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RUSH: Amazon’s a big leftist organization. But they come into some criticism now and then. So they wanted to buy some good vibes with their leftist hack buds by raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour.

But it didn’t work.

They’re in hot water, over a video they sent out.

You see they just bought Whole Foods. And Amazon sent Whole Foods an anti-union video. According to Gizmodo, the video provides talking points for Whole Foods managers.

The managers are supposed to explain that Whole Food’s business model was built around innovation, speed, and great customer service – things that just don’t get associated with unions. Ignoring this business model jeopardizes everybody’s job security.

Well, this sent a couple of U.S. Senators on the warpath. Crazy Bernie and Elizabeth Pocahontas dashed off a letter to Jeff Bezos, warning that the video could violate labor law. You can’t tell workers that unions can cost jobs.

In other words, management’s not allowed to tell the people who work at Whole Foods the truth.

If there’s one thing this dynamic duo of Crazy Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren are good at, it’s how to avoid telling the truth! At all cost!

All Bezos wanted to do was buy some peace! And now he’s got a couple enemies from his side of the aisle. When are these people gonna learn, and join us?

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