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RUSH: Remember all these times in the past months when people would ask me to react to the latest generic ballot poll on the House races or the Senate races; I would always demur and say, “They don’t mean anything right now. The events that are gonna shape the election haven’t happened yet.” Then the Kavanaugh thing happened, and now there’s this massive caravan heading to the country with the aid of Mexico and Guatemala.

Nobody is trying to stop this. Nobody is trying to stop it. It’s up to 4,000 people now. It’s estimated that this is costing somebody $21 million. These people have to be fed. They have to be transported, and they have to use the bathroom. They have to be able to drink water and whatever else they can get their hands on. Somebody is making this happen. Somebody thinks that this is going to what? Augur well for Democrats?

We’re told that George Soros’ money is behind this. I don’t care whose money it is. It’s a lot of money to make this happen. There are a lot of kids, by the way, and the magic of the caravan is the children, as it always is. There are children in the caravan, and that… It’s kind of like the “Baby on Board” signs. I always hated those. I even had one made that said, “Baby Not on Board But We’re Still as Valuable as Anybody Else Is Inside This.” I actually almost had one of those made. Didn’t those bother you, “Baby on Board”? (interruption)

“Rush Baby on Board,” exactly. We had a Rush Baby on Board little inside yellow sign. We made it up and it was available at the Rush Limbaugh Store. But this the same thing. Children, upgrade children. Oh, so we must do what? We must open the gates. We must stand aside. We must allow them passage. So we’ve got this. We have the Mueller report, as I say. More on that not at the moment. The Mueller report is just lurking there. There isn’t anything really in it.

In fact, we now know probably, have a sure bet that there’s nothing dynamite in it because of an audio sound bite I have coming up, a Never Trumper, anti-Trumpist, Phil Mudd, former intelligence official, U.S. government, now a CNN commentator. But who is it that would think, if you’re on the left, that think this massive caravan arriving in the United States at our border close to the election, who thinks this is going to help Democrats?

How would it help Democrats? It’s not just Trump separating ’em. It’s Trump not letting ’em in! I guess it has to be what it is. These people actually are figuring that a massive caravan… They don’t understand that this kind of thing is why Donald Trump was elected! Donald Trump was elected to stop this kind of thing, to stop this invasion. And that’s what this is. This is an organized, bought-and-paid-for invasion. And it’s growing.

So obviously the plan is for this group of people, including the children, to arrive here very close to the election and for Trump to sic ICE on ’em and the Border Patrol on ’em and to deny them entry (or to separate the children from the adults). So that the Drive-By Media can then kick into gear with stories that are already written, that are already taped, interviews with people on the caravan already in the can where these people will say they’re shocked.

(impression) “They came to America to save their lives for their children and to improve their… The United States won’t let them in. This is unlike anything they ever heard about.” Then they’ll cut to pictures of Trump smiling as people are denied entry. The Democrats think this… You know, I would think that if somebody politically did this, this would be a conservative group might do this to promote Republican turnout. We don’t have anybody on our side who thinks that way. But it makes more sense that way, or am I missing something?

Somehow a massive group of people 4,000 people that’s growing, including kids, marching toward the United States with no attempt… Making it patently obviously what it is. These are not people fleeing anything. These are not people fleeing the Saudi government, they’re not fleeing torture. They’re not fleeing… Well, they may be fleeing poverty, but that happens every day. Four thousand of them? This is orchestrated, it’s planned, it’s bought and paid for. Somehow this is supposed to end up making the United States look bad? If that’s the way these people are figuring it, going to play out.


RUSH: Christian in Manhattan before we go to the break. Christian, how you doing? I’m glad you waited, sir.

CALLER: Rush, thank you so much for taking my call, sir.

RUSH: Any time. Any time.

CALLER: Truly… It’s truly an honor to speak to you, someone with such close ties to God-d. And I have a prediction in regards to this caravan, as obvious as it may be to students of the IACS (sic). In an effort to affect the midterms. I am convinced that in the next couple of weeks the Drive-By Media will start with reports of casualties, specifically women and children, I’m sorry to say, but it will be directly linked to the president and these reports of his order to send the military to the border.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait. I need a question, a question. There are gonna be fatalities. You mean people are jsut gonna die, or will there be killings?

CALLER: It’s a good question. I think that, you know, we all understand the heartstrings of these liberals, and true or not, I believe that there will just be lots of reports about… It could be potential sexual assaults. But, you know, it will do…Iit will have —

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: — some sort of impact —

RUSH: Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s exact. That’s what it’s… Oh. Sexual assault on the caravan! Trump supporters are energized by Trump refusing to stop the sexual assault of the women and children on the caravan with people traceable to Trump. This is what the media will report. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can see that.

CALLER: And if I may, Rush, I would just like to say, Mr. President, if you’re listening, and I know you are, of course, we love you and keep up great work, sir.

RUSH: Thank you, Christian. That’s Christian in Manhattan.


RUSH: About this caravan, take a look at the photos next chance you get, video, photos. I want you to tell me how many photos see starving people, panicked people, people at their wit’s end, people who have nothing left, people to whom there’s no stopping because life itself hangs in the balance.

Pictures I’ve seen, it looks like people in flatbeds and in cars or some of them are walking, but there’s a lot of smiles. This is designed to create chaos. And our previous caller I think is right on the money. Do not be surprised when the reports of violence against the people in the caravan start being reported, and they’re going to be blamed either on Border Patrol or ICE or on Trump supporters taking their hidden cues from the president’s remarks about this. It’s just another one of these October Surprises, an act of pure desperation. We’ll see.


RUSH: From TheHill.com: “Trump Threatens Military Action if Mexico Does Not Stop This Immigration ‘Onslaught’ — President Trump on Thursday warned that he may take military action to stop immigrants from crossing the southern border into the U.S. if Mexico does not take action to stop the ‘onslaught.'” That is the caravan that’s headed our way. Trump “railed against Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, saying they ‘have almost no control over their population.’

“‘I am watching the Democrat Party led (because they want Open Borders and existing weak laws) assault on our country by Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, whose leaders are doing little to stop this large flow of people, INCLUDING MANY CRIMINALS, from entering Mexico to U.S.'” These people, I don’t… I was talking earlier. I’m trying… I know that Democrats, somebody has to be paying for this. There is somebody out there, and maybe a lot of them, who really think that somehow this is going to help Democrats get votes, by sending a caravan of 4,000 illegal noncitizen Americans on a caravan all the way up from Guatemala and Honduras through Mexico right before the midterm elections.

As we discussed, somebody’s paying for this. Somebody. They have to eat. They have to be drinking things. They’ve gotta be using facilities. Somebody has to be buying the gasoline to transport vehicles, to power the vehicles that are being used here. I guarantee you these people are not walking every step of this thousands-of-miles journey. So who thinks that this caravan arriving within a week, say, of the midterm election date helps Democrats, by itself? How does this help? This is what got Donald Trump elected.

This is what turned on the giant Trump coalition: The invasion at the southern border that neither political party took one step to stop. So what’s the calculation here? Well, we had a caller earlier suggesting that the calculation may well be that there has to be something go wrong. You put 4,000 people on a trek; there’s gotta be somebody get sick. There has to be some fights that break out somewhere. Somebody in this gang of people gotta have a gun.

All it’s gonna take is one little incident of violence, maybe an allegation of sexual abuse, and maybe started by Trump law enforcement personnel. I wouldn’t put it past them if that’s the game plan. But I’m struggling to see, other than just the general chaos it’s creating and maybe the Democrats think that people to want stop this chaos and that this chaos is only because of Trump, that if Trump weren’t there, none of this would be happening, and so let’s get rid of the Republicans.

“The Republicans are the reason we have to put up with chaos every day.” If that’s the calculation, they are gonna blow this like they haven’t blown much else in politics. That’s not at all what the conclusion is that average Americans are gonna have at this caravan getting closer and closer to the border. Let me head back to the phones. We’ve got time to work some in here to make up for the first hour where we didn’t get any in.


RUSH: Jim in Pacific Palisades, California. It’s a gorgeous place. How you doing, Jim?

CALLER: Great, Rush. How’re you doing?

RUSH: Fine, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: God bless you see for what you do. I’ve been listening to you for 25-plus years. Look. I just wanted to make a quick point about that whole caravan. I think it’s a godsend for Trump because I believe that Americans like me, the ones that elected him, you know, we respect two things about this country: fairness and strength. And, you know, the Kavanaugh hearing was going down before Kavanaugh showed strength, and every time Trump shows strength, he gains, he gains momentum. And if we send the military down there as a message and if the military treats everyone with respect, sort of almost like an enhanced FEMA, then I think this is gonna be a net positive for him. And if the Democrats try to, you know —

RUSH: What do you think the Democrats’ objective with this is?

CALLER: With the caravan?

RUSH: Yeah. What do you think they’re trying to accomplish with this. Because somebody’s hundred-dollar it. Somebody’s paying for it. You know it’s a liberal Democrat donor somewhere or a series of them that are making this happen.

CALLER: I think honestly… I think honestly, Rush, that the Democrats’ plan is anarchy, because they don’t have a plan. I think they are just the proverbial party that throws everything against the wall to see what will stick, because… Do you remember the science fiction film Forbidden Planet?

RUSH: Mmm-hmm. Yes. Vaguely, I think I do.

CALLER: In the film there was like a monster that was made of energy that was conjured up by this man, I think it was Walter Pidgeon’s brain, and every time they attacked it, it grew in strength, it absorbed all that energy. And that’s basically what Trump is. He absorbs all the energy. It just makes him stronger. It makes the people that support him dig in their heels even further down, and it makes the president more comfortable and confident because he’s used to being attacked and it doesn’t faze him. You know, and I just think the Democrats right now are at a point where they’re just in, you know, like a fever, and they can’t figure out how to get this guy. And they’re gonna throw anything and everything and it’ll backfire.

RUSH: I do think that they are seriously, folks, I’m not saying this to be funny or outrageous to call attention to myself. I really think that in a large swath of… Call it the Democrats or the American left, I think there is a creeping insanity that has been building. It existed. It’s been building since Trump won the election. It has been building with every failure that they thought was a lock to get rid of him, the futility, the fact that they’re not even slowing him down or harming him, is driving them crazy. Because their experience is if they target somebody for destruction, that person generally is destroyed. And they can’t even dent Trump. They were not stable to begin with. And I think their psychological disorders have now been amplified into so-called legitimate political issues, and I think we’re all in danger of these people.

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