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RUSH: We continue our assessment here of the hearings so far. And, remember, Kavanaugh has yet to come, yet to appear. He will go last, and it’s gonna go on for much of the rest of the afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We, as a note to our affiliates… I know many of you are going wall-to-wall with this. We here at the EIB Network understand. We, obviously, will not. We are interspersing. We are joining it in progress here and there, salient comments from me in real time as the hearings take place.

I want to share just a few more observations with you and then we get to your phones because they’re in a lunch break right now and they’ll come back, eh, probably in 20 minutes or so and resume. The media. I have done a quick survey during the break here at the top of the hour. On the media, I don’t care where you go — you go to Fox, you go to CNN, you go anywhere — they think that the Republicans are blowing it.

That they’re not accomplishing anything, that the prosecutor and this technique is a total waste of time, that the Democrats are hitting home run after home run after home run after home run. That is the media assessment. If you go to social media and you take a quick perusal there, you find a different picture. I found some Facebook people (and there are some serious discussions out there) who believe — and these are not media people.

It’s just the American people watching this on TV who think that the prosecutor is scoring a lot of points because the prosecutor is catching Dr. Ford in a lot of inconsistencies, is exposing a lot of inconsistencies and a lot of what might be lies. That Dr. Ford is making her memory explicitly clear on a few things and on other things not at all. That is an inconsistency. She does appear to remember what she wants to remember pretty well, but it is random. For example, she doesn’t know who paid for her polygraph.

I have never taken a polygraph. Mr. Snerdley, does anybody know how much they cost? I don’t know how much a polygraph costs. I didn’t have time to check during the break. You might assume they’re relatively expensive, but maybe not. It was at an off-site location. It was in a hotel conference room near an airport. It was done secretly. She doesn’t know who paid for it. Her description of it was unnerving. Her description of the polygraph was similar to her description of the assault.

She was nervous and crying, and she described it as being all over her body and that the polygraph official, the guy who took the polygraph… She described him as being behind her. (impression) “He was behind meeeee.” She felt very closed in in this process. Now, the guy that did the polygraph was on Fox last night and said there were only two questions. Shannon Bream on Fox had the polygraph expert on last night, the guy who administered it, and there were only two questions.

But she made it sound like it was a traumatic experience. She doesn’t know who paid for it. No one’s asking about that. There’s a lot of questions that are not being asked here. One really curious thing, to me, is she said she didn’t know that Senator Grassley had offered to send Judiciary Committee staff to California. When they found out she’s afraid of flying and couldn’t come to Washington, she was invited. It was in the media. It was everywhere.

It was widely known that the committee had made every effort to get to her, including offering to fly out there. She claimed not to know that! She seemed to be genuinely surprised by that today. Now, why doesn’t she know that? Did her lawyers not tell her that? Did her lawyers withhold the Senate Judiciary Committee offer from her? When this all came up, one of her attorneys jumped to the microphone and the attorney, Katz (the Democrat, Soros-funded activist) covered Dr. Ford’s microphone with her hand and would not let her answer this question.

And then eventually they had these little powwows and Dr. Ford said (impression), “Oh, I — I — I would have gladly welcomed you to my home if… I’m…” Look, I’m not… This is just how she speaks. You know me; I’m an impressionist here, folks. She has a speech pattern. I don’t want to repeat myself on that. I’ve addressed it twice in the previous hour. But she has a definite speech pattern called up-talking, which emphasizes… You raise your tone on the last word of the sentence. It promotes vulnerability, youth. (demonstrating) “It’s how young girls talk?”

Everything’s open-ended, unsure. It’s totally innocent. Um… (interruption) It’s $200 to $800 for a typical two-hour polygraph. Walmart sells a polygraph machine for a hundred bucks. If you want the Mac Daddy, it’s 121 bucks. (interruption) “Can you get the Mac Daddy at Walmart?” Yeah, I… (interruption) But is…? (interruption) No. Let me rephrase. Is the Mac Daddy of all polygraph machines available at Walmart, or is it…? (interruption) Well, okay. That’s what I’m getting at. Some polygraph machines cost $2,000.

Okay, it’s like an EKG machine. You can get an EKG machine on your watch now, you know, for 400 bucks, but a real EKG machine is gonna seat you back thousands. I don’t know. She didn’t know. She professed not to know that the committee had offered to come to California. So I don’t know if her lawyers didn’t tell her because they didn’t want… The whole point of this has been delay, delay, delay, delay. Here’s another thing. A bunch of leftist media types are saying, “Does this woman look like a leftist hack?

“Does this woman look like somebody who’s part of a leftist conspiracy who’s trying to bring down a conservative? She doesn’t come cross that way at all!” She does to me. I’m sorry, but that’s exactly how she comes across. This is who they are, if you ask me! But remember, I am a lifelong student of the left. I know them as well as they know themselves. Maybe I know them better, because many of them are not honest about who and what they actually are. Many left-wing activists don’t think they’re left wing.

Many of them don’t even think they’re activists. There is no such thing as liberalism. They just are what’s right. They are just what’s normal. This hearing today does not change my perception that we, on the right, don’t really know what we’re up against. And it’s not entirely our fault. But I do believe that liberalism — what everybody thinks it is — has kind of been taken over by what I think are people who have legitimate psychological disorders, and they have now sought the realm of politics to address those disorders and grievances.

So liberalism has basically become the home of people with psychological disorders and problems, and the Democrat Party has become their champion. Part and parcel of this is becoming a victim, and when you become a victim, nothing is ever your fault, and being a failure or being less than you can be or whatever? It’s not your fault. It’s somebody else’s. There’s always somebody to blame for what you aren’t, somebody to blame for what you are, somebody to blame for what has happened to you, somebody to blame for what wasn’t happened to you.

It is the normalization of psychological disorders that is what we’re up against here in many ways. This is a woman who has a doctorate in some kind of psychology and did not know what “exculpatory” means. She was being asked… A Democrat senator was setting her up for a grand-slam home run. “You realize coming forward that with an FBI investigation…” The Democrats are making a big deal over the fact there hasn’t been one, and they’re trying to make it look like she’s very brave for asking for an FBI investigation.

“Because you realize, Dr. Ford, that an FBI investigation could produce evidence that would substantiate yourself case?” “Oh, yes, sir!” “And you’re aware that an FBI investigation could also come up with exculpatory evidence?” (impression) “Uhhh, I’m sorry, Senator. I — I don’t know what… Exculpatory? What — what is that?” And I’m saying, “How can that be?” But then Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a degree in economics from Boston University and doesn’t know the first thing about it.

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