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RUSH: This is Susie in West Virginia. I’m glad you waited. Your turn. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you. God bless you, Rush. It’s an honor to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you so much.

CALLER: I have a comment and then something personal to share.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I’ve listened and watched what I can of these hearings. I sit and can’t help but think, “What if he would have appointed a woman? What would they have come up with then?”

RUSH: Trump almost did. Her name is Amy Coney Barrett —

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: — and she will be next, theoretically. (sigh) It was a toss-up. But it was decided to go to Kavanaugh, because they thought it would be easier with Kavanaugh, with his record, and that the Democrats would be loaded for bear against a woman. Because Amy Coney Barrett, when she did her confirmation hearings for her current position on the court, Dianne Feinstein said to her, “The dogma lives loudly in you, isn’t it?” Meaning, “Your Catholic religion, your Catholicism is really deep in you, the dogma,” because Amy Coney Barrett is openly pro-life.


RUSH: They would have destroyed her just like they’re destroying Kavanaugh. They would have found a different angle to take, but make no mistake about it. They would not have gone easy. That’s… See, that would have pointed out the hypocrisy. Hang on the break here coming up, Susie. We’ll get to you right after the break, but that’s the hypocrisy. They would have destroyed this woman, any woman!


RUSH: Okay. We go back to Susie in West Virginia. Thank you for waiting during the break. I’ll just tell you, if Trump had picked a woman or when he does pick a woman, they will destroy her no matter what. We’re in the midst here of women must be believed and women can’t be challenged and women this and women that. They’ll destroy a conservative judicial nominee if Trump picks one. You watch. It’ll happen.

CALLER: My other part I wanted to share is I have been raped twice in my life —

RUSH: Oh, my God.

CALLER: — and as I listened to this woman, I agree with Trump. I’m going, “Where? When?” You remember those things. What bothers me the most is to see the viciousness of what they’re doing to this man’s character. To, me they are raising his character. They are being violent. What bothers me… Part of me thinks something happened to her. Some people have felt that something happened in her past. But in taking and accusing —

RUSH: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Can I stop you for a second there?


RUSH: Because you’ve just said that you have, I mean, shockingly, frightening experience with this.


RUSH: Could you tell me why you think that — and a lot of people say, “Oh, I think something definitely happened to her. Probably may not have been Kavanaugh, but something happened.” Why do you think happened to her?

CALLER: Well, I do think… Just listening to some people and thinking, “Well, you know, given the benefit of the doubt that something did/could have.” But what she’s doing is accusing the wrong person and letting the person that actually did it to her get off scot-free.

RUSH: Yeah. See, that’s the thick here with me. If something actually happened to her, then whoever did it is gotta be laughing all the way to wherever he’s headed.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Well, I’m sorry. I have a problem with this line of thinking. “Something happened to her, obviously, but it may not have been Kavanaugh.”

CALLER: Well, I’m not saying I totally agree with it but I’m going the benefit of what people say, you know, because how (unintelligible) something stuck. But if —

RUSH: People say that because they want to be seen acknowledging her as believable or credible so they don’t get ripped.

CALLER: I don’t believe her. I do not believe her. Accusing him, I do not believe her one bit, because she doesn’t say where it happened. She can’t remember the house. She can’t remember this and that. I remember things (voice breaking) with both of them.

RUSH: What about the business that some of these experiences are so, so, so demeaning, shocking, violent that people, some victims don’t want to remember and don’t? I mean, they suppress it. Do you, having had this happen, can you spell to that? ‘Cause there are a lot of people who, I’m told, have horrible things happen to them and they do suppress the memories, and sometimes they’re forced into therapy to bring those memories out because if they don’t, they’re never gonna get past it.

CALLER: Right. Well, the second, I ended up pregnant and my foster mother took me to have an abortion at four months. Now, I can’t give you the date, but I can give you the time that it happened because it was near my homecoming, was a majorette, and it was around the end of September of 1974. Now, the date, the very day, I can’t give him that.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: But there’s things that will trigger it. If you can’t remember that date, there are things near that’s happened around that that will. You can say, “Yeah, this is what was going on at this time, and this is when this happened.”

RUSH: Yeah. I… (sigh) You try to put yourself in similar circumstances. I’ve never been accosted that way. I’ve had upsetting things happen — we all have — and I’ve tried to think independently. None of them anywhere approaching yours; don’t misunderstand. I’m trying to think, what, 36 years ago? “Okay, where was I and what things that happened?” Once I know where I was, once I’m able to place where I was — either within a given month or week or even year — then my memory starts telling me within a certain date range that things happened.

In my case, the more upsetting they were, the more vivid the memory, because the event was a formative one, for either good or bad. But I do remember specifics. Now, I couldn’t take you to the exact house where one of these events to me happened while having dinner. I know that it was in Sacramento. I couldn’t tell you where the house was today if my life depended on it.

But I could tell you the guy and his girlfriend and the layout of the kitchen and all. I could do that. But where it was, I couldn’t. But rape victims and sexual abuse victims, it depends on the victim. Some of them have vivid recall of every detail like this and some don’t. But her date range and descriptions of the house and the placement of people there who all deny it, and the timing of all of it?

If you put this whole package together, it just (chuckles) and the reason for it (to keep a conservative off the Supreme Court)? I just don’t think any of this is spontaneous happenstance. I don’t think Feinstein just received a letter she didn’t know was coming. I just don’t believe it. Can’t prove it. Just don’t believe it. I don’t believe she’s minding her own business one day and she gets a letter from a constituent who said, “I don’t want to be known, I don’t want to be named, and I don’t want this taken any further.”

Well, that… (chuckles) It just doesn’t make any sense. Unless you put it in the proper context of what the express purpose of this is, which I happen to believe is forcing Kavanaugh to resign, to withdraw, or for Trump to withdraw. I think this is beginning to unravel because Trump and Kavanaugh have hung in — and by unravel, I mean be exposed for the phoniness that much of it is. Anyway, Susie, I’m glad you called. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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