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RUSH: Respected and revered Georgetown University Professor Christine Fair went on social media to vent about Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Ms. Fair tweeted out a vile fantasy about the Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee.

She called them a chorus of entitled white men who were justifying a “serial rapist.” That’s her description of Judge Kavanaugh.

Doctor Fair, or Ms. Fair said those entitled white men all deserved miserable deaths. And while they were dying their miserable deaths, feminists should laugh at them as they take their last gasps.

She wasn’t finished. The climax of Professor Fair’s fantasy was that the feminists, laughing as male Republican Senators died miserable deaths, would castrate their corpses, and feed those body parts to pigs.

Ms. Fair also stated on social media that Republicans don’t care about women, so “F” them.

Professor Fair teaches young men and women at Georgetown University. Twitter sent her packing, but she’s still teaching at Georgetown. What do you think she’s teaching them?

She’s teaching them ow to hate. And who to hate. Obviously. She should be gone, yesterday.

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