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HANNITY: We are in the studios of Rush Limbaugh. First, I want to congratulate you: 30 years talk radio, the king of talk radio and going stronger than ever.

RUSH: It’s amazing. It really is. You know, I’m enjoying it as much as I ever have, if not more so. I get more thrills from it, I get more satisfaction from it than I’ve ever had. If you would have told me 30 years ago or even 40 when I was dreaming about this, that by the time I reached 65 that it would be more competitive than ever, that I would be more involved than ever. I thought, “Sixty-five? What’ve you got left to prove? You phone it in.

“You take it easy. You go to the beach. Do a couple hours a week and that’s it, a Johnny Carson job.” I can’t imagine not doing this, and I think largely because as you just laid out, we are seriously at a tipping point. I don’t know… I worry. I don’t know how many people actually are aware of how close we are to losing our country as founded. There’s always going to be an America, but what is going to be? And it really is at stake. And I’ve been trying in I don’t know how many ways to explain to my audience why it’s different now than it was 15 years ago or 20, and I do it by trying to analyze who the left is, what they have become. I’m naive in many ways, and I —

HANNITY: I might take a little objection to Rush being naive.

RUSH: You tell me if this is naive.


RUSH: I look at what happened during the Kavanaugh hearings.

HANNITY: All right.

RUSH: You just described ricin and stuff to Susan Collins. We looked at the literal mob behavior that was inspired — bought and paid for — by the Democrat Party. The media encourages it. In my naive world, that behavior would secure the biggest landslide defeat a political party has ever had. In a same world where decent people are the majority, that would be rejected out of hand.

It wouldn’t even be considered relevant and the people of this country would want to get rid of that as quickly as they could. But yet, it may be close to 50% of the country. I don’t think it is and I hope not but the fact that it continues to survive, I’ve evolved a bunch of theories to explain it and I really think… By the way, interrupt any time with a question. (laughing)

HANNITY: (laughing) You’re doing great, Rush.

RUSH: I really think that all of this, or the vast majority of it still, Sean, revolves around one of the age-old arguments that left versus right has had and that is role of government in our lives. Now the people on the left, I read something by Jim Geraghty at National Review about a month ago now, and it just struck me because I think it’s dead on. I’m going to paraphrase what he said. He said what has happened in his view — and I endorse this I think even more than he does.

I think it’s a bigger point than he made it. These people on the left that you’ve described, the mob behavior, is really a series of psychological disorders that have taken over politics. We have politicized psychological disorders to the point now that they have become the objective of the Democrat Party. Solving all of these disparate, separate psychological disorders — having the government do it — basically determine outcomes and get even with the pressers, the founding majority of the country.

That’s what we’re dealing with, and, if we don’t define this properly, we’re never going to be able to oppose it. If we consider this stuff legit — which it isn’t! That kind of behavior is not legitimate. We don’t want a country based on that kind of behavior. We don’t want people winning elections based on mobs and violence. We don’t want that. Think if that happens, if they win the election based on this kind of behavior.

HANNITY: You’ll get more of it.

RUSH: Exactly right. But here’s the thing: What do decent people do? What do…? Decent people do not spend all day trying to figure out how to battle this. Decent people are living their lives. We’ve got perversion, indecency, corruption up against what used to be called normalcy.

HANNITY: You’ve got Hillary Clinton: (paraphrased quotes) “We can’t be civil unless you give us power back.” Eric Holder: “Well, they go low; we kick them.”

RUSH: Right.

HANNITY: Maxine Waters: “If you see them, create a crowd. You know, tell… Go tell them, follow them into department stores and grocery stores and gas stations. You’re not wanted anywhere, anymore.” And we saw Pam Bondi and Secretary Nielsen — and we saw Sarah Sanders, Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi, Mitch McConnell. I think Rand is right. Somebody’s going to get hurt here in the end, because we… Look, I blame the people for their actions, but there’s certainly marching orders here: Confront, attack, get in their faces. (unintelligible)

RUSH: All of it… All of it is marching orders.


RUSH: All of it is bought and paid for. Look at this caravan, supposed… Where is it, Honduras? Guatemala? Wherever it’s coming, doesn’t matter where it’s coming. Somebody’s paying for this. Where are these people going to the bathroom? Who’s feeding them? I mean look at 2,000 to 4,000 people, kids and that’s the magic. They put “the children” in there. (impression) “We must accept, we can’t turn them away, we’re so horrible. Trump is separating…”

It’s all designed and it’s all designed to flood the zone during the election. We’ve got this. We’ve got… We’re worried about the Fed raising interest rates to try to jam down the economy and way over there, guess what just happened? Robert Mueller is letting it be known that he’s about ready to submit his report. Well, Justice Department rules and guidelines say that they should not do anything to impact the results of an election.

But that didn’t happen. Comey did, didn’t he? He was doing everything he could to help Hillary. People don’t understand this, but that’s what he was doing. They had to have… (unintelligible). So these things are all planned and they’re all getting focused leading up to the election. People ask, “Rush, what can I do? I want to do more than vote.” Right now, that is the answer, folks. I mean, people… I know people think their vote is not enough, but it is.

Turn out. Turn out is everything. And on the left, this is almost an identical scenario to 2016. They think, Sean, they really do — and some of this is hope, but they think — a lot of Americans that voted for Trump regret it. A lot of people can’t wait to get out there and show and apologize for their mistake of voting for Trump. They can’t wait to go out there and apologize to the Democrat Party.

The fact of the matter is, since Barack Obama, the Democrat Party has been losing elections. Starting in 2010, midterms, Tea Party, all the way up to 2016, the Democrat Party has lost 1,200 seats — national, state, local, if you count all the way down to dog catcher. They’ve lost. They’ve had the… They had the least amount of electoral political power in Washington since the ’20s. Where is this blue wave? Where’s the evidence that people can’t wait to vote Democrat? The evidence is that they’re doing the exact opposite!

HANNITY: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: Trump is out there continuing to do the things he did that won him the election in 2016, all of these rallies, and they have been unable to get rid of him. They’ve thrown everything at Trump that usually gets rid of Republican opponents, and nothing has worked. And they’re just frustrated as they can be, and I think they’re so overplaying this and they’re going way beyond the bounds of anywhere near propriety. But they think most Americans want to be encouraged to do mob-like behavior, get in people’s faces. I don’t think we’ve lost the country to the extent that that wins elections.

HANNITY: How big an impact Kavanaugh? We’re talking… Kavanaugh, to me, was a tipping point, because they were exposed. It didn’t… Look, I think most people fundamentally believe in the rule of law, the Constitution, due process, presumption of innocence. There was none of that. It was: “Accusation? I believe it.”

RUSH: Right. Now, let me tell you how close they were to getting away with it, though.


RUSH: I mean, you and I watched this from a different perspective than, I think, a lot of people. Sadly, there’s still a lot of people that only get their news in what we call the mainstream media. If Donald Trump… If President Trump had not, at that rally, exposed Christine —

HANNITY: No corroboration.

RUSH: None! The four people she says where there say, “No, we weren’t.” She didn’t know what, where, when, why. So Trump tells people this and they get mad at Trump for mocking her. Trump didn’t mock her. To mock her, you’d have to impersonate her, which I can do but I will not here and —

HANNITY: (chuckling) You’re showing great restraint.

RUSH: Great restraint. But he didn’t mock her; he exposed her to a bunch of Americans who didn’t know because the mainstream media had not reported all of the holes in her story. So Trump does, and then in “getting” Trump, they end up reporting what Trump said. That was the tipping point, plus what Kavanaugh did to save himself. But you’re right. Presumption of innocence? Gone. They were close to killing that by intimidating Republicans on that committee. But it didn’t work. Again, because I believe the president came in and saved the day.

HANNITY: Let’s… Look, I don’t have a crystal ball. I always thought and believed in my heart the media’s wrong; Trump could win. You could see it; you could feel it. I don’t know who was going to run against Obama in ’08. You saw the crowds. You saw the enthusiasm. In that case, I think it was a lot of hype and no change. Typical, left-wing policies. You predicted to me it would fail and it did fail.

But something is different. President Trump… You could see a building momentum and now we’ve got these midterms. I’m looking at… Let’s… Florida, they could pick up the Senate seat. I think you could pick one up in Missouri. I think you’ll hold Nevada. I think you’ll win in Arizona. North Dakota. Indiana. All potential pickups. Where I would worry about more is the House. I don’t have a feel with it.

RUSH: Well…

HANNITY: What…? How’s that going to end?

RUSH: It’s hard. There’s so many seats there and there’s so many variables and vagaries.


RUSH: When you get at it… But let’s look at this in the macro way. Let’s compare this. You want to go back to 2008. Let’s go back to 2016. I think… I know you were, early on, very confident Trump was going to win. I thought… My staff here will tell you that two days… When I first saw the first polling after Trump and Melania went down the escalator, I said, “He’s the nominee. It’s going to happen.”

HANNITY: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: I felt it. You know why, Sean? Because I know the bond. I saw those rallies. I saw the bond that Trump had with his voters. The media didn’t create that; he did. Now, I did versions of that when my show started traveling around 48 weekends a year for the first two years trying to get my radio show established, and I saw a similar success track. And nobody can blow up that bond that Trump voters have.

The Washington establishment to this day does not understand Donald Trump. They don’t understand his voters and they’re not curious to find out why. They just resent it, and they are still operating under the same rules they operated under in 2016. The parallels are identical here. They think in 2016, “Hillary’s going to win a massive landslide!” They’re measuring the curtains. Hillary’s measuring all these things.

The deep state guys back then are confident nobody’s going to ever know what they did. Their jobs and their careers are going to be safe. Strzok Smirk and all these clowns? McCabe? Safe. Then Trump comes along and wins. They’re shocked, they’re stunned, they couldn’t believe it. Same thing now, they think they’ve won the House a month ago. It’s in the can; they’re just waiting for the calendar and the days to go by when all of their own polling data shows this so-called generic valid blue wave shrinking and shrinking.

HANNITY: Dramatically.

RUSH: Now you find less confidence in all of the reporting about the blue wave. Now we’ve got the caravan. They tried Kavanaugh. Look at all of these October surprises. Feinstein tried one. Pocahontas, Elizabeth Warren. How about this, folks?

HANNITY: (chuckling)

RUSH: We used to be judged by the content of our character, now it’s the content of our DNA. Is that what the Democrat Party…?

HANNITY: (laughing)

RUSH: Talk about bastardizing Martin Luther King. She bombs out. Feinstein bombs out. And so all these all four were attempted, were purposed to blow Trump up — and he just keeps beating them back and they don’t know how to deal with it. They get more and more frustrated, more and more angry, and that’s what we’re seeing.

HANNITY: Some nights at the end of the show, we’ll take a clip from your Dittocam and run it kind of the kicker to the show. People love… My audience loves to see you, and that’s for doing the show. They love having you, as do I. What if they win? What if the Democrats win?

RUSH: That’s the most —

HANNITY: You love that question.

RUSH: Well, the problem here is I’m on television and I’m really trying to be persuasive. I don’t want to dramatize it, and I don’t want to lie to people, and I don’t want to fill people with (sigh) phony, manipulative, emotional things. But it might serve to answer that question to go back and ask, “What if Hillary had won in 2016?” Stop and think of that. There wouldn’t be a roaring economy. There wouldn’t have been any tax cuts.

There wouldn’t have been rollback of regulations. There wouldn’t have been any squaring of the deal with NATO. There wouldn’t have been any redone trade deals. The Obama administration told the American people (summarized), “Get used to it! There’s a new American economy and its flatline or in decline. America’s past? We didn’t really deserve that. America was founded by a white patriarchy, set itself up for itself.

“People were discriminated against it! But those days are over. So now the days are behind us. We didn’t deserve those anyway. We don’t deserve to be a superpower, so we have a flatline economy.” We were told… Obama is out there in Indiana telling these people their jobs are never coming back. And somebody in the audience, “Mr. Trump says he can bring it back.” And Obama says (impression), “What’s he going to do, wave a magic wand? Huh huh.” Look what happened. We got the jobs back. It can be done. They don’t even want to make America great, they resent the whole idea of America becoming great! They resent the idea of America, as a superpower, running the world for good. We’re the good guys!

HANNITY: Let me ask you a question. The investigation —

RUSH: Well, we’ll get there. If he hadn’t won? (sigh) Sean, I shudder to think, with Hillary Clinton in the White House and all of her cronies and all the cabinet positions and the validation of all of these oddball, weird, perverted left-winged behaviors becoming more and more normalized, and politics and governments are all being to address their grievance. Have we become a country of nothing but a bunch of victims, constantly angry, demanding that somebody do something about it, instead of all us — as we used to do — using self-reliance and our old initiative and our guts in handling life ourselves?

HANNITY: Stay there. We’ll take a break. We’re just getting things started.

RUSH: Not moving.

HANNITY: (laughing) We’ll continue. More with Rush Limbaugh, with us for a full hour. We’re at his Southern Command headquarters, EIB Network. Please stay with us.


HANNITY: All right, as we continue, Southern Command, Rush Limbaugh, EIB Headquarters. This is it. This is it. This where you do your show.

RUSH: It is. It really is.

HANNITY: Every day.

RUSH: There’s an ordinance down here in Palm Beach. You cannot work from your home, which is fine. I need to get… You know, but it is the case. So we built this and it’s like a living room, home, office, all… Oh, by the way, can I do one thing personal?

HANNITY: Go ahead.

RUSH: Every time I’m on your show —


RUSH: — people ask me what this is. I get emails: What is this?

HANNITY: Right. Your cochlear implant.

RUSH: Well, it’s a direct line to the West Wing.

HANNITY: (laughing)

RUSH: No these are cochlear implants. I’m deaf. I’m 100% deaf, and I can only hear bionically with these. Very quickly, the human ear has 35,000 hair cells each. They determine the frequency and the sensitivity of the human ear. I don’t have any. Mine are dead. They laid down and died.

Auto-immune. So I have eight man-made biological electrodes, bionic electrodes — that try to do what 35,000 hair cells do, and it’s a miraculous thing. If this had happened — if I’d lost my hearing 15 years before I did — it’d have been the end of my career, because the tech hadn’t been invented. So it’s really fortunate, and I look at it as something to be extremely grateful for.

HANNITY: I remember in that interim time… Not to get too distracted. We’ve got a lot to talk about. I do radio as you do. I do not know how it’s possible. Because like those people in radio, DJs, talk shows. I’m cranking that thing up.

RUSH: Yeah.

HANNITY: You know, and dramatic hearing loss, you know, after 30 years.

RUSH: I did three months totally deaf.


RUSH: I couldn’t get the surgery done because I had an infection. So three months. So you’re relying on how your voice feels.


RUSH: And you have to consciously tell yourself, “Don’t…” When you can’t hear, you speak up.


RUSH: So you have to tell yourself not to. I asked them — I asked the doctors, “If I don’t do this, can I speak normally for the rest of my life?” They said, “No. If you can’t hear yourself speak, you’ll end up sounding like somebody who’s never heard before.”


RUSH: “So I mean, you’ve got to do the implant.” But that’s what they are. And they’re… They really were a career saver.

HANNITY: Thank… Well, thank God. You are still here, going strong, 30th anniversary, which was a big deal for those of us that followed behind you, it’s a big deal. Because you did forge a path for all of us, and we all owe you a debt of gratitude.

RUSH: Well —

HANNITY: That’s why really I wanted to be here. Explain the Trump phenomenon. Maybe we have a more unique perspective because we both knew him way before he ever thought about running.

RUSH: Right. Well, the… I don’t think it’s hard to understand the Trump phenomenon at all if you are not poisoned — and I use the word, like, kind of an exaggeration. If you’re not affected by inside the beltway, or Washington establishment thinking, understanding Trump’s easy. It’s elite versus real people. It’s somebody that is fearless and willing to fight against the things that no Republican has been willing to fight against or defend. He’s got an engaging personality. He doesn’t offend people. The left thinks he does because they act offended. But Trump just makes people laugh.

HANNITY: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: They can’t get over the fact that he’s likable because they hate him. They despise him. I saw something the other day that I’ve never… Are we allowed to mention competing cable networks on here? Because they dominate everything. They’re just a bunch of —

HANNITY: You say anything you want.

RUSH: Little Brian Stelter over on CNN —

HANNITY: Humpty Dumpty.

RUSH: Is that what you call him?

HANNITY: That’s what I call him. Humpty Dumpty.

RUSH: Actually, he’s actually been somewhat nice to me. There are exceptions to it. But complaining that the president’s talking too much? The president is in the media too much. I said, “Jeez, these guys demand and pray for access.” And you know why? “Because he’s polluting the air. He’s lying; he’s distorting and he’s not giving us enough time to catch up with him and to correct it.” Just keep going, President Trump. He’s dominating these people. He’s frustrating them. They’ve lost their monopoly. The Elizabeth Warren thing, the Pocahontas proves they can’t shape public opinion anymore via narrative. And they are frustrated as they can be about that.

HANNITY: He doesn’t need them.

RUSH: No. Part of what’s going on here, I believe, in all of this… I do call it abnormality. We’re up against psychological disorder abnormality that is disguised as political issues.

HANNITY: And we talk about the media. It’s never been this abusively biased.

RUSH: Well, it’s not even biased. We’re so far beyond biased. These people are part of the agenda. I think they… I think they run it. I think they are the people that orchestrate it, run it; in fact, even give some marching orders to each other. The point is, Trump has just got them bamboozled and I think part-and-parcel of what they’re doing is trying to demonstrate to themselves they still have the power to shape public opinion via narrative.

And it’s causing all these people on the left to get even more and more and more extreme and I’m just relying on the fact that average, ordinary Americans like you and I are as repulsed as you and I are by this behavior that they’re engaging in, the demands they are making on decent God-fearing, America-loving people. We are not the problem, and yet we are portrayed as the problem. We’re the enemy to these people.

It’s really scary. What happens if we lose? Go back and look. If we lose in 2016, if they get the House… Folks, I’m just going to tell you: Whatever Trump wants to do is going to stop; it’s going to be paralyzed. It’s going to be nothing but — in every House committee that’s relevant — inspections, investigations, subpoenas. They’re going to go back and try to get Kavanaugh thrown out.

It’s going to be nothing but two years of get even with Trump for having the audacity to win, and the business of the nation’s going to be brought to a screeching halt. In the meantime, they’re going to try to get rid of the tax cuts. They’re not going to succeed in any of this because the Senate is still going to be in the hands of Mitch McConnell.

HANNITY: Republicans.

RUSH: I affectionately call him the Turtle because he moves so slow. But he’s speeding up now. He’s really getting good.

HANNITY: And he had a good run — (unintelligible)

HANNITY: — Judicial. On Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, he was great.

RUSH: But I still think Trump… That’s in whom I have — in terms of the politics of this, I still have — implicit trust. I think Trump knows what he’s doing —

HANNITY: Here’s my question. We’ve had all this success in two years. Obama economically, first president never met 3% GDP growth in history.

RUSH: Didn’t want to! This is the case. Didn’t want… America doesn’t deserve that.


RUSH: America’s so oppressive, so mean to minorities. America doesn’t deserve superpower status. This is why I wanted Obama to fail. In his view and the Alinsky view, in the American left view, America is flawed; America’s the problem in the world. America doesn’t deserve —

RUSH: Right.

HANNITY: But, economically, 13 million more Americans on food stamps; 8 million more in poverty.

RUSH: That’s good! That’s meaning more people voting Democrat, more people depending on government. They want that, Sean.

HANNITY: We have 14 states record low unemployment. We have the lowest unemployment since ’69 —

RUSH: Right.

HANNITY: — a million more jobs than people on unemployment.

RUSH: Right.

HANNITY: Look at who is benefiting. African-American unemployment: Lowest ever. Hispanic unemployment, Asian unemployment, women in the workplace unemployment. All of this success you’re saying stops if they get the House.

RUSH: Absolutely. Let me ask you a simple question, why? You just… You heard him just go through these statistics, the facts of the economic advancement. We’ve gotten more jobs than there are job openings.

HANNITY: A million.

RUSH: We’ve got a million more jobs and there are openings. That hasn’t happened since 2017. Who was president then? Uh, it wasn’t Obama! The things you just heard Sean go through. The Democrats are angry at all of it. Why aren’t they happy? Folks, we are in a roaring economy. More people than ever can get the job they want. They’re getting raises. They’re being bonused. We have people free to start their own businesses.

The economy and every other aspect of life in America is on the upswing, and the political party and its voters are mad about it? Why? Why couldn’t you be happy? The answer is very simple: If it happens as a result of individual aptitude and application instead of government making it happen, they’re going to oppose it. This is the greatest threat. Economic activity, economic growth, self sufficiency, self-reliance — people learning that the old rules of working hard and applying yourself pay off — is the biggest threat to the American left and the Democrat Party that there could be.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this.

RUSH: Why aren’t they happy about this? Everybody ought to be.

HANNITY: Because they lose their power.

RUSH: Of course.

RUSH: It answers itself.

HANNITY: You have been a leader in the conservative movement in America.

RUSH: I don’t know.

HANNITY: No. 1, audience sustained and bigger.

RUSH: The conservative movement is led by Never Trumpers.

HANNITY: OK, in their minds, if they had their way where would we be?

RUSH: (sigh)

HANNITY: Not here.

RUSH: Hillary. Hillary would be president if they had their way.

HANNITY: So here’s my question. You knew William F. Buckley because if you believe Goldwater was a wave. If you believe Reagan was a wave meaning the advancement of conservatism. If you believe Newt and the Contract was a wave.

RUSH: Right.

HANNITY: Where is Donald Trump? I look at his policies. I’ve always been a conservative; never changed my views. I say it differently, new circumstances.

RUSH: Right.

HANNITY: But my fundamental core beliefs have never changed, nor have yours. All of these people have said he’s not a conservative. Where? It’s beside the trade — and I don’t even think trade. He never planned a trade war.

RUSH: He is implementing. I know these people. I got to know them 30 years ago when this all started.

HANNITY: William F. Buckley loved you.

RUSH: Buckley, well I’ll tell you a story about him and where he would be. I thought you were going to ask me where he would be on Trump. But the answer to that I think is pretty simple. But they don’t like Trump because of his manners? Trump is implementing issues that these people have devoted their lives to see pass and they oppose it? They’re running away from it? It must have never been about the issues. It must be about the proper appointment, and the proper manners and making sure we don’t offend our liberal friends in Washington and so forth. Trump does all of that. “Oh, I can’t abide this. Oh, this is so offensive to me. I can’t — ooh yuck.” But meanwhile.

HANNITY: (chuckling) You’re right.

RUSH: Everything that’s happening is making America great exactly as conservatives said it would and they don’t want to be on the bus?

HANNITY: He is, as I say — and I say this to people and I say that. He governs as strong a conservative as we’ve seen in our lifetime.

RUSH: But I don’t think the divide in America is left and right, so much. It’s still there…

RUSH: Conservative principles.

HANNITY: Conservative principle. It just… Judge, tax cuts, regulations, border security, peace through strength.

RUSH: It’s what kind of a country that the traditions and the founding, are we going to Marxist leftist? I mean, that’s what this is about. We don’t have anything in common with them, Sean. I hear all these people still say, “We need to cross the aisle, show we can cooperate, show them…” What do we have in common?

HANNITY: (laughing)

RUSH: What? Name something we have in common with any of the people acting to destroy Kavanaugh. Where is the middle ground to compromise with them on Kavanaugh? They didn’t even want to allow him due process.

HANNITY: Zero. And no corroboration.

RUSH: They wanted to destroy his life and his family, his career, his past, his future. And they tell us they are the party of compassion and tolerance.

HANNITY: We’ve seen this before. We’ve seen it, Bork, Clarence Thomas.

RUSH: We see it every day.

HANNITY: And every election year.

RUSH: We see it every day.

HANNITY: And now every day.

RUSH: Donald Trump.

HANNITY: I want to ask you about that.

RUSH: I’m sure you’ve taken your hits — you’ve taken your hit…

RUSH: Anybody that they determine is an effective messenger of anything they disagree, they’re going to target…

HANNITY: We can do 10 hours, except you have to start getting paid. Rush is going to hate a question I’m going to ask him in a few minutes. He’s going to hate me and never let me back in the studios. But we’ll get to that.

RUSH: Ooo-hoo-hoo!

HANNITY: Much more with Rush right after this.


HANNITY: Hi, welcome back to Hannity, we are coming to you live from EIB Southern Command, that means Rush Limbaugh is our guest for the full hour. I never thought in my lifetime… My mother was a prison guard. My dad was a family court probation officer. Irish family, Rush, we had a lot of NYPD cops, two guys were deity: FBI and my family.

I never thought FBI, top officials, the people we give the powerful tools of intelligence to would turn not only on the American people, lies would be told, visa court frauds would be taken, and exonerate somebody that we know was guilty. But then use those tools — and her bought-and-paid for Russian information — to destroy the president that should have lost — according to Peter Strzok, 100 million to zero.

RUSH: Right.

HANNITY: Did you ever think you’d see that?

RUSH: Well, honestly, no. I have the same attitude about law enforcement in general. And I’ve gotten to know some top-tier FBI people over the course of my life who themselves are now appalled by this. The scope of this… You described this perfectly, the scope of this… When you stop and think of what happens here, that the top tier of the Obama Department of Justice — do not leave him out of this — and everybody there, all these people Strzok and Lisa Page and McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Comey.

This was a concerted effort to deny Donald Trump a presidency. They had to get Hillary exonerated first, that’s why they looked the other way on the email scandal and the — and the server. They had to get her elected, that would save their jobs, save their careers, and we wouldn’t know any of this that we know had she been elected. They got scared when they saw that Trump was not going to be defeated in a landslide.

And the very process of using government — the intelligence agencies — this is nothing. For people to have seen this, how anybody can vote for Democrats after seeing what has happened here. The one person that really meddled with the Russians, the one person that really colluded, the one person that really rigged an election? None other than Madam Hillary.

HANNITY: What an irony.

RUSH: I mean it’s stunning here and Trump hasn’t done zilch — and Mueller has been looking. He got no limits on money or scope. He’s been looking for two years. Zero.

HANNITY: Doesn’t exist, but it did exist. Imagine this. She… First, there was no bigger obstruction case. If Rush Limbaugh had subpoenaed your computers and your emails and you deleted them — you acid wash your hard drive with BleachBit, you have somebody that works here for you busting up your devices with hammers — I promise you, you would have gone to jail.

RUSH: Oh, easily.

HANNITY: Easily.

RUSH: Easily.

HANNITY: Slam-dunk case of obstruction. Exoneration written in May —

RUSH: Could go to jail for far less than that, dealing with the FBI.


RUSH: But they had to exonerate her, Sean. I mean, she was the Democrat nominee. She was the one guaranteeing their positions and their careers by virtue of her winning. They had to exonerate her. They could not… On July 5th with Comey or in late October, they could not convict her or even charge her with anything. They didn’t want to affect the outcome of an election, don’t you know? Well they’re in the midst of literally doing that very thing.

But it’s stunning, Hillary Clinton cheats, Hillary Clinton, Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie, Michael Steele, Christopher Steele, the whole thing is designed opposition research. They create these documents and it’s turned over as legitimate intelligence to the FISA Court. They may have been on it too! I haven’t seen a lot of anger coming out of them.


RUSH: And it’s used to destroy Donald Trump and his campaign, then his transition, then his presidency, much like they tried to destroy Kavanaugh. And it’s… It cannot — it cannot triumph. It simply cannot be allowed to triumph.

HANNITY: If it’s allowed, we have a dual justice system.

RUSH: We already do. This is what —

HANNITY: We already do?

RUSH: We have a two-tier justice system.

HANNITY: Just like we have a one-tier tax system where, you know, the top 20% pretty much pay the whole bill. Let me ask you about this Khashoggi. You saw Tom Friedman today.

RUSH: Yes. Well, he made a… Friedman made a good point about this .


RUSH: You’ve got to acknowledge good points when they’re made. I think this is a precarious time for the Trump administration because the left is trying to use this Khashoggi death — tie it to Trump. They’re trying to give Trump the blame for everything.

HANNITY: If he cured cancer, Rush, they would still be mad at him.

RUSH: For destroying the livelihood of how many people in the medical field.

HANNITY: They’d find a reason.

RUSH: The thing about Mohammed bin Salman, the thing that he was doing that had everybody really excited — the important thing he was doing — was supposedly reforming militant Islam. He was getting rid of the Wahhabi influence, which is where terrorist Islam comes from. The Saudi royal family is Islam; they’re in charge of Mecca and Medina. They determine what Islam is going to be.

If it’s going to be terrorist Islam, Wahhabi Islam, the royal family makes it happen. Well, bin Salman’s tired of being dependent on petrodollars. He wants all this investment from Hollywood and tech. He wants to build a new city. And, in the process, he’s got to reform, make it look like, let women drive. He’s going to get rid of violent militant Islam. He de-emphasized Wahhabi — and that’s all good. That’s probably one of the most important things the Saudi royal family can do for the world is to de-emphasize the militant aspects of Islam. Then this Khashoggi thing comes along and it looks like there isn’t any real reform. You criticize the state and they kill you, and so forth. I hope Trump and his team did the right thing on this because they’re laying in wait. If he goes —

HANNITY: It’s a trap.

RUSH: If he goes too far in what they think is exonerating Saudis for oil deals, or business deals or arms deals that are important to America —

HANNITY: Can I? I didn’t the Clintons take $25 million from the Saudis for their foundation?

RUSH: Oh, absolutely. It’s a dual… It’s a two-way street.

HANNITY: Where was the Benghazi outrage?

RUSH: Exactly.

HANNITY: Except for conservatives.

RUSH: I asked that the other day.


RUSH: Where’s all the concern for four dead Americans in Benghazi? But I just want to tell you one thing here, folks. They’re trying to tell you that there is recorded evidence of the murder, and the dismemberment and the dispatchment of the body because it was recorded on his Apple Watch, Khashoggi’s Apple Watch. I’m here to tell you that is not technologically possible. There are three ways a watch can transmit data, LTE — which is cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Apple has not activated LTE in Turkey. That’s the longest range. The only way this guy had to transmit data from his watch to his phone would be Bluetooth. His car, his wife’s out in it — the fiancee. Really, I don’t think, is possible for there to be a recording of what happened.

HANNITY: We’ve got to take a break. The question you’re going to hate, No. 1, and your —

RUSH: I’ve never hated a question. I’ve resented some —

HANNITY: All right.

RUSH: — because it was stupid. But I’ve —

HANNITY: Great. He’s already accused my question of being stupid.

RUSH: (laughing) No, Drive-Bys have asked stupid questions.

HANNITY: It might be.

RUSH: Not informed, stupid.

HANNITY: It might be, but I think an important one, and your prediction for 19 days.

RUSH: Oh, Okay.

HANNITY: More with Rush Limbaugh as we continue. His Southern Command EIB headquarters, Rush for the full hour.


HANNITY: All right, as we continue with Rush Limbaugh. So the first question you’re going to hate. I was here last time…

RUSH: Yeah.

HANNITY: I try never to bug you, ’cause you don’t like TV. You love this. It is a golden mic. We’ll get a shot of it behind you. Your radio audience is bigger, more massive today than it’s ever been because of all the options and ways people can look and–

RUSH: It is amazing, and it’s true.

HANNITY: It’s crazy, right?

RUSH: Yes.

HANNITY: So my question is… I said, “Rush, do an hour a month on TV. Just you in the studio. Do an hour every other week. Do one every quarter.”

RUSH: (Laughing)

HANNITY: I’m a — I’m a — you think I’m a pain in the ass, you can say it.

RUSH: No, no, no, no. I’m — I’m flattered. I’m — I’m flattered. I just… (sigh) I’ve been there, I’ve done that.

HANNITY: One hour a month.

RUSH: One hour — but look at — there’s already a controversy. Something I said earlier has already been wiped.

HANNITY: (laughing) Wiped clean.

RUSH: You will never know, folks, because it’s not deemed appropriate. It was not profanity, it was not offensive, but it has been wiped.

HANNITY: I’ll never hear the end of this now, ever. (laughing)

RUSH: No, that’s good. People will want to know.

HANNITY: (inaudible) They’re going to want to know.

RUSH: Outtakes will show up somewhere.

HANNITY: No they won’t. No they won’t. I — I can control…

RUSH: Somebody is watching, Sean.

HANNITY: I got it. It’s happen… Here’s my next thing.

RUSH: Yes.

HANNITY: Look, I look at 19 days, I’m thinking in my gut, heart, mind, soul, I want to win. I’m not sick of winning. And I hope, I think we’re going to pick up some big seats in the Senate, hoping on the House, two — four question, predictions, what do you say to people that so respect what you have to say about this election in 19 days?

RUSH: I still say that I think there are things that have yet to happen that are going to determine outcomes in some races that we don’t know. So it’s still very hard to predict. Kavanaugh feedback, reaction, was 100% positive for Republicans. The Democrats really blew that. But there’s still 435 of these things and I don’t know. I just rely on hope — which is, again, naive. I don’t have survey data; I don’t trust it. It hasn’t been right consistently enough for me. The people doing these surveys desperately want Trump gone. I don’t know how they can take that out of their work. I don’t believe in pure objectivity, so I distrust.

HANNITY: If I put you on the spot, prediction?

RUSH: We hold the House and we increase the Senate, because I think that’s justice. I think that’s just. I think the Democrat Party deserves to lose in the single biggest landslide defeat in my lifetime —

HANNITY: And you…?

RUSH: — because of the actions they’ve taken just in the last month.

HANNITY: And you’ll think about maybe in our corner?

RUSH: I’ve never stopped thinking about it. I’ll think about it.

HANNITY: You’ll think about it.

RUSH: We could do it right here? We could do it —

HANNITY: Right here.

RUSH: We can do it right here. All right.

HANNITY: Great to see you. Thank you so much. Rush Limbaugh.

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