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RUSH: Yuma, Arizona. Chris, it’s great to have you. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, thank you so much. Longtime listener from the days of David Dinkins, where are you?

RUSH: (laughing) “General David Dinkins where are you?” A Car 54, Where Are You? parody. Yes indeed.

CALLER: That was great. Long to hear it again someday. Just wondered your thoughts are on why we haven’t seen or heard with any of the reporting on this airline that went down two days ago, and I recall the last plane that went down in Malaysia, CNN was all over for about a month and a half nonstop, and we haven’t seen anything about this brand-new plane that went down.

RUSH: Yeah. Where did it go down?

CALLER: In I believe it was Taiwan area. But 189 people died. It was a brand-new… I believe it was Boeing. Not exactly sure.

RUSH: Well, there’s no way to link it to Trump.

CALLER: Good point.

RUSH: There’s no way to link it to the midterm elections. There’s no way to use that crash to gin up anti-Republican, anti-Trump… No, I’m not joking! The hell I’m not joking! I’m not joking at all. They don’t care about it because it has no impact. It has no usage they can see in affecting the outcome they want in the midterm elections. Don’t worry. They’ll get to it when they decide it’s time to attack a corporation like Boeing or whoever made the plane, they’ll get to it, after they’ve done what they can do on the midterms.

CALLER: Much appreciated.

RUSH: Do you, do you, do you, do you, do you doubt me on this?

CALLER: Personally, no, but I just remember CNN going wall on wall on the last plane that went down —

RUSH: Well, of course, because that’s CNN. That was CNN. They were they were they were they were sucking hot… They were in last place out there. And that was pre-Trump. And the belief in media is that airliner crashes, a lot of passengers is like glue. Eyeballs are glued to TV. So they believe… And then you had a mystery. Where is the damn thing? Where is it? Don Lemon even asked a former director of National Transportation Safety Board, could it have been swallowed by a black hole? Remember that? Do you remember that?

CALLER: Can’t specifically remember that. Nothing surprises me —

RUSH: Okay. So they had a mystery on their hands, and you’re right. They went wall-to-wall with it, and it became a standing joke. You know, that the best way to make anything you’re doing a success is to lose it and have CNN try to find it for you.

CALLER: I just haven’t seen it on any media outlet, whether it’s Yahoo, Google, CNN, NBC, none of the nightly news that showed one picture from what I’ve seen —

RUSH: Wait a minute. How do you know about it, then?

CALLER: Well, I saw it on Headline News maybe —

RUSH: Where?

CALLER: — Monday morning. Monday morning I think it was the Headline News.

RUSH: Headline News. They just announced they’re getting out of the news. Headline News just announced they’re gonna go 80% advertising or some such thing what do ya… I forget what you call that programming… But —

CALLER: No. I just found it peculiar that there was not one little old… Usually any time a plane goes down killing that many people and especially it was a brand-new plane that went down —

RUSH: You said it’s a brand-new plane, what kind of plane was it? You said Boeing. Do you remember the model number?

CALLER: No but since it’s brand-new, it’s gotta be limited down somewhat, but… And that’s what made me think even more that we would news as a brand-new plane going down was unusual and we would expect to see some explanation.

RUSH: I’ll tell you what. It was a Boeing 737 Max, which is the latest upgraded of the seven… The 737 is a stubby wide body. And not as wide, of course, as a jumbo jet wide body, but it’s stubby, and they extended the damn thing to try to make it hold more passengers, and it went down. But it didn’t go down in America. Donald Trump had nothing to do with it going down, that they could make a case. They could not say that the pilot was angry at Trump and decided to take everybody out. So no way to link this… Folks, I’m not joking. I wish I was. There’s no way to link that crash to the midterm elections. They’ll get to it!

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