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RUSH: Here we go, repeating history for the young generation that doesn’t know any better: The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said over the weekend we have 10 years to prevent a total climate disaster.

This is the third time in 30 years they have said we have 10 years.

You add Algore to it; it makes four times.


RUSH: As I said, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC. We have a decade to prevent a total climate disaster. You know where I saw this? I mean, it’s out there, but I saw this in one of my technical blogs. Tech blogs made up of young leftist, idealistic journalists who have no concept of history. And they’re just now recycling it. In 1985, Sacramento, California, I’m watching This Week with David Brinkley on ABC, and there’s this guy on there named [Michael] Oppenheimer.

He’s still out there, a well-known climate scientist expert, and he was saying, “We’ve only got 20 years!” This is 1985, folks. “We’ve only got 20 years, 20 years! If we don’t act, our world will forever change in ways which we will not recognize.” And I got the usual list of all these things are gonna happen, rising sea levels, melting ice caps and glaciers. Florida would be overrun, New York City would be overrun! The middle of the country would be all desert. Nobody would be able to live. We’re gonna have pollution as far as the eye could see. We’re all gonna die.

And we only had 20 years. Brinkley said, “Is this established?” And Oppenheimer said, “No, no, but we can’t afford to wait. We can’t take the chance that we’re wrong. We must take action now!” What was “action”? Raising taxes, hating fossil fuel companies, doing wind farms. By the way, there’s a story from last week will cause more environmental impact than previously thought. This was on an environmental website. This was not a conservative political website. Wind farms!

It’s a pretty long story. “In two papers — published today in the journals Environmental Research Letters journal — Harvard University researchers find that the transition to wind or solar power in the U.S. would require five to 20 times more land than previously thought…” But back then, back in 1985, we had 20 years. We didn’t have time to wait! We couldn’t prove it. And then Algore said we had 10 years, and we started our 10-year countdown clock at RushLimbaugh.com.

And Ted Danson makes it five times.Ted Danson said in ’88 we got 10 years to clean the oceans… And global warming environmentalist wackos 10 years later said we got 10 years. So here come our little tech bloggers said, “Okay, we got 10 years,” and to them it’s the first time they’ve heard it. We are recycling the lies. We’re recycling the scare tactics. “By 2030, we, as a collective 7 billion humans, will know our fate, or at the very least, the fate of the most vulnerable among us.

“A landmark report released on Sunday sets the clock ticking for humanity and its quest to keep global warming to within 1.5 degrees Celsius, the pre-industrial levels. The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change outlines what a world warmed by 1.5 degrees Celsius would look like compared with the 2 degrees Celsius warmer world enshrined in the Paris Agreement… If we fail, the poorest among us will suffer the most.” Well, now how everything gets recycled.

“Women and the poor hardest hit.” It doesn’t matter what issue, doesn’t matter what calamity, “Women and the poor hardest hit.” They’re just recycling the lies, folks, but here we have young tech bloggers eating it up. Getting scared to death, by the way. They believe this stuff. They think we’ve got 10 years, life on earth will not be known, not be seen, will not be able to continue as we know it today. So they end up supporting all this junk, all this blabbering, drivel junk! End up supporting it because they’re scared out of their gourds.


RUSH: By the way, folks, our official climatologist here at the EIB Network, Dr. Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama Huntsville, has a book. It’s an e-book at Amazon, a kindle book called, “Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People — The End Is Not Near.” It’s his most complete treatment with all the best evidence why global warming is a non-problem — nothing is getting worse — and it’s not deeply scientific and involved. It’s just exactly what the doctor ordered. “Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People.” Roy Spencer. See you tomorrow.

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