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RUSH: So some Republican senators doing a press conference right now to explain their votes and their findings, the FBI findings. Thom Tillis has had some really, really interesting things to say. Several of these senators have mentioned that the FBI has interviewed more than 150 people about Kavanaugh in his seven background investigations — 150 people — and not a one of them has corroborated any allegation against him! Thom Tillis just noted that the first background checks of Kavanaugh were done right after he got out of college.

Tillis said that the FBI surely would have come across these rape allegations then if there was anything to them. But they haven’t corroborated anything. There are thousands of questions that he’s answered. He’s undergone a more exhaustive investigation than any Supreme Court nominee, and they can’t find diddly-squat on the guy. And then Tillis nuked this whole latest attempt to say that he didn’t have the proper judicial temperament last week. Tillis pointed out 31 hours of hearings that he was of perfect temperament until it came time to defend his name against these charges.

These Republicans are doing a pretty bang-up job in their presser right now.


RUSH: Holy smokes out there. Holy cornstalks, Batman! Charles Grassley is going off on the media like I’ve never seen him do! He’s accusing them of bias in practically every question that they’re asking him! He’s really ticked off!

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