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RUSH: Man, this is great, what Trump is doing on birthright citizenship. Oh! This is exactly why Trump was elected, as my good friend Andy McCarthy said, “You’ve gotta have somebody that’s willing to break the furniture. You have to have somebody willing to turn things upside down if you’re actually going to get things done,” and the left is beside itself today. CNBC’s headline: “Trump’s Attack on Birthright Citizenship Is His Latest Attempt to Rile up the GOP Base.”

Everybody is saying, “He can’t do that! That’s the 14th Amendment. You can’t universally — with an executive order — reverse the 14th Amendment.” We want to discuss how maybe he can. He’ll again run into activist judges that will turn him down here, but the point is that you need somebody like Donald Trump that’s… The 14th Amendment is what grants citizenship to anybody born in America, and it was intended… It goes back to the 1800s.

It was intended to grant citizenship to slaves and their descendants. How do you think modern African-Americans today would feel that the 14th Amendment — which was used to grant citizenship to the slaves and their descendants — is now being used to grant citizenship to anybody gets into the country just for the purposes of giving birth here? So this is something that’s long been thought to be untouchable.

Trump is saying, “Look, I think I can fix this with an executive order,” and the reason he thinks so is because the Constitution is the final word, folks. The Constitution will actually trump acts of Congress — statutory, legislative acts of Congress. If they pass something unconstitutional, the Constitution survives. If the case can be made — and people believe that it can be — that the 14th Amendment was never intended to grant birthright citizenship to illegal immigrants who are under the jurisdiction of another country, then Trump can do it.

But, as I say, he’s gonna run into a buzz saw with a bunch of activist judges who will shut this down before the end of the day if he actually tries it. But the point is, it needs to be addressed. Every effort that Trump has made to fix this problem has been met with opposition everywhere, and yet we have another caravan — this time, people loaded with guns and bombs now that are headed across southern Mexico with their intention to get to the United States.

And the Drive-By Media says, “This is just being done to upset Trump’s base!” The implication is that you people in Trump’s base are just teetering on the verge of sanity and Trump knows it, and he’s trying to send you over the edge with this stuff to make sure you go vote. It’s, again, a classic expression or illustration of how they haven’t the slightest idea who the people are that voted for Donald Trump and who remain supportive of Donald Trump.


RUSH: We’ll get started delving into the Trump claim that he can “defy the Constitution” and end birthright citizenship with an executive order. It would not be defying the Constitution. That’s how CNN headlines the story. It would not be defying the Constitution, and that’s the interesting aspect.


RUSH: But let’s get the birthright citizenship. This, I think, is a follow-on to Donald Trump following through on one of the primary commitments he made as a candidate which I think is responsible for his election, and that is his promise to build a wall, to get a handle on illegal immigration (and to stop it) because of its forever-changing consequences to this country. But primarily with Trump, it’s a law-and-order issue as it is with all the rest of us. It’s simply a law-and-order issue.

We have laws defining legal and illegal immigration. We have a political party that is pushing illegal immigration. Actually, both parties have to the extent of promoting programs that have amnesty involved in all of them, and both parties have different reasons for supporting it. In the meantime, the very definition of what America is and what our culture is, is under assault. And the politicians in Washington don’t seem to care because they think they’re always gonna be insulated from whatever negative changes result.

And in some cases, it’s even worse than that. The left wants those changes. The left wants this country overthrown from the days of its founding. To the left, America’s illegitimate, it’s immoral, it’s indecent because we were a slave nation and we discriminated and the original white privilege was the Founding Fathers. “There were no founding mothers. Only Founding Fathers. They’re a bunch of white-privileged rich white guys!

“They set up a country for themselves and their descendants,” so goes the argument, “leaving everybody else out — and it’s time to overthrow that and change it.” It’s a serious movement, and you can trace educational roots for this back to the 1970s. The 1970s, as an offshoot of the radicalism of the sixties, is where the changing premise of education for America’s kids actually began. But I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself.

Here are the details of the story. “Donald Trump…” And let me just give you the CNN version. Their headline: “Trump Claims He Can Defy Constitution and End Birthright Citizenship — President Donald Trump offered a dramatic, if legally dubious, promise in a new interview to unilaterally end birthright citizenship, ratcheting up his hardline immigration rhetoric with a week to go before critical midterm elections.

“Trump’s vow to end the right to citizenship for the children of non-citizens and unauthorized immigrants born [in America] came in an interview with Axios released Tuesday. … Trump did not say when he would sign the order, and some of his past promises to use executive action have gone unfulfilled. But whether the president follows through on his threat or not, the issue joins a string of actions intended to thrust the matter of immigration into the front of voters’ minds as they head to polls next week.”

Folks, as I said throughout the first year of Trump’s presidency: This is what pushing back looks like. It was never gonna be clean and it was never gonna be quiet. Pushing back against the liberal order of the day was always going to be noisy and it was going to be potentially violent and dangerous. After all, these are people who do not accept election results anymore, and you know what that means. You know what’s held this country together all of these years is the honoring of election results.

You have a heated campaign. You may have political parties and elements that really don’t like each other. But whoever won the election decided who had a chance at running the country, and both sides acknowledged it, and it wasn’t that long ago. You can go back to 2002. When the Democrats lost those midterm elections in a shock, George W. Bush’s first midterm elections after winning in 2000…

The Drive-Bys and the left were convinced that they were gonna sweep the House away. They were gonna sweep the Senate away ’cause people were fed up with the Florida recount. Remember all that? “Algore got jobbed!” The Democrats got cheated and Democrats were loaded for bear. What happened? The Republicans won and added seats in an off-year election. What’d the Democrats do? They accepted it for the most part, and they started talking about how:

“Well, we gonna have to modify some of what we believe on a values basis,” because exit polls showed that “values” were a large factor in why people voted Republican. Fast forward to 2016. There’s no acknowledgment that Trump won. They do not accept the election results. That’s what these past two years have been about and are going to remain about. They don’t accept Trump’s election as legitimate because they didn’t want it. We’ve gotten to a point where the radical left — simply because it doesn’t feel good about this — is willing to overthrow an election and its results.

The way this happened: Top levels of the Obama DOJ were used to overthrow Trump, and to then run a silent coup to try to throw Donald Trump back out of office and reverse those election results. It’s unprecedented. Pat Buchanan has a piece out today that reminds people that 1968 featured even more violent unrest than we have yet seen this year, but we’re getting close. We can always go back in time and find a period where it was worse than it is at present. You could always go back and cite the Civil War.

But it is a seminal moment when a political party, as its official position, refuses to accept election results. That’s where we are, and that’s why we’re where we are. They refuse to accept it, for whatever reason. They hate Trump, they don’t feel good about it, they disagree, whatever. Doesn’t matter why. Just the fact that they refuse to accept the results is a horribly dangerous thing. Because what if it keeps up? What if the only time there is peace in America is when they win elections?

You know, I predicted some time ago that they’re gonna figure this out at some point, and the natural conclusion to figuring this out is, “Well, let’s just eliminate elections! If elections are what’s holding us back, let’s find a way to eliminate ’em!” People laughed. “Come on, Rush. That’s never gonna happen.” Do not ever say the left isn’t capable of anything ever. So now Trump, rather than being intimidated by their refusal to accept his election, rather than get his feelings hurt, Trump doubles down, triples down.

Every time they hit him, he hits back with additional energy and verve — and I’m telling you, this promise with an executive order to end birthright citizenship is huge, and it’s why he was elected. When things are going terribly wrong — and they are in our country right now. When things are terribly wrong and out of control, you have to have somebody willing to go outside the so-called boundaries, and Trump’s doing it every day and willing to do so. Because this is what pushing back — this is what defiance, this is what changing what the left is doing — looks like.

It was never gonna be pretty. It was never gonna be quiet. It was never gonna be clean. It requires a strong stomach and strong fortitude. I don’t think any elected Republican other than Trump… Even if they had made the promises Trump made, I think all of them would have caved by now. But Trump hasn’t. He doubles down. “Right. I’m gonna issue an executive order; I’m gonna end birthright citizenship.” Let me read to you the 14th Amendment and how it begins. “All persons…”

Now, the 14th Amendment goes back to 1866. I think it was ratified by Congress in 1866. It was passed by Congress; ratified by the states two years later. So in 1866, it was passed by Congress and ratified by the states in 1868, and its original intent was to grant citizenship to slaves and their descendants. It was part and parcel of the post-Civil War era of America fixing itself. It was a good thing.

Our Constitution was written so that mistakes at the founding could be corrected. The vast majority of people knew slavery at the founding was untenable, but they needed the union in order to fight the Revolutionary War. They needed the southern states. They needed unity to do that so they had to accept slavery, but they built in safeguards to wipe it out, and it happened in 1868 when the 14th Amendment passed.

It begins this way: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the U.S. and of the state wherein they reside.” It was clearly intended to be referring to slaves and their descendants. The parts that birthright citizenship, uh, freaks have to delete are “naturalized” and “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” You are not naturalized and you are not subject to the U.S. jurisdiction if you’re here illegally! You cannot be!

You’re under some other country’s jurisdiction. If you’re here illegally, you cannot possibly be naturalized. Well, the birthright citizenship crowd — which wants to water down American culture and destroy Western civilization — conveniently leaves out “naturalized” and “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” So your born-here child absolutely is not a citizen. This is what Trump is saying. Trump is finally pushing back against an assumption that has been made because it was the path of least resistance, if you will. But now it’s make-or-break time.

As my friend McCarthy says, “You need somebody to break the furniture.”

Sometimes, you gotta remodel the house.


RUSH: Okay, a little bit more background on the 14th Amendment here ’cause it’s gonna be relevant as the issue going forward. Again, it was added after the Civil War. Its purpose was to overrule the Dred Scott Decision! Which was a horrible decision. Dred Scott sanctioned slavery. Roger Taney was the chief justice, forever the immortalized in infamy. It held that black slaves were not citizens. So Congress got into gear and passed the 14th Amendment.

It guaranteed that freed slaves would have all the privileges of citizenship by providing, quote, “all persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside,” which means the drafters of the 14th Amendment had no intention of conferring citizenship on the children of aliens who happened to be born here. In fact, the very author of the citizenship cause, Sen. Jacob Howard of Michigan, expressly said…

This is why the original intent of founding documents is so important. Quote, “This,” meaning the 14th Amendment… “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers…” It was expressly intended to confer citizenship to slaves and their descendants. There was an 1884 case, Elk v. Wilkins. The Supreme Court ruled the 14th Amendment did not even confer citizenship on Native Americans because they were subject to tribal jurisdiction, not U.S. jurisdiction.

Well, an illegal alien here is not subject to U.S. jurisdiction. They’re under the jurisdiction of where they came from if they’re here illegally. Guess when this all changed? In the 1960s! Concomitant with Senator Kennedy wanting to reopen… We had shut down all immigration from ’21 to ’65. Along comes Senator Kennedy in the pre-Chappaquiddick days wanting to reopen it for the express purpose of making sure the Democrat Party always had a permanent underclass of voters dependent on them and the government.


RUSH: And, by the way, and even according to our leftist brothers and sisters at NPR report no nation in Europe confers birthright citizenship. Liberals love to say we should emulate Europe, right? Okay!


RUSH: Now, a couple of countries in Europe (and what we call “the developed world”) used to confer birthright citizenship, but guess what? They have ended the practice. “The following are among the nations repealing birthright citizenship in recent years:” Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, U.K., Portugal. The years are anywhere from 2007 all the way back to 1981. So a number of nations tried it.

We got started with it in the 1960s. That is when we started extending birthright citizenship to anybody who happened to be born in the United States, and it has become one of the primary reasons that illegal immigration happens, for all obvious reasons. Once an illegal immigrant family gives birth in the United States, that child is a citizen, and it’s, “Hello, citizenship!” for everybody else in the family eventually. And then you get into things like chain migration and all of it, and it’s one of the force multipliers, geometric advancement in terms of the numbers of illegal immigrants.

So the left is saying that Trump is just doing this to rile up the base. It’s just an issue for one week before the election, that he doesn’t really intend to do it, that it can’t be done, that he doesn’t have the power constitutionally to do it because it is a constitutional amendment, and he cannot just reverse it. But he does have the power on the basis of what we just talked about: The actual wording. What is illegal now is the way it’s been adapted. Trump does have the power, according to constitutional people who I admire.

They say that all Trump is doing here is enforcing the Constitution and the 14th Amendment as it is written, and that therefore Trump’s position is perfectly legitimate. You even look at the words that were written by one of the authors of the 14th Amendment. Just to repeat, his name was Senator Jacob Howard of Michigan. “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers…” So it’s perfectly clear what the original intent of the amendment was.

It was to grant citizenship to slaves and their descendants. So you can expect that the left will find an activist court somewhere, a judge to say, “Trump can’t do it,” and will stay the imposition and put it on hold and then say, “Congress has to do something about this! Congress has to change the amendment; the president can’t.” It’s the same thing they did to George Bush on military commissions, and it’s the same thing that they did on Trump’s travel ban and so forth.

But still despite all that, I think it’s smart to make that an issue. The left can be out there and wring its hands, “Trump is just trying to rile up his base.” It’s called winning an election!


RUSH: Lindsey Grahamnesty is going to author legislation to end birthright citizenship. Senator Graham seems to be right in line and supportive of President Trump, amazingly so in recent months.


RUSH: This is Dan in Manchester, Connecticut. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I wanted to thank you for telling people about the true intent of Section I and Amendment 14, because I’ve been trying to do the same thing for years, and people are under the misimpression that it simply means that a child born to illegal aliens in this country automatically becomes an American citizen.

RUSH: Well, you can’t blame ’em. It’s been the case since the sixties, and we’re dealing with mass ill-education that’s taken place on a lot of things in this country. That’s why it’s so important that we’ve got a president willing to push back on it.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Because this is causing a discussion of it. This is how it happens. I’ve told everybody that this is what pushing back is gonna look like, so —

CALLER: Well, you were talking about Dred Scott as a reason why the 14th Amendment was ratified, which was actually on July 9th, 1868. But another reason why it was ratified is because it goes back to the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery. Well, the southern states weren’t gonna accept that. So they passed laws or codes that were so restrictive to blacks that essentially made them slaves once again, and they were called the Black Codes.

So then Congress said, “Okay, you want to play that game? Then we’re gonna formally recognize former slaves as citizens which will make them subject to all the privileges and immunities to the citizens in the several states per Article 4 Section 2, Clause 1. So after that those Black Codes were abolished. That’s why we have, you know, the 14th Amendment. As a matter of fact, you know, the guy who is considered the Founding Father to the 14th Amendment was a representative by the name of John Bingham from Ohio.

And he made some remarks about the 14th Amendment a few years later, and you can find that in House Report No. 22 dated 1871, January 30th. So it all explains how this joint committee passed the 14th Amendment. So President Trump, with all due respect to him, wouldn’t not be ending birthright citizenship because it never happened. He would be upholding the U.S. Constitution.

RUSH: Well, that’s the point. That’s exactly the point that I made as to why he should do this, and that’s his point. People who have looked into this may have found a different rationale than you did. But the point is, if you look at the original intent of people who were involved in writing the 14th Amendment, all Trump is doing is enforcing Constitution and taking it back to its original intent. The 14th Amendment was never intended to confer citizenship on people here illegally or the sons and daughters of ambassadors or foreign agents.

It was expressly written to confer citizenship on slaves.

Now, it has been expanded. You can trace it back to the 1960s when this began, which coincides with the Democrat Party wanting to reopen immigration. I still run into people who do not believe me when I tell them that as a nation we suspended, for the most part… I mean, there’s always been people being granted citizenship. But we suspended mass immigration from the mid-1920s to the mid-sixties for the express reason of allowing all of those who had emigrated starting in the late 1800s all the way to the 1920s to assimilate.

That’s what immigration was. People were coming here to become to become Americans, and they wanted to be Americans. They didn’t have to give up their birthright. They didn’t have to… They settled in neighborhoods. The Irish had their neighborhoods in New York and Philadelphia. The Italians, ditto. But they wanted to become Americans. They learned English and they became part of American culture, of which there is a distinct and unique American culture which is rooted in Western civilization.

That’s what’s different.

Now, there’s no interest in that. We don’t even make a serious effort at assimilating. We’re Balkanizing. They use this term “tribal.” But we are Balkanizing our population because modern arrivals don’t all seek to become Americans. People trying to get on the legal immigration side, of course, are. But this mass illegal immigration has an entirely different purpose behind it and political support is entirely different for it than for standard immigration.

So what Trump is doing is simply — with his executive order, if he does this, will be — reestablishing the Constitution, reasserting it. So, yeah. No, you’re exactly right about that. So two calls, two great points. The guy from Pittsburgh who asked the question… He lives there, and he watches the news, and he’s being blamed for the synagogue shooting! “We’ve gotta tone it down. We’ve gotta come together. We’ve gotta do this. We’ve gotta do that.” If it’s being said, if that’s being said in the media, you know it’s all aimed at Trump and his supporters. I appreciate the call again.

Southampton in New York. Bill, you’re next. Great to have you with us, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, and thanks for all that you do for us.

RUSH: Yes. You bet. I appreciate it.

CALLER: You bet. With regard to the 14th Amendment, why not take it to the Supreme Court, or is that where this is going to end up eventually so that they can decide it?

RUSH: Oh, it will be there. It’ll get there.

CALLER: It’ll get there? Okay.

RUSH: Yeah. It’ll have to get there. Now, Senator Graham is gonna offer legislation in the Senate. Look, we’re way, way far away from this. We’re just getting the conversation started here, which has to happen. There needs to be a pretty big reeducation of the American population in general on the whole subject of immigration. So Trump and his route of an executive order is good, but you know there’s gonna be a judge that’s gonna bring it to a screeching halt. Everybody knows that. I mean, that will happen within hours of Trump signing the executive order.

Everybody involved knows that’s gonna happen. That then begins the process, and it probably will end up at the Supreme Court, unless Congress does write legislation. But in dealing with a constitutional amendment, it may take more than just a statutory act. And the left, they’ve got plenty of judges out there, and they are gonna be using every damn one of them to try to shut down every effort here. See, this is how… Folks, this is how we end up having a chance to win!

By shining the light on the left and who they are and what they do by forcing them out of the shadows and making them do it! Sanctuary cities is a good educational tool. People can find exactly what these people are, the left, the people responsible for this, the people that are believing in sanctuary cities. Force them out! Make ’em defend it. Make ’em run for office extolling the virtues of sanctuary cities.

Make the left speak, make them behave, make them stand up and support what it is they believe in. So this conversation starter on the 14th Amendment and ending birthright citizenship? Make them stand up and make Pelosi and Schumer and whoever the else of ’em, make the case that anybody born in the United States should be a citizen. Make ’em make the case! That’s how we’re gonna defeat ’em, folks, and it’s gonna be a long process.

Don’t forget, the left has gotten away for years by being able to lie and camouflage themselves and make themselves look like people they aren’t and make themselves the look like they support things they don’t. There hadn’t been anybody like Trump in elected-Republican politics, forcing the left out this way. As it happens, the media goes more and more bonkers because they know what’s going on, and it’s forcing everybody to see that the media isn’t the media! The media is the Democrat Party.

And all of these things are why the people I talk to who think that there’s not gonna be a blue wave, think it. They think more and more Americans, because of Trump, are finally seeing liberalism in action as opposed to having been told what liberalism is and who liberals are. They’re now seeing it. And once that happens, it’s harder for the left to win. I mean, if they could win by being honest, if they could win by being who they are, they would have been doing that for a long, long time. I appreciate the call, Bill. Thank you much.


RUSH: Here’s Dennis in Spring, Texas. Welcome, sir. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. It’s good to be here. You know, one thing I’ve enjoyed about watching Trump over the last two years is making decisions based on logic and reason. I guess it’s, like, because he’s a businessman. But this idea of eliminating birthright citizenship makes perfect sense to me. One thing I have not heard about though is another common-sense thing that is actually a part of the Trump tax cut, and that’s the idea of enterprise zones.

We have countries in Central America that could easily hire people to do a lot of low-tech manufacturing that’s now being done in China by companies who are having a hard time with the trade problems there. Those companies, if they wanted to relocate — and some of them apparently do — could easily locate down there and have a great workforce of motivated, intelligent people. Even though they’re lowly educated, they could certainly do that kind of work, and help provide jobs —

RUSH: Wait. Wuh wuh wuh wuh, wait. What are you…? What are we talking about here?

CALLER: We’re talking about the same thing that we have in this country for companies that would like to locate in inner cities or poor areas. They get a tax break for doing that. That was part of the Trump tax cut. Pretty smart idea, I thought. Why not do that in Central America? They would be… Maybe the United Nations could finally do something useful and subsidize companies who want to locate there and hire people to do that kind of work.

RUSH: What, you’re talking about the caravan? You think that would stop illegal immigration?

CALLER: I think it would have an effect on illegal immigration. There are a lot of common-sense things to do. You know, certainly the birthright citizenship thing going away would help and E-Verify. But this is another thing that would certainly help, providing jobs that they would be doing in this country possibly anyway. Low-tech type manufacturing that’s being done now in China could certainly be done down there. I haven’t heard anybody talking about that. That’s why I was kind of surprised that nobody in the Trump administration has mentioned that.

RUSH: ‘Cause I don’t think that’s what this is about. NAFTA was supposed to do that, and it failed royally. These people in the caravan are not looking for jobs. They’re not looking for work. Maybe a few of them are, but this whole thing is political. This is a political movement. These people are being paid somehow. I mean, somebody’s paying for all this to happen. There are plenty of places to go. The only place they can go is the United States? They can’t stop and get asylum in Mexico or some of these other countries?

I agree with you that if the rest of the world was more like the United States, everybody would be better off. If the unequal distribution of capitalism could be dealt with and if we had a far greater distribution of capitalism, the world would be fine and dandy. But the caravan, I don’t think the solution to this is enterprise zones in El Salvador or Guatemala. Maybe long-term economic relief for any nation having problems is a greater dose of capitalism.

But there isn’t the political climate for that in many of these countries. They’re dictatorships of one degree or another, and this is an immediate problem that’s gonna have to be dealt with, ’cause if it’s not, they’re just going to keep coming. We’re not gonna stop these caravans if we start implementing tax-free enterprise zones down in these nations where American companies can relocate and hire them there instead of hiring them here.

These people aren’t capable of being hired anywhere, yet. But I understand if you want to talk political theory and economic theory. It makes all sense in the world in otherwise, you know, quote-unquote, “normal” circumstances. But this is a pure political movement here, this caravan. Look, I… (interruption) No, George Soros? I think George Soros’ name has become kind of like a bogeyman for everything. People mean far left-wing radicals when they mention George Soros.

I don’t know who’s behind it, but somebody is, and their purpose is to destabilize the United States. The purpose is not to improve life for these people! This caravan, whoever’s behind this, is not really trying to do something for these people to make their lives better. This is being done to invoke damage on the United States (and particularly Trump) and to advance the political advantages and notions all of particular political party! Which wants to welcome these people in as dependent voters.

RUSH: Jan in Madison, Virginia. Great to have you with us. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Yes, Rush. Two years ago, my husband and I adopted four Hispanic sisters who were in foster care. We have had them for a couple years, and they came up for adoption. Those parents were both illegals from Mexico. They have slipped over the border at least four times illegally, one time after they… Each time they had children here. They had two, and then they took ’em back to Mexico, left ’em with the grandparents, came back, had two more, went back and got ’em. Long story short is that I had…

You know, they came to us thinking Trump was terrible and he would send them all back home and, you know, now they love Trump and they think this has gotta stop. They even see it, because their father is in prison for 28 years for his abuse. The mother fled to Mexico to not go to prison. So these people do come here and commit awful crimes against their own children. And, you know, I just… Everything Trump can do to stop it. He’s got to stop it, because they come over here and they have these babies.

I even have another situation I could talk about where I know our country has heart where they had a 15-year-old girl at the border seven months pregnant by MS-13. They let her across. They sent the other 16 teens with her back, most of them. So they can’t say we don’t have heart. They do see a situation they know needs help. But, you know, even Hispanic girls that thought Trump was horrible that was gonna send all these people back, they realize now that he is doing what’s best for the country.

RUSH: Well, we’ll take ’em. You know, whenever they realize it is fine with me. Of course, once you understand what’s going on, it’s impossible to support. It’s just impossible to support unless you have particular political notions of what the United States’ purpose in the world is and what we owe and so forth. But in terms of being the best policy for the United States, it isn’t. Anyway, I appreciate it, Jan. Thanks much.


RUSH: Our previous caller was pointing out that people were coming here for the express purpose of having the baby and then leaving or committing crimes while they were here. Everybody knows what’s going on with this. Look, the applecart has to be upset here if we’re gonna fix this. It’s not just the wall. There’s a lot of stuff that’s gonna have change, and Trump is getting the conversation started on all of it.

Every bit of it is gonna be just as upsetting to the Drive-By Media as everything else Trump does. The days of Trump and the media and all of us unifying over these policy things isn’t gonna happen. They’re gonna have to be defeated, folks. In a political sense, they’re gonna have to be defeated, and when they lose, they don’t accept those results. So it’s gonna have to be something that continues. Victory is going to have to be piled on victory after victory after victory.


RUSH: You want to know something else about this birthright citizenship business? I got a note here from our old buddy Seton Motley. He makes a good point here: Nobody, no one was granted birthright citizenship for nearly a hundred years after the amendment was ratified. Again, the 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868. It wasn’t until nearly a century later that, hello, a bunch of activist judges on the left decided that the 14th Amendment applied to anybody who happened to be born in the United States.

We have been living under that bastardization of the 14th Amendment since the 1960s. We have been living under the bastardization of a bunch of American culture since the 1960s, and it’s come to a head, and this is the moment in time where finally there is a semblance of serious pushback. I mean, this is serious. Donald Trump is engaged in serious pushback, and this is what it looks like. This is not just rhetoric. Donald Trump is not somebody just talking.

Even he himself said the other day in his campaign rallies, “During the campaign, it was just words. ‘We’re gonna make America great again. We’re gonna do this; we’re gonna do that.'” But now he’s got a track record. He’s got the things that he has achieved and accomplished to point to, not just words. But pushing back on all aspects of illegal immigration — from sanctuary cities to these caravans — is going to be inflammable to the left as much as anything could be. The left is not about… (sigh)

Look, I’m bored. I’m actually boring myself trying to explain liberalism to people. I’ve been doing it for 30 years. I’m just telling you, there’s nothing… (sigh) Any illegitimate means to accomplish their objectives is perfectly fine with them, and we have to be ready to oppose them on that basis. The evidence, folks, that they refuse to accept the results of the election, that’s what all of this is about. When you strip all of this down to its bare essence, it is the left and the Democrat Party and the media who have refused to accept results of an election.

And we don’t have a lot of history of that. Both sides accepting the will of the people in elections has been the glue that has held the country together. That and a reverence for the Constitution. And now that they have refused to accept election results, for whatever reasons, is why we are where we are today. Speaking of the caravan, Trump sending 5,200 troops to the border. The New York Times headline: “Trump Sending 5,200 Troops to the Border in an Election Season Response to Migrants.”

The fact that it’s “election season” happens to be coincidental! You think it’s a coincidence that the caravan is heading here during election season? So all of this that’s being done, Trump’s doing simply because of elections. If it weren’t for an election, Trump wouldn’t be doing any of this. NBC News headline: “Pentagon Sending 5,200 Troops to the Border in Operation Faithful Patriot Amid Trump Condemnation of Migrant Caravan.”

The AP is apoplectic here: “Trump Plans ‘Tent Cities’ at U.S.-Mexico Border –– President Donald Trump says he’s planning ‘tent cities’ to house asylum-seeking Central American migrants who are traveling in caravans toward the U.S. Trump says in an interview with Fox News … that if any of the migrants … do make it to the border and apply for asylum, as they’re legally entitled, the U.S. plans to ‘hold them until such time as their trial takes place.’

“Trump says: ‘We’re going to build tent cities. We’re going to put tents up all over the place … and they’re going to wait.'” The only thing he didn’t announce was putting Joe Arpaio in charge of them! “Under current protocol,” the AP says, “migrants who clear an initial screening are often released until their cases are decided in immigration court, which can take several years.” That’s not the official “protocol.”

The official protocol is that they’re detained until their amnesty hearing, but the ACLU and La Raza were able to get the Ninth Circuit to agree to this Flores settlement which required the children be released after 20 days and that’s why there’s family separation. The left again! We can hold the asylum seekers for as long as it takes, but we can’t hold the kids for longer than 20 days. They have to be released. It’s left-wing policy, as codified by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Trump had nothing to do with it! The Republicans had nothing to do with it. This is left-wing policy.

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