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RUSH: Career Day went sideways for students at Rocky Top Middle School in Thornton, Colorado.

One of the featured speakers was Jessica L’Whor, a dancer and performance artist. Actually, Jessica L’Whor is a drag queen.

L’Whor explained to the middle school students that he is a man, but portrays a woman in performances. L’Whor asked that they call him Ms. Jessica. Because using “L’Whor” around the children he wanted to influence would be inappropriate, you see.

Parents were not informed that their children would be getting career advice from a drag queen. When word got out, many of the parents were outraged. But not all.

So the principal sent out a letter, apologizing for not letting parents know in advance. But the principal defended inviting L’Whor, because doing so was inclusive and promoted diversity.

After all, to liberals, there’s nothing more important for kids to learn in middle school than diversity. And politically-correct gender-bender brainwashing. Being instructed in all of it, by a drag queen.

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