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RUSH: Let me ask you a question. How long has the media been telling us that it’s only a question of time that something happens that will make Donald Trump self-destruct? They’ve been telling us this since prior to the presidential election. They’ve been telling us since the campaign, since Trump came down the escalator three years ago, June of 2015. The media has been telling us and noted experts in the Washington establishment have been telling us that it’s Trump who’s gonna self-destruct.

Something’s gonna happen and Trump’s gonna blow up and we’re gonna see who the real Trump is, and everybody’s gonna be shocked and surprised and saddened, and then everybody’s gonna want Trump swept away. But it never happens. It never happens. Instead (chuckles), we keep watching his critics self-destruct. Trump’s opponents melt down now practically every day over the fact that Trump isn’t melting down.

They melt down over the fact that they can’t make Trump melt down. Latest example, Fauxcahontas herself. You want to talk about melting down and self-destruction, you are looking at it. Elizabeth Warren… You know what I think? I think there are four women here that attempted, essentially, an October Surprise against Donald Trump, and they’ve all bombed out. We had Hillary, Dianne Feinstein, Fauxcahontas, and who’s the other? There’s one other woman. They’ve all mounted things.

These are in October, and all of these, I think, were destined to destroy Trump and, by extension, the Republicans. Of course, Dianne Feinstein running the Blasey Ford scandal as an October Surprise. Hillary Clinton and her constant needling and prodding out there, she’s got something planned and always has had. And it always blows up in her face. And now Elizabeth Warren is melting down over this claim that she is an Indian! She claimed that she was an Indian. She claimed that she was Cherokee.

She didn’t claim that she had a little bit of entertain DNA. But it doesn’t matter because buried deep in the story yesterday about the DNA test… Are you ready for it? The Stanford University researcher who studied Fauxcahontas’s DNA sample did not actually use samples of Native American DNA. He didn’t have any. He didn’t have any Indian DNA! And this in the house organ for Fauxcahontas, the Boston Globe, which is the Boston version of the New York Times.

So the Boston Globe reported to make up for the dearth or lack of Native American DNA, Carlos D. Bustamante “used samples from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia to stand in for Native American”! They didn’t even test Indian DNA because they didn’t have any, and she goes out and announces this! So she’s 1/1024th Mexican, one 1/1024th Peruvian, one 1/1024th Colombian? And does she trace maybe to the drug cartels in Colombia? Why is there a dearth of Indian DNA? Why is there not much Indian DNA out there?

Or was the problem that Bustamante couldn’t find any matches for Warren using only Indian DNA so he felt the need to expand it to include South America. Well, now the reason there isn’t much Indian DNA is because they are very, very wary of this. The Indians themselves, the Cherokee tribe, the leaders will tell you, they don’t use DNA to determine lineage. They use genealogical trace. You know who has one of the best genealogical trace apparatuses in this country?

The more and more church out in Salt Lake City has one of the most advanced, respected, documented genealogical trace organizations that you’ll find. I’ve seen their work, and it is… (laughing) It’s amazing. The story I get is that many Native Americans have been very leery of granting DNA because they’re leery of how it’s going to be used. They already feel like they’re a discriminated bunch people, but on the same token, there are some benefits that have been extended to them as a result of this, and they just don’t want to upset any applecarts.

So they don’t even utilize DNA in any of this. But the media of course has a roll here because everything they’ve reported about this turns out to be an abject lie, except for this inclusion by the Boston Globe that there wasn’t any Native American DNA. And, by the way, this is not what Trump bet her anyway. Trump bet her that she would have to take a test from a little kit that’s wandering around. You can do a very rudimentary DNA test, and he wanted to present her the kit, have her take the kit, take the test of this kit, using it in a debate, a future debate.

And that’s what he bet that she wouldn’t do and he bet that she wouldn’t show up as Indian if she did do it. But you talk about a meltdown? And it’s Trump that is causing this. Trump is literally causing these people to lose their cookies. Trump is causing them to go insane. And I think it’s happening throughout the Democrat Party and out loud American left.


RUSH: To add insult to injury, Stormy Daniels’ defamation lawsuit of Trump has been thrown out! The prostitute is going to pay Trump! She has been forced to pay his legal fees. The judge threw it out on the basis that it was a bogus lawsuit, it had no merit.

The carnival barker, third-rate porn lawyer, this creepy Avenatti guy, who some people were actually thinking could end up being the Democrat presidential nominee in 2020. I went through this yesterday. There are some prompt analysts who really thing that it could happen. I mean it boggles the mind. But it’s rooted in Trump hatred, by the way. Thinking Avenatti could be the Democrat nominee is rooted in being a Never Trumper. At any rate, no matter how you slice it in real life, on the ground…

However you want to determine reality and define it/describe it, the Democrat Party has not been winning elections and they have not been triumphing in enterprises they have undertaken to persuade the American people to agree with them, like Kavanaugh with Dr. Blasey Ford, and now Elizabeth Warren. Make no mistake. They misread this like you can’t misread anything. I’m sure that Elizabeth Warren… Because the Democrats told you yesterday, that they’re livid that she’s doing this three weeks out from the midterms. Don’t buy that they’re livid.

They’re livid that it’s blowing up in their face. This is one of many October Surprises. These people have been… What’s the word? All rationality, to the extent that they ever had any, has been erased. Trump is driving them literally crazy. They are acting, talking, behaving in ways so counterproductive. They’ve lost their cool. I’m sure that they’re so obsessed, so possessed, Trump hatred, Trump’s gotta go that Elizabeth Warren I think probably the night before she released this news couldn’t sleep. She was so excited! This was gonna be the thing that got rid of Trump. This was gonna be the thing that exposed Trump for the fraud that he is.

Every journalist in America has gone to bed hoping to wake up with that news falling into their lap the next day for the last two and a half years.


RUSH: I don’t even think… I mean, I didn’t hear about it. I don’t think any of the women paid JFK. I think the money all went away from him to them. But here comes Donald Trump, and the prostitute pays him! These four women have one thing in common: Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Stormy Daniels (she’s the one I couldn’t think of) and Elizabeth Warren. All four of them orchestrated damaging October Surprise backfires for the Democrat Party.

Elizabeth Warren tweeted 20 different times yesterday about this. Now, I’m not a denizen of Twitter, but I know a lot of people who are. And in the Twitterverse, that’s considered a meltdown. When you tweet 20 times in an attempt to persuade people, 20 times attempting to make your case, it’s considered to be a meltdown. And again, the big news about all of this (chuckles) is that the media is making fools of themselves right along the way by lying right along with her.

The Stanford University researcher who studied Fauxcahontas’ DNA did not actually use samples of Native American DNA. The Boston Globe, quote: “To make up for the dearth of Native American DNA, Dr. Carlos Bustamante used samples from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia to stand in for Native Americans.” Now, she’s out there touting that it’s true she’s an Indian! She got 1/1024th (chuckling), and there wasn’t even any Indian or Native American DNA tested which she could be said to have in common or be compared to.

I mean, it’s laughable; it is pathetic. I think this is what Trump is doing to all of these people. Hillary Clinton’s making a fool of herself each and every day. She’s now out there saying that what Bill Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky, “No, no, no, no, no, no! That was not abuse. That doesn’t qualify as #MeToo because she was an adult.” So Hillary Clinton is making an ass of herself, an absolute fool of herself in the midst of the #MeToo movement.

She’s undercutting it and selling it out in order to save both herself and her husband, who are soon to be embarking on what? A stadium tour. Oh, yes. Bill and Hillary are gonna mark a nationwide stadium tour where they are going to go and hopefully draw crowds of 20,000 and 25,000 to do The Bill & Hillary Show on stage. Because, of course, they can’t let Trump upstage them like this. I mean, if Trump can do it, they can do it. If Trump can do it, anybody can do it. They’re gonna try to get in on it.

There’s one thing missing, one key ingredient missing: Nobody cares what they have to say, not like people care what Trump has to say. There is no interest in what Bill or Hillary Clinton are going to say. There is all kinds of interest in what Trump is going to say. There’s just the “it” factor that Trump has that Hillary certainly doesn’t have and never has had. You could argue that Bill Clinton, to an extent, had it. I’m talking about this “it” type of charisma.

Back in the nineties when he was running for president and shortly for the first term, maybe, he had it, and the aura was expanded a bit by the fact that he was president. But neither of these two are anywhere near the league of Donald Trump. You know what this is like? This is like the Democrats trying to come up with an answer to me in the first 10 years of the program. Gary Hart(pence). Some… The state treasurer of Texas, they gave a radio show.

Mario “The Pious,” they gave a radio show. And the media highlighted every one of these Democrat radio talk show hosts who had never done it before as “the Rush killer.” Every one of them was anointed and inaugurated as the Democrat that was gonna steal the limelight away from this program. Then Air America came along and they did the same thing, and it never has happened. Every attempt to supplant, take over, relegate this program to obscurity has failed abysmally. And just like the Bill and Hillary stadium tour is going to fail abysmally.

They’re gonna end up having to pay people to show up, to get the kind of crowds that they want. You may think, “Rush, there are enough rabid Democrats out there that will show up just to create the image that there’s all kinds of interest. Folks, you may think that, but we’re gonna found out. Common sense will tell you. Hillary Clinton couldn’t draw flies to a book-selling party. She couldn’t draw flies to a campaign appearance. That’s why she didn’t do very many of them.

It would have been embarrassing how few people showed up. The ones there were big crowds for, they did in fact bus people in! The country’s not clamoring to hear from the Clintons! The country’s not waiting with bated breath for what they have to say.


RUSH: By the way, all of these Trump tweets after the news that the prostitute has to pay him? (laughing) Can you imagine how that ticks ’em off? Not even JFK was able to pull that off! He still had to pay ’em. The prostitute has to pay Trump. So Trump tweeted: “‘Federal Judge throws out Stormy Danials lawsuit versus Trump. Trump is entitled to full legal fees.’ @FoxNews Great, now I can go after Horseface and her 3rd rate lawyer in the Great State of Texas. He called her “Horseface”!


RUSH: I just want to say one more thing about Elizabeth Warren because we’ve pretty much dealt with that. But stop and think of what she’s done here. Not just the Twitter meltdown yesterday but the attempt here.. I mean, this woman is as white as Casper the ghost. Can we just be honest here? This woman is not a minority, and yet she sought to be classified as one. If you can be classified — and Elizabeth is out there trying to make this case.

If you can be classified as a minority with 1/1024th all of sample of DNA, then we’re all minorities. There’s not a one of us that is not! Elizabeth Warren, if she persists in this… If she persists in this and if the Democrat Party assists her in persisting in this, they are going to wipe out one of the primary weapons that they use in their arsenal, and that is identity politics. ‘Cause if this is all it takes… I mean, now you don’t even need to get an addadictomy!

You just have to go out and find 1/1024th of some DNA from somebody and you can call yourself qualified minority now. And don’t think that we don’t have a nation of enterprising people that are gonna try to take advantage of this because Elizabeth Warren has now established it to be true. So by helping her in this, I think they’re gonna be regretting it, and this is what I mean by they are self-immolating. They are doing great harm to themselves in…

It’s hard to describe, I think, even though I know it. I know it to a T. I know the psychological state they’re in. I know they’re just… All of them, the party as a whole is teetering on the brink of what you and I would call rational sanity. They have been losing ground to rational sanity ever since election night 2016. And every effort they mount to get rid of Donald Trump — and, by the way, they have been major.

There has been a silent deep state coup involving the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Clinton campaign, MI5 and MI6. I mean, this has been one of the most concerted efforts to disqualify and overthrow an election duly constituted we’ve ever seen. Not just in our lifetimes but in this country. And Trump has survived it, because it was exposed. It has been exposed for the fraud that it is and was. We have a special counsel investigation with apparently no end in sight that hasn’t gotten anywhere near Donald Trump on the original proposition that he stole the election by way of colluding with Vladimir Putin and the Russians to steal it away from Hillary Clinton.

There isn’t any evidence of it. They even tried to make up the evidence with the phony Steele dossier! They tried to manufacture it. They planted lies all over the Drive-By Media. Nothing has gotten rid of Donald Trump. Nothing has turned the American people against Donald Trump! Can you imagine the frustration? These are people who get their way every single time they target somebody for destruction. Whenever they want to take a Republican out, they are guaranteed a 90% chance of success because they have the Drive-By Media working right alongside with them.

And if they set their crosshairs on somebody, they’re as good as gone or damaged beyond repair. They haven’t laid a glove on Donald Trump. They’re running out of weapons. And in the process of running out of weapons, they’re losing their minds. They’re losing their rational sanity, I believe. And this latest debacle over Kavanaugh? Don’t doubt for a minute that this thing was orchestrated and planned from the get-go as a late-breaking, use-only-if-necessary event. They didn’t lead with this ’cause they knew it was flimsy.

They didn’t lead with it because they knew they couldn’t prove it. They didn’t lead with it, it wasn’t a central part of the Kavanaugh hearings because they knew there wasn’t any evidence for it, and they knew that Blasey Ford could not pull this off under pressure! I’m still shocked that Blasey showed up to testify. I think that took everything they had to persuade her to get there, ’cause I don’t think she ever intended to and I don’t think when they pitched her on this whole thing it was ever part of the plan that she would ever actually have to testify.

And does anybody believe that a 50-whatever-year-old woman literally talks that way? You think she talks that way in her classroom teaching students? If she does… Whew! I mean, that just — and I guess it’s possible. I guess she does. But I don’t believe that, either. I don’t believe that’s how… If you talk to Blasey Ford, run into her on the beach Santa Cruz, that’s not how she’s gonna be talk. Run into her on the beach out there and she’s not gonna be talking to you like she’s in perpetual fear of being hit or damaged or harmed or yelled at or whatever.

Anyway, point is, none of it has worked — and by “work,” I mean do two things. The real objective from the get-go from all of this — the cleanest way for this to have happened — would have been to turn the American people, particularly Trump voters, against him. If they had been able to do that, get Trump’s approval numbers trending downward to the thirties, then to the twenties, then they could get rid of him. They failed at that. All they did was cement Trump’s supporters to him even more firmly.

And in the process of the Kavanaugh thing, they actually turned some people who were sympathetic to them into Trump supporters. Because people in the sane portion of this country simply did not feel comfortable with watching the most powerful apparatus of government unified and aligned for the purpose of destroying a human being and a life when there isn’t any evidence that would warrant such a thing! But the Democrats didn’t care that there wasn’t any evidence because they never have any.

They always rely on “the seriousness of the charge,” working with the media to create a daily image that whoever the Democrats are targeting is worse than poison and must be dealt as though he or she is poison. Well, none of it has worked.

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