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RUSH: It didn’t take long out there. Liberals and Drive-By Media pundits immediately denounced President Trump for saying he could end birthright citizenship by executive order.

And it didn’t take long for prominent Republicans to pile on. Outgoing Senator Jeff Flake said President Trump can’t do that, and shouldn’t do that.

Fact: The 14th Amendment was never intended to grant blanket citizenship to the offspring of illegal aliens, and it was never used that way for most of our history. Granting birthright citizenship to “anchor babies” has been so abused that it turned into a Democrat vote racket.

Republican voters have demanded that birthright citizenship be stopped, or at least legally challenged. They’ve demanded that law enforcement protect our borders, deport criminals, and shut down sanctuary cities.

Congress did nothing.

But Donald Trump is a “can-do” president. What he needs is a crop of new Republicans in the House and Senate who support his getting-it-done. This is a very important conversation starter, it needs to happen.

And don’t elect people who tell him he can’t do it. Send people to Washington to help him do it.

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