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RUSH: This is Waynesville, North Carolina. Dan, you’re next. Great to have you with us, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Mega dittos how are you today?

RUSH: Good. Good, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Good. I just wanted to tell you my niece got some tickets up in Tennessee, and I grabbed my sister and we went up to see Donald Trump. We got there about 2:30, and unfortunately there was about 60,000 people in front of us in line. But we decided to stay and had a great time. I spent four hours in line. It was so festive and happy and well-mannered. It was just a great place to be.

RUSH: So you did get in?

CALLER: No, I did not. But we decided to stay anyway.

RUSH: You did not get in? Did you watch this on the overflow screen or something that they set up?

CALLER: No. We went home and listened to it on my niece’s husband’s phone. Johnson City is pretty small. There was 120,000 people there, and I just didn’t want to spend, you know, two hours getting back to Erwin.

RUSH: So you drove all the way over from Waynesville, North Carolina. You thought you had tickets; you got there; the line was too big; you couldn’t get in; so you went back home and you listened to it on a phone?

CALLER: Yeah. But we stayed in line for four hours. It was fun.

RUSH: That’s how you got to meet people and had a festive, good time and all that?

CALLER: Everybody was waving American flags. I even brought four Trump hats for everybody. (chuckles)

RUSH: Let me ask: Did you see any depression, sadness, defeatism over the fact that the Democrats are gonna win everything in November?

CALLER: No, sir. There was none of that. There was no protesters. I’m telling you, everybody had a great time. In fact, there was a gentleman that started walking back down the field, and he told me that he was four away from getting in, and he still had a smile on his face. He said, “Isn’t this great?”

RUSH: Well, it sounds like the news reports of this we had are accurate. Of course, this doesn’t jibe with any of the news we keep hearing about Republicans being depressed, uneager, waning enthusiasm and all of that. It’s just this kind of thing… All during the 2016 campaign remember all of the experts said, “This doesn’t matter! You can’t judge the way an election’s gonna go by campaign rallies. They don’t mean anything. I mean, every candidate is gonna have rabid followers that are show up everywhere. It doesn’t mean anything.”

Well, Hillary didn’t. She couldn’t fill a thimble by comparison. But they relegated all of these Trump rallies and enthusiasm and the high attendance to irrelevancy, and they’re doing it again. In this case, they’re ignoring it. When they do report on it, it’s always with a smirk about the attendees and where Trump goes. They are forgetting that Trump is not doing national rallies; he’s doing local rallies for local candidates. By the way, have you noticed, if you’ve watched any of these, that the candidates Trump is going in to endorse always endorse Trump? They endorse the Trump agenda. They speak glowingly of Trump.

I saw a story in the Drive-By Media commenting on this that said Trump demands that the candidates he’s going in to support sing his praises. This is a critical piece trying to show Trump as insecure, dictatorial, and demanding peopling on the ballot that may not even support him, do it. They have to laud him. They have to talk about how great he is or he won’t show. It’s just more fake news, and it’s an ongoing attempt to impugn everybody associated with Republicans and Republican candidates and so forth. But the reality on the ground in Johnson City or any of the others can’t be denied. The evidence is there for one and all to see.

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