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Oct 31, 2018


RealClearPolitics: President Trump Thanked By Hospital Staff For Visit To Pittsburgh
AFP: Trump Pressures Mexico to Stop Migrant Caravans
Politico: Has Mueller Subpoenaed the President?
Washington Examiner: ‘False Claims’ Scheme Targeting Robert Mueller Referred to FBI
BuzzFeed: Oprah Is Going To Georgia To Campaign With Stacey Abrams
UKDM: Kanye West Quits Politics Attacking Trump Over Immigration and Saying ‘I’ve Been Used to Spread Messages I Don’t Believe In’
NewsBusters: Lemon: ‘Biggest Terror Threat Is White Men’ ‘Radicalized to the Right’
Business Insider: CNN Actually Speculated If A Black Hole Swallowed The Missing Malaysia Flight
USAToday: Search Teams May Have Located Fuselage of Crashed Lion Air Plane, Indonesia’s Military Chief Says
FOXNews: Dem Sen. Joe Donnelly Takes Heat for Awkward Comment on Hiring Minority Staffers, Says He ‘Misspoke’
Federalist: Why Did Media And Democrats Abandon Their Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh? – Mollie Hemingway
Forbes: Which Ideology Has Inspired The Most Murders In Terrorist Attacks On U.S. Soil?
Daily Caller: Nancy Pelosi Ignores Stephen Colbert’s Warning And Doubles Down On Blue Wave Prediction
RealClearPolitics: Uncertainties Loom as Midterms Enter Final Stretch – Sean Trende
UK Guardian: Wisconsin: Trump’s Base Fired Up By His Bombast But Will that be Enough?
ProjectVeritas: AZ Sen Candidate Sinema “can’t be talking about” Gun Bans; Says Arizonans Will “actually shoot you”
Daily Caller: Google Is Trying To Censor Marsha Blackburn Campaign Ads, Says Videos Of Protestors Interrupting Her Moment Of Silence Are ‘Shocking Content’
The Federalist: Don Lemon’s Attack On ‘White Men’ Isn’t Merely Racist, It’s Incredibly Misleading – David Harsanyi
Libertarian backs Republican in tight Montana Senate race

Washington Examiner: Chuck Grassley: Kavanaugh and ‘the Caravan’ Might Save GOP
Washington Times: Paul Ryan’s Disingenuous Denouncement of Donald Trump
Macworld: The New MacBook Air: Everything You Need to Know
KBZK: Libertarian Endorses Rosendale in Senate race; Cites `Dark Money’ Mailer


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