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RUSH: The Drive-By Media is sending up smoke signals. They are warning liberals to be very concerned that President Trump and other Republicans are characterizing Democrats as “an angry mob.”

The Amazon Prime-Washington-Post ran a long story about it, whining that portraying Democrats as an angry mob evokes “fear” in people.

But President Trump has it right. Democrats like Maxine Waters encourage the mob to harass Republicans in their private lives — and left-wing mobs do it.

We’ve seen Democrat angry mobs threaten Republicans on social media. We’ve seen Democrat angry mobs attack Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee, Senator Ted Cruz and his wife, and others. We’ve heard the mobs’ demonic screaming in the Halls of Congress, and we’ve seen them circling elected officials, venting their rage.

They are a mob. They’re deranged. They’re lunatics! They are “angry.” They are out of control with psychological disorders, and they’re getting worse by the hour.

That’s why the Drive-By-Media is worried. They know that when Republicans cast the Democrat Party as an out-of-control angry mob, it rings true, because it is what you see and they are what we see — and they want to be able to deny it, but they can’t.

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