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RUSH: We’re gonna get to the phones but I saw something here at the break that I gotta comment on: Some really near hysterical Democrat congresswoman during the break was going nuts. “Why…? Why…? Why don’t we take Dr. Ford seriously? Why…? Why do we disrespect Dr. Ford? Why do we…?” What does that mean? On the left, what does “take her seriously” mean? Who did not take her seriously? Everybody bent over backwards! In fact, everybody treated her like she was so fragile that she might crack and break at the slightest little raised voice.

Everybody was treating her with kid gloves!

What do you mean, “take here seriously”?

Well, I know what they mean. I’m asking the question rhetorically. What they mean is, “Why don’t you believe her?” Well, the answer is because she doesn’t have any evidence and there’s no corroboration for it. That’s why! “Well, that’s not fair. She’s come forward at great risk, and using great courage. Why won’t you take her seriously?” Everybody did take her seriously. She was given every opportunity in the book! And then this congresswoman said, “Why won’t Grassley and the Republicans open an FBI investigation?

“Why are they so reluctant? It’s because they’re afraid the FBI’s gonna find something that disproves what they believe! If you’re Kavanaugh, and if you’re really innocent, why not do it? Why not have it really proclaimed you’re innocent?” Because you don’t need to. But that’s not the reason, and they don’t want to say it! I’ll say it: The reason they’re not calling the FBI in is because you people are doing nothing but trying to delay this, and they’re not gonna fall for your trick! Now, for some reason, Grassley…

Other than Graham. Graham’s the only one that pointed at ’em and told them what they’re gonna do. He called ’em out on it. Didn’t faze ’em. Didn’t faze ’em a bit. He nailed ’em to the wall. He told them exactly what they’re doing and why it isn’t gonna work and how unfair it is. This ongoing whining and moaning about the FBI is nothing more than an attempt to delay and, after that, it’s designed to put a cloud of doubt over Kavanaugh. (impression) “Kavanaugh didn’t want the FBI! The Republicans didn’t want the FBI examining what went on here.

“If you’re really innocent, why wouldn’t you want an investigation?” There’s been an investigation! Six FBI background checks of the guy! If we know already that he’s really innocent and Dr. Ford can’t prove what she’s saying, then what is the point? I’m telling you this frustrates people. I’m getting more email about this. The Democrats do not know what they’re doing with this FBI garbage. They are irritating people far more than they are buttressing their forces on the left. Let’s go back to the phones as promised. Worcester, Massachusetts. Steve, you’re next. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello. Wicked mega dittos, Rush. I’m calling from behind enemy lies here.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: This is one of the highlights of my life talking to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’m part of the silent majority, never having my voice heard anywhere up here, and I’m grateful for this opportunity to converse with you. But what I’m calling about is why I’m not hearing the Republicans make an issue of how Dr. Ford deleted all her social media before her testifying, bringing it to public knowledge. I would consider that destruction of evidence.

RUSH: Because they were treating her seriously. They were taking Dr. Ford… It’s a good question. Nobody did bring it up. She did. She had… I don’t even know if she did it or somebody did it. Some of the activists working for her did it. Democrats probably. They scrubbed her social media the minute she was identified. I mean, within, what, a half day of her being identified, they scrubbed her social media. They got it. They deleted it. They erased it.

And they didn’t bring it up yesterday because they knew she had no evidence! She didn’t bring anything new! She brought no corroboration! Nothing. All she brought was her heroism and her caring and her, uh … her, uh… her truth. Yeah, that was a favorite word Democrats are using. Yeah. “She came with her truth.” She came with her version. We didn’t get to the truth yesterday. What we got to was she couldn’t prove what she was alleging. And the people she named?

I mean, I don’t… I don’t… Heh. (chuckles) The people she named claimed they weren’t there. The Democrats say, ‘But they didn’t say that to the FBI. They said it in a sworn affidavit and sworn affidavits are not enough. Sworn affidavits are never enough!” Oh, really? Well, they clearly were plenty to try to nail Trump! Sworn affidavits left and right to try to go get FISA warrants to spy on Trump! Sworn affidavits here are people claiming under penalty of felony, meaning they know that they are committing a felony by lying; if they get caught, it’s jail time. They sign the affidavits anyway. She had no evidence. So the Republicans… Really, she was treated like a fragile teenager. One gust of wind could have ruined her day! That’s why.

Michael in Sterling, Virginia. You are next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How are you? Recent Harvard grad. Always nice to break out echo chamber with you.

RUSH: Well! A recent Harvard grad.

CALLER: Yeah, and I have some friends back there. People are apparently losing their minds right now in some of the predictable ways. But the question I wanted to ask you, Rush, is: Look, obviously this whole hearing is playing into the popular narrative of Republicans equal anti-woman party. I can’t help but wonder if and when there will be a tipping point with these miscarriages of justice, ultimately the narrative shifts to Democrats becoming the anti-man party. Do you think that will happen, and if so, are we there now, or when does it happen?

RUSH: We’re not there now, but it’s a good question. I don’t know how likely it is, but I’ve already seen in a number of places that I scour on a daily basis in show prep — and I’ve had emails from people I know — and the reaction I’m getting from a lot of mothers who have sons is that they’re scared to death. They’re scared to death what they see being done to men here — and Kavanaugh is a choirboy! Kavanaugh is a choirboy.

They’re trying to turn a choirboy into a serial rapist who deserves to be behind bars, and then whatever happens to him there, he deserves. Now, if you’re an average, ordinary American mom and you have a couple of sons or a son, and you’re about ready to send him off to where liberals run things like at universities and colleges… And you can already seeing what’s happening with the snowflake movement, the social justice warriors with white privilege, white-privilege males being the reason for all the problems in America.

I’m seeing — and it’s all anecdotal. By that I mean I haven’t seen anything scientific in terms of polling data. I’m just aware that — and it’s not reported in the media. This would be one of these things like in the 2002 midterms that the Republicans ended up winning. In the aftermath, they ask people, “What was the reason for your vote?” and they said “values,” and nobody thought values were a part of the 2002 midterm campaign.

“It’s midterm House races. What do you mean ‘values’?” It turned out it was the Wellstone memorial. They watched that, and they were appalled by the values they saw there. Values voters came out and won a Republican majority in an off-year election after Bush’s first term. It’s unheard of and nobody saw it coming. We could be at the beginning of something similar to that at the way boys are being treated. They’ve got moms too.


RUSH: I just ran into this story. This is from our buddies at NewsBusters. “Feminist Author Jill Filipovic Demands Women ‘Divorce Your Republican Husbands’ — [F]eminist author Jill Filipovic … tweeted instructions to her fellow scorned women on how to get back at the man. ‘Divorce your Republican husbands.'” This is why I say, ladies and gentlemen, that I think a lot of political activists are actually victims of psychological issues and are projecting it onto the world of politics.

I think… I really do. I think this is the way to explain much of liberalism, that they have victimized so many people, made them think they’re victims. That means they’re helpless, things are hopeless. Everything’s stacked against ’em. Whatever’s wrong in their lives, it’s somebody else’s fault. The Democrat Party has lassoed all these people and has promised to fix things for them by getting even with the people who are responsible for mistreating
’em, which happens to be white, male Republicans.

This is so deranged. “Divorce your Republican…”? She’s serious! “Divorce your Republican husbands.” That’s how we get back at what the Republicans are doing to Dr. Ford. “You get even with ’em! You divorce your Republican husband.” She’s serious about it. She’s tweeting it out there. People are treating it seriously. This is deranged. This is a psychological disorder of some merit, some degree. You read something like this and you can’t help laugh at it, and then you realize they’re serious.

Get even with the Republicans for what they’ve done to Dr. Ford by divorcing your Republican husband and take him for all he’s worth. Now, somebody tell me that that’s rational. Tell me it’s a rational way to think, that it’s a rational solution to a problem. None of it is rational! But it makes perfect sense if you look at these people rather than being political activists, that they are first people with psychological disorders who have found their way into the political system and been validated.

Their psychological disorder, their mess, whatever it is, has been validated by the Democrat Party, which then goes and makes policy based on all of this, and then it finds its way into the curriculum at universities in the form of women’s studies curricula and other such things.


RUSH: Let’s go back to the phones. Stephanie in Savannah, Georgia. You’re next. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi. Good to talk to you. I was calling just as a mom of three young boys 4 years and under. This case has really gotten my attention. You know, right now I’m just trying to keep them from burping at the table and to use their inside voices. But I know as they get older, my husband and I are gonna be teaching them to be gentlemen and to be honest and have good character and — in our house — to be godly men.

So I was watching yesterday, and I missed some. Not a lot but I have three little ones so I missed a little bit. Just watching was so discouraging because it breaks my heart that for my boys, even if they do live an upstanding life, that because they’re males, they can be brought down and their lives be ruined if just one female brings an accusation against them.

Just because they’re female, they deserve to be believed, apparently. So I just felt bad for Judge Kavanaugh’s parents and for his mom sitting there having to listen to her son defend himself — and his kids — and prove to the whole nation that he’s not a sexual predator. So it just breaks my heart for her. It breaks my heart that nobody has the backs of our boys anymore.

RUSH: No, they don’t. No, they don’t. Not right now. It’s become fashionable even for Republicans to accept the idea that there is wanton male abuse out there because everybody wants the women’s vote, just like it was fashionable to agree with the concept of amnesty because everybody wants the Latino or Hispanic vote. Look, you’re one of many mothers from whom I’ve heard with the same concerns.


RUSH: We got Michelle in Topeka, Kansas, who has been waiting awhile. Hi, Michelle. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to talk to you. Long-term listener. I am a Midwest mom who is mad as heck — to be nice — at Washington. We watched the hearing, the whatever, the show yesterday.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And even my son, who’s 13 years old, comes home from school, watches a couple hours of it, and he goes, “Do they not even understand the law, everybody calling for these FBI investigations?”

RUSH: Your 13-year-old son said that?

CALLER: Yes! He goes, “They’re idiots,” and I’m like, “Yes, they are,” and I have a son, a stepson. I have six brothers, a husband who’s self-employed, and I’m going, “If they can do this to this judge, what about them?”

RUSH: I was gonna say, “How many of them are rapists?”

CALLER: None that I know of.

RUSH: See, “that (you) know of” is the key.

CALLER: (giggles) Judge Kavanaugh, I cried yesterday for him and his family. (choking up) To put somebody that has that kind of standard through that while all the people attacking him…? (groans)

RUSH: Michelle?


RUSH: It is that standard that is under frontal and direct assault in this country.

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: People who live and have the value base of Judge Kavanaugh and his family are exactly what the left is assaulting in this country.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Kavanaugh happens to be the front-and-center victim right now, but that is exactly the kind of people and life they are trying to erase from government.


RUSH: The problem here is… Well, not the problem. The… Well, it is. Brett Kavanaugh, in a certain period in America’s past, would have been considered the epitome of an ideal American man. Well educated, hardworking, a good husband, devoted to family and community, charitable, concerned with others, a great father, great colleague, good boss. Chamber of Commerce kind of guy! I mean, the kind of man that any community would hoist upon a pedestal with pride, who’d be a role model for his own kids and others in town.

A Norman Rockwell type of American. Hardworking. Nothing handed. No shortcuts. Everything about Kavanaugh — pretty much every characteristic he has — is a threat to the modern-day left. Kavanaugh is the epitome of the example of how you do not need a big government, how you do not need constant help. He’s a glittering and shining example of the lack of dependence. He’s a man. He does things on his own based on his acceptance of responsibility, combined with maturity.

These are things that today people like Kavanaugh are blamed because of, using my theory that left-wing political activists are actually people with psychological disorders who have infected the political system with their disorders, manifested in demands that whoever is responsible for the mistreatment of these people, the government get even with ’em. Well, Kavanaugh is a classic example of a guy who’s responsible for the shortcomings of others simply by virtue of his achievements!

The fact that he’s white and Catholic just adds to the fact that they hate him. Now you add that he’s conservative and a judge nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court — which, to the people on the left, the Supreme Court is the embodiment, it’s the last reservoir of maintaining their psychological disorders as national policy. So there’s not a redeeming thing about a man like Brett Kavanaugh to people on the left, and I’m not exaggerating. Some of you might find this a biiiiiit over the top.

I honestly don’t think it is.

They much prefer sniveling, weak, dependent people.

Those people are bendable, flake-able, malleable. Those people can easily be turned into reliable supporters and voters. People like that are unwilling to turn their lives — people like Kavanaugh unwilling to turn their lives — over to government, government agencies, some government official. It’s considered irresponsible to have somebody else tell you how to live your life, good or bad. It’s just not part of the thought process of being an American.

You don’t turn to others. Others are not responsible for what happens to you — and your failures, you don’t blame on other people. And then after you fail you don’t get mad at whoever you think wronged you and join the political process and get even with whoever wronged you. Kavanaugh represents the antithesis to all that. He’s not alone. There’s a lot of Kavanaughs in America. Most of them you don’t know about.

You know them in your community. They don’t have national acclaim, but there are a lot of them out there, and they represent the target. They’re the ones that have the bull’s-eye on them. He just happens to be very prominent and would have… Well, he’d be one of the top 20 most powerful people in American government as a Supreme Court justice. As such, it cannot be permitted for Kavanaugh to be permitted on the court with this makeup.

If the Democrats held the court right now 7-2 or 6-3 in favor of liberals and one of the three conservatives was resigning and Kavanaugh was nominated to replace him? No sweat. They’d confirm him yesterday, maybe. I mean, maybe a big fight, but they wouldn’t go to this length to keep him off of it. The fact that he’s gonna become a genuine No. 5, consistent No. 5 on the conservative side? Unacceptable.

Right smack-dab in the middle of all of that is their fear of how he would vote if Roe v. Wade came up again. They are convinced he would vote to overturn it, despite what he has said, despite the fact that that’s not gonna be what happens anyway with Roe v. Wade. And not just Roe v. Wade, but Obamacare and its repeal. He has openly stated that he thinks Obamacare is unconstitutional.

So that would go by the wayside, too. So he’s painted a couple of targets on his back rulings-wise, in addition to the target that’s there just because of the kind of man that he is. And not only do they not have any compunction about destroying his life, career, family, they do it eagerly. They do it as they celebrate it. They celebrate the destruction.

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