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RUSH: Julie Swetnick, the woman who “came forward” to smear Judge Kavanaugh with “rape trains” allegations, has some past issues. Surprisingly, the Drive-By-Media is actually reporting that.

According to Politico, one of Swetnick’s ex-boyfriends filed a restraining order against her. After their four-year relationship ended, he says she threatened his wife and baby. He told Politico Swetnick isn’t credible. “Not at all” he said.

Swetnick’s ex is a registered Democrat, by the way. He says he has a lot of evidence that would disprove her claims about Judge Kavanaugh, but wants to talk to a lawyer first.

Porn-lawyer Michael Avenatti, Swetnick’s accomplice in bringing her smears forward, responded that he had no idea about the restraining order filed against his client.

He accused Politico of attacking a sexual-assault victim. He called the story “outrageous” and slammed the media for “digging” into his client’s past. The porn lawyer thinks nobody should report about Ms. Swetnick’s checkered past.

This is today’s Democrat Party at work, folks. Watch how they operate. You’re watching psychological disorders play out. Never forget it. Especially, come November.

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