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RUSH: Fox News has a poll out which shows that in three key battleground states for the upcoming midterms, Democrat voter enthusiasm is dropping. Back between September 8th and 11th in Indiana, Democrat voter enthusiasm was 41%. It’s now down to 39%. In Missouri, September 8 to 11, it was 44% down to 42% now. In Tennessee, Democrat voter enthusiasm was 47% (this is the number of Democrats who are gonna turn out) 47% back in early September, 38% now.

That’s a nine-point drop in Tennessee. On the Republican side, Republican enthusiasm in the same three states is increasing. In Indiana, it’s gone from 32% to 41%, in Missouri, 36% to 44%, and in Tennessee, 33 to 44%. So numbers now, 41%-39% Republican, Indiana; 34-42 Republican, Missouri; 44-38 Republican, Tennessee. That’s a Fox News poll in just three states.

One of the people interviewed by the FBI in this most recent report is this Deborah Ramirez. Now, Ramirez… (sigh) You know what? I can’t even remember what… I’m getting her confused. Is she Avenatti’s client? (interruption) No. Who is the gang rape? Avenatti’s client. (interruption) What was her name? (interruption) Swetnick! That’s right. This is Ramirez. This is… (sigh) Anyway, she was interviewed by the FBI, and the latest Ronan Farrow report further discredits her Kavanaugh allegation.

Just to recap. Before she fingered Kavanaugh, Ramirez was telling classmates she could not be certain it was Kavanaugh. She now admits that her drinking that night clouded her memory or whatever it was she alleged Kavanaugh to be doing. Only after six days of talking to her lawyer, a Democrat politician, was Ramirez able to “remember” it was Kavanaugh. Every single one of Ramirez’s so-called witnesses sides with Kavanaugh.

The only so-called corroboration Ramirez had was a guy who heard about the incident from somebody else. That someone else says he has no memory of the incident. Ramirez is a Democrat activist. Wednesday’s New Yorker piece trying to back her up is “a blatant piece of left-wing activism.” But it ends up that Ronan Farrow’s report further discredits her allegation in the end, and she was talked to by FBI. She was one of the people talked to, as was Mark Judge for three hours.

The Democrats thought Mark Judge was gonna spill his guts and con… (interruption) Mark Judge, right. Was gonna spill his guts and convict Kavanaugh. He didn’t, and neither did Ramirez. The FBI… So these two people, the FBI talks to ’em. These are the people the Democrats wanted! “Mark Judge! Mark Judge! Mark Judge!” they kept saying all last week at the hearing, last Thursday, and then, “Ramirez! Ramirez!”

The FBI talks to ’em; they submit the report. Sorry, says the report, but there’s no corroboration here. So Flake looks at it. “No corroboration!” Susan Collins looks at it. “Wow. This is really thorough. No corroboration.” A CNN reporter, right before 12 noon today — reporting on Flake and Collins — is very distressed, reporting that Flake is once again acting like a Republican, once again sounding like a Republican. The CNN infobabe to whom he was speaking (I think it was Kate Bolduan) said (summarized), “Well, we’ve got until Saturday noon to change things. We’ve got until Saturday noon.”

Not “they’ve got.”

“We’ve got.”

The Fox News poll also says Republicans “are making gains in key Senate races as well. A new round of Fox News Battleground poll shows Republican trend in the fight for the Senate. The Republican candidates are helped by increased interest in the election among Republicans and pro-Trump sentiment.” Really? Why, we’ve been led to believe that Kavanaugh, being a gang rapist, attempted murderer, and worse, was wildly unpopular! I guess this proved the Republican base is… It doesn’t prove anything of the sort.

It proves that people aren’t buying the allegations against Kavanaugh on the Republican side.


RUSH: Doug Schoen, well-known Democrat pollster and analyst, was on the Fox Business Channel today and said by the election, the Kavanaugh affects on the Republicans will be baked in and the left will rise up and swamp the Republicans, especially in the suburbs with women. That’s what they were thinking today.

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