high. And so, “Oh, man this is really gonna help!” Then the pipe bomb and the synagogue shooting come along and they feel like their motivation or energy level focus on those with two things is interrupted by it and they think everybody else’s has. Well, I don’t know that it works like that with people who are not in the news business.

But I’m gonna tell you, it’s been conventional wisdom in Washington that the pipe bombs and the synagogue shooting destroyed whatever Republican momentum there was and for whatever reasons. And I just… I’m sorry; I don’t buy it. I think people can feel that in Washington. If your day is the news and every day you’re talking about the caravan or you’re talking about Kavanaugh, the aftermath, and the impact that might have on the midterms, and all of a sudden you stop talking about that because two other stories pop up.

Then, yeah, you could, if you’re reporting and in the news media get the impression that all of that inertia and energy is lost. But I think people in the news business and consumers of news are two different things. And I really believe that people in the news business, in all businesses, are among the most detached from their customers, consumers, than any other business out there. Any other retail business.

I think the news business has people that know the least about their customers and consumers, and I don’t know of a business out there that has contempt for their customers and consumers like the news media does. Don’t know of one. I don’t know of a business who rejects half, if not more, of their consumers or customers like the news business does. But the news media has a habit and that is assuming and operating on the assumption that whatever they think and whatever they care about is what everybody thinks or everybody cares about.

So I’m not so sure that all that momentum got interrupted. If that momentum was interrupted, if that energy level declined, then why are Trump’s rallies still so over the top? He’s got one in Fort Myers. I think it’s Fort Myers. (interruption) Yeah, Fort Myers. There are thousands of people already lined up. Trump’s got six rallies planned between now and Election Day. He’s got all the way up to the night before the election. And he’s pumping a series of themes.

And one of the themes is how great these past two years have been for the U.S. economy reviving moribund industries, bringing back employment, bringing back wage increases, bringing back economic confidence, consumer confidence in the economy. He’s talking about how all the things he wants to do to slow down illegal immigration but is having to deal with obstacles put in his way by both parties. I know what his message is.

And he remains as upbeat and optimistic as anybody ever has in circumstances like this. So whatever is out there in the daily news media is not affecting Trump. It doesn’t affect his mood. It doesn’t affect his attitude or anything of the sort. I think a lot of it is wishful thinking. I think a lot of this idea that all of this momentum that the Republicans had has been kind of stopped because the pipe bomb and the synagogue shooting.

I circle back to I really don’t know what’s gonna happen on Election Day, and I don’t believe anybody else does because we don’t have fortunetellers. All we have is polling data, and that’s toss-up. You want to believe it, do you not want to believe it? Is it accurate, is it showing these close races really close? We don’t know. We never know until the aftermath. Here’s Trump tweeting out at Paul Ryan. “Paul Ryan should be focusing on holding the Majority rather than giving his opinions on Birthright Citizenship, something he knows nothing about! Our new Republican Majority will work on this, Closing the Immigration Loopholes…!”

This is about… This is classic! So Trump comes out, gets a conversation started on eliminating birthright citizenship, and Paul Ryan is one of the first opponents to speak up, criticizing Trump, saying, “Well, we can’t do that! That’s unconstitutional, blah, blah, blah.” I’ll tell you what’s frustrating to me. There is all kinds of great news in this country, economic news, all kinds of a rebirth, and there’s evidence of it everywhere, and the Republican Party itself is not even getting that message out.

I don’t know about individual candidates, individual races, but the national Republican Party apparatus… If it weren’t for Trump and his tweets and his rallies, the American people wouldn’t have anywhere near the idea of the decent good things going on out there because Trump’s own party is not joining the PR parade on this. It’s one of the reasons I’m never gonna join this crowd of people who thinks Trump should stop tweeting and Trump should stop all these “incendiary” things he says.

Let me ask you. Some people say, “It’s horrible what Trump said about Paul Ryan.” Why isn’t it a problem that Paul Ryan took the first chance he had to disagree with his own president about this? And, by the way, all this is is a conversation-starter right now. It’s mandatory, it’s necessary that we have a conversation, ’cause if we don’t get a handle on this immigration problem, you can say good-bye to America as you know it. Which is the design. It’s one of the reasons why the supporters are what they are.

Mollie Hemingway has a great piece today, speaking of Kavanaugh. It’s just right on the money. And let me ask you a question. During the Kavanaugh hearings, remember all the Democrats questioning Kavanaugh, remember all of the allegations? We had Blasey Ford with her allegations, whatever Kavanaugh did. That led to the fact that Kavanaugh was spiking punch with drugs to set women up for serial rape. We had all of these women that were dragged forward claiming they had evidence of it.

None of ’em ever presented any. But the media and the Democrat Party were hell-bent on convincing everybody that Kavanaugh was such a rotten guy that his life and career deserved to be destroyed. So after Kavanaugh’s named to the Supreme Court, he passes, gets the confirmation vote and is then sworn in. Why did the media drop it? If Kavanaugh was such a rotten SOB, why has the media stopped its investigation?

Remember all the Democrats said, “Yeah, yeah! Well, if Kavanaugh’s confirmed, we’re gonna impeach him! We’re gonna throw them outta there! We’re gonna get rid of this guy, he’s a reprobate, serial rapist!” Where is all of that? It’s gone, is it not? Mollie Hemingway: “If the media and other Democratic leaders wanted to have any credibility at all that the post-hearing release of multiple allegations wasn’t a pure political stunt for which they were willing to destroy a man, they’d continue to fight for justice every day, wouldn’t they?”

They’d still be out there trying to nail Kavanaugh. If all of that was legit, if everything Kavanaugh was accused of being was actually true, they would not have stopped at him being confirmed in the Supreme Court. They would still be out there; right? Because of justice. They would be out there asking “every Democratic candidate whether he believed Ford and supported impeaching Kavanaugh.”

Why aren’t they doing that? There’s a big campaign going. Kavanaugh was a big rallying point. Kavanaugh was a reason to deny the Republicans continued leadership in the House. So why isn’t the media asking every Democrat candidate running for office their opinion of Kavanaugh? Did you believe Blasey Ford? And if you did, do you still support impeaching Kavanaugh? Where are these questions? The reason those questions aren’t being asked and the reason why the media isn’t doing this is because it was all trumped up.

It was manufactured. None of it was true! It was a classic Democrat operation like every damn one of these is. None of what they were saying about Kavanaugh was true. It was all manufactured. They didn’t bring Blasey Ford up until the very end as a Hail Mary. If Blasey Ford were actually telling the truth she would have been one of the first witnesses. She would have been one of the primary ways the Democrats sought to get rid of Kavanaugh. But they had this little request from her not to be made public.

(impression) “I’m terrified to be here and…” So they had a built-in excuse not to use it. That was convenient. This whole thing was manufactured. The whole thing was made up. You Republicans running for office, if you have any debates left, you need to start asking your Democrat opponents, they still oppose Kavanaugh. Don’t let them get away with dying the issue. Ask them if they still support Kavanaugh or oppose Kavanaugh. Ask them if they are gonna demand that he be impeached if they win reelection or election.

If this Kavanaugh thing is gonna work, it’s gonna have to be turned back on the Democrats. The Republicans running for office are gonna have to keep bringing this up, either in campaign ads. We’ve got a week. It’s not too late to include this in any ad campaign if it’s been decided to leave it out. It’s not too late to cut some new ads and reinsert it. People need to be reminded. Let’s pretend that some of the momentum was lost.

Well, okay, we’ve got plenty of time. We’ve got plenty of time. We at the EIB Network have got all kinds of ways to remind people of what happened to Brett Kavanaugh, who did it., what its purpose was, and the proof that it was a series of lies and made-up charges as evidenced by the fact that now there’s not a single story about it because the media lost. The Democrats lost in their effort to destroy Kavanaugh, they lost in their attempt to use Kavanaugh to hurt Republicans in the midterm elections. Here’s another one.

“If the Kavanaugh confirmation circus were about justice for his alleged victims, instead of about killing his nomination by any means, we’d still be getting updates on this story, wouldn’t we?” I mean, if it was really the purpose about getting justice, if it was to make sure that these women that were so maligned and so abused and so raped by Kavanaugh, if the point of all that was to get justice for them, then why is justice not being sought any longer?

And the answer to the question is it was never about the women because none of the women had any evidence. It was about one thing only, and that was killing the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, even if it meant destroy his family and his career, his future, and his life. And they failed. So now it’s on to whatever is next. I guess we need a ban on white guys from Don Lemon. The real murderers in America, the real problem is white men.

We’ve got a Muslim ban. We’ve got this ban. We don’t have a ban on white guys, and we need a ban on white guys. White guys, white men have now become the primary issue in America, according to the left, as extolled by Don Lemon. It just Drive-By Media, we’ve given everything we’ve got on Kavanaugh but now drop it and move on to other things. Now Trump responsible for pipe bombs. Now Trump responsible for synagogue shooting!

Trump responsible for the airplane crash next week when they get around to that. None of it is real! None of the news is real. It’s all manufactured. So what does it mean? What does it mean that we’re not getting any updates from the Drive-By Media about all of these women that were so mistreated by Kavanaugh? What does it mean that the Democrats are not being asked by the media whether they support Kavanaugh’s impeachment? Why has this all been dropped? Why have the media given up investigating the story they obsessed over for nearly a month, four weeks, September and October?

That’s all the media talked about.

But, were’s the follow-up?

If Kavanaugh was as they say, that story should not have gone away. The women still suffered. The women did not get justice. Kavanaugh got confirmed. Where is the news? Where is the continuing investigation? Well, it doesn’t exist because it was all made up about Kavanaugh. Classic Democrat Party-media operation. So is the aftermath to the pipe bomb story, and so is the aftermath to the Jewish synagogue story. It’s all media manufactured. Not the stories themselves in this case, but the coverage, the way it’s being covered, the fact that Trump is to blame, that Trump’s responsible, all of that manufactured, all of it’s designed to destroy your energy, optimism, impetus, whatever you want to call it, to vote and participate in the midterm elections.

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