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RUSH: Audio sound bite No. 4. David “Rodham” Gergen last night on CNN. Anderson Cooper 360 is the program.

Question: “The synagogue killer was motivated by anti-Semitism, but also this obsession on the caravan and ‘invaders’ echoing language the president himself used. It doesn’t seem like the president stepped back from that. If anything, the president’s pushing the gas pedal down further.” What is not mentioned here? That the synagogue shooter hated Trump, considered Trump a sellout, precisely because he has a daughter that converted to Judaism. That’s not mentioned. Nope! Trump is ratcheting down. He’s pedal-to-the-metal.

And here’s the opinion of David “Rodham” Gergen…

GERGEN: We ought to go back and think about, y’know, how Bill Clinton went to Oklahoma City in 1995 and healed. He didn’t go after the terrorists. He didn’t sort of make a, you know beat the drums, uh, to go out and stalk the terrorists all around the country. He tried to heal, and it was a turning point in his presidency. He was embattled when he went to Oklahoma City. That turned his presidency around in a very positive direction.

RUSH: This is how history revisionism works. There’s David “Rodham” Gergen. He says, “Bill Clinton went to Oklahoma City in 1995 and healed. He didn’t go after the terrorists. He didn’t sort of make a, you know beat the drums, uh, to go out and stalk the terrorists…” Well, let’s go back and listen to what Gergen thinks was Bill Clinton’s finest moment, April 24th, 1995, in Minneapolis.

CLINTON: We hear so many loud and angry voices in America today whose sole goal seems to be to try to keep some people as paranoid as possible and the rest of us all torn up and upset with each other. They spread hate. They leave the impression that — by their very words, that — violence is acceptable. You ought to see — I’m sure you are now seeing the reports of some things that are regularly said over the airwaves in America today. (slamming podium) It is time we all stood up and spoke against that kind of reckless speech and behavior.

RUSH: Right. Now, who could he have been talking about? It’s 1995, there’s no Fox News, no blogosphere. He’s talking about “airwaves.” This is where he attempted to blame me. Everybody knew it at the time, and it was even applauded by some. Not everybody. But the White House felt some heat and they had to issue a correction and say, “No, we were talking about the Michigan Militia Shortwave Radio Network. That’s what we meant by ‘angry voices on the right.'” The Michigan militia was a media creation!

I mean, there might have been some guys hiking around up in the woods with some guns wearing camo gear and the media had video of it, but the Michigan militia was a nonfactor in any of this, when you get right down to it. But there’s Clinton zeroing in on it when his attempt to blame me bombed out. But you see, Clinton? He didn’t do that. No! He was trying to heal. He didn’t go after anybody. He didn’t go after the terrorists. He didn’t sort of beat the drums and stalk the terrorists all over the place. He tried to heal. It was a turning point.

This is, again, history revisionism extraordinaire.

One more bite.

This is Wolf Blitzed and Jeffrey Toobin last night on Wolf Blitzer’s show on CNN.

BLITZER: I was the White House correspondent for CNN 1995 in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing. Bill Clinton was president. He went to Oklahoma City with… He delivered a beautiful speech and was very, very normally received. There were no protesters going on. Jeffrey, you remember those days.

TOOBIN: And how about, you know, President Obama, who unfortunately had all these mass shootings on his watch in South Carolina, in Connecticut. And, you know, he led the grieving in all those places. Frankly wouldn’t even occur to me that there would have been protests.

RUSH: See. So now there were no protests for Obama and there was no protests when Clinton went out but there’s all kinds of protests when Trump goes out. Meaning what? That Trump’s guilty! That Trump’s at fault, that the protesters are right. Why weren’t there any protests back in those days? Well, take a look at who the victims were, number one. But why were there no protests? Precisely because the left very rarely protests its own people. They protest for no reason at all other than a simple excuse for it. But it also was a different time. We’re talking about over 25 years ago, 22, 23 years ago. And it was a much quieter and different time. It was just getting ratcheted up to where we’re headed.

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