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RUSH: Then you go to Missouri. Claire McCaskill. Claire McCaskill got caught. Our old buddy James O’Keefe and the hidden cameras of Project Veritas. And they get into the McCaskill campaign. They get McCaskill campaign people admitting that Claire would take everybody’s guns away yesterday if she could. She’d take away their magazines. She’d do everything she could but that they can’t say so because they wouldn’t get elected if they did. And then O’Keefe’s cameras capture McCaskill saying pretty much the same thing.

(paraphrasing) “Yeah, I can’t say that. I wouldn’t win reelection if I told the truth about…” These are not her words; I’m paraphrasing. But she admits that she doesn’t tell the truth about her intents on the Second Amendment and on guns because she wouldn’t get elected. She was also overheard saying on secret hidden video that she would gladly, gladly give up some votes from the Bootheel of Missouri in exchange for winning big in St. Louis.

Well, she’s so mad about this. Now, by the way, those videos, the O’Keefe videos, the Drive-By Media in St. Louis was ignoring them. St. Louis television stations were not showing the video. So nobody knew about it! Other than those of us here in real American Media. But ABC, CBS, NBC, for example, nationwide, and none of the St. Louis TV stations were showing or even talking about the video. So what did Claire do? She called everybody’s attention to it!

She should have just shut up she should have said nothing, but you know what she did? She went out and she accused her opponent of being involved in this trick, Josh Hawley, the Republican candidate. And then she demanded some kind of investigation, special counsel or something to find out how this guy was engaging in illegal political tactics and… When he had nothing to do with it. Josh Hawley had nothing to do with what O’Keefe and Project Veritas were doing.

But McCaskill has come along and has demanded that there be an investigation or… that something happen to Hawley because of this. This has forced media outlets in St. Louis to play the video so they understand what it is she’s talking about! So she’s succeeded in getting the video played on St. Louis TV. You remember it was Claire McCaskill… Could this be six years…? It might’ve been 12 years ago. Remember one of the previous Claire McCaskill campaigns, the big issue in that campaign was stem cell research.

And she ran an ad recording by Michael J. Fox, which I, of course, your host, immediately called out for the phony nature it was. And Talent, I think, was down by three at the time this was happening where she went on to win and Michael J. Fox’s ad got the credit. He ran the same ad against another Republican in Maryland, Michael Steele, on the same thing, stem cells. Now, where are stem cell? The stem cells were gonna cure everything!

Remember stem cells were gonna cure blindness, gonna cure paralysis. Stem cells were gonna cure Parkinson’s! What’s happened to stem cells? Where are they? Psst. Zero. Adult stem cells, psst, psst. Sorry, the other way around, embryonic stem cells, psst, psst, zero. That’s what the ad was about. It was about justifying, uh, abortion, in order to get embryonic stem cells. Have we cured anything with stem cells? We haven’t. Anyway, so McCaskill won with that.

We’re now back… She’s in another campaign again, this time against Josh Hawley, and she’s been exposed as being fraudulent or phony on her attitudes regarding guns and the Second Amendment. Now, Trump, Trump’s heading to Montana. What is this the third trip that Trump’s taken to Montana in a month? Trump is going out there. Don’t tell anybody this, but Trump’s target here is Jon Tester, the incumbent Democrat Senate from Montana. That race, Trump wants a Republican win. Well, we all do. But Trump is working hard all over the country for the Republican Party. Some of these seats that he thinks are indeed winnable.

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