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RUSH: Same thing is happening today with the economic news. We have a GDP report today that growth was 3.5%, but that’s below what was expected! So the Drive-Bys are reporting that economic activity has slowed down! It’s not nearly what people thought it would be! Trying to create that first impression among the people in their audiences that there’s something wrong with the economy. There’s nothing wrong with 3.5% growth!

It didn’t come in at the predicted 3.8% to 4%. Guess what? The tech stock sector is taking a bath, specifically Google (also known as Alphabet) and Amazon have reported earnings, and every… They’re stunningly disappointing, and it’s causing sell-off. It’s causing a big problem on the NASDAQ, which is where many of the tech stocks report, where they’re listed.

And so the same thing is happening now and with intensity because we are now at a period of time we’re less than two weeks before the midterm elections, and what better time for the Drive-Bys to report that the economy is slowing down, even though it’s chugging right along. Jobs are still being created, everything’s fine, 3.5% growth. Nobody ever saw that in the last eight years of Barack Obama. We didn’t see that much before Obama.

We didn’t see it very often. This economy’s still chugging right along, but the Drive-Bys are reporting today that it has slowed down, there could be trouble on the horizon.

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